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  1. Lots of “Unavailable” things. Like Neighbor Cells. Just me? Tried several current iPhone models. I’m over on T-Mobile’s system if that’s significant. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. All the T-Mo cells here are Band 2 and 66. I almost always connect on 66. As far as my cell being MIA it came back that evening. Perhaps my imagination but the few speedtests I performed after it’s return seem faster.
  3. I moved to TMobile two weeks ago. Service has been exemplary at my home. Cell one block away -95db signal usually 3 to 4 iPhone bars. Today I noticed the signal was much weaker. -110db 2 iPhone bars. I don’t see any crews at the cell site so I’m wondering if this is a temporary outage or did the cell get shut down. Is there any way to determine this? What’s weird also the cell I’m connecting to now is a mile away (versus a city block) and my Apple Watch still gets two dots signal strength. Does this sound reasonable for a 30 foot cell that far away which is LTE band 2 and 66 capable. With the
  4. My wife and my CPAP machines have ATT 4G to phone home daily. Not sure ATT even knows our names. Does ATT consider me a customer? Probably applies to many IoT devices.
  5. Once again I am throwing myself at the mercy of those more knowledgeable that I here on S4GRU. I mentioned in a previous post that I switched to T-Mobile very recently and using my iPhone I can see I'm on a PCI unaccounted for in Cellmapper and I'm getting a very good signal and speeds so my curiosity is getting the better of me. So today I did a little walking tour of the neighborhood and determined the mystery PCI has a radius of about 1 city block. Too big for a Femtocell I think. Well at the area of highest signal strength (full bars) I found one if these on top of a street light. Might
  6. Dear Network Experts, Will a nearby 3G/4G Femtocell override a more distant 5G Macrocell assuming the Femtocell presents a stronger signal? Thanks, J
  7. Is there a way to tell if my iPhone is on macrocell or femtocell? I recently switched to T-Mobile and the PCI I’m connected to at home doesn’t match any of the local macro cells as reported by cellmapper. The PCI i connect to is for about a 1 block radius which seems large for a femtocell. Also the upload speeds I sometime get are much higher than any broadband plans around here offer which leads me to think it’s not a femtocell as well. So maybe a small cell? I drove around the neighborhood this morning and noted the PCIs and except for the block around my home all are accounted for in ce
  8. I'm just north/northwest of Chicago as in we border Chicago. On Sprint I was delighted to get 5Mb/1Mb on SpeedTest. I've had a grandfathered 200 MB/Mo freebee T-Mobile plan on our iPad so I knew the speeds were potentially decent. I ported 4 lines over yesterday I've attached a typical SpeedTest screen shot. Basically I'm not disappointed. The fact that the cost is substantially less doesn't hurt either. J
  9. You get a premium now for free. I upgraded on an iPhone and Caller ID did not work. I uninstalled it, rebooted the iPhone, reinstalled the app and Caller ID works nice now.
  10. How far things have come. Back in the early days of cellular I had a brick phone by Motorola and cells were scarce. Knowing where the nearest cell was located would sometimes make the difference of wether or not you could get a signal. I thought of creating a list of sites kind of like the precursor of our ultimate map. This was the time of Computer Bulletin Boards as the Public internet did not yet exist. I posted a message requesting location reports on a popular Chicago BBS (Gene Plantz was the Sysop). Later that day I got a curt message from Gene requesting I remove my message. It seem
  11. Is it possible to determine if this is a TMobile Cell Tower? My son and wife live 1 block from here (Niles IL just north of Chicago). They are on my Sprint plan and get very poor signal strength. I am hoping this might be their future TMobile tower. I figure it isn't Sprint for the above reason, Verizon has a chain of small cells atop wooden poles along the adjacent roadway US14 the closest being 1 block from this tower so it wouldn't make sense it's one of theirs. That leaves ATT and I don't have access to anyone with ATT service to do a signal check. Looking at Rootmetrics I
  12. July 24th The “Call Screener Plus” App becomes free.
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