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  1. Any former Sprint customers with Apple Watches who are now on T-Mobile happy with the way T-Mobile provisions the cellular Apple Watch compared to the way Sprint did it.? On sprint it was a seamless process. You add a cellular plan on the iPhone Watch app or from the Apple Watch itself and your account shows the additional line automatically as an additional line. If you want to remove the watch plan you just reverse the process and the line gets removed automatically. With T-Mobile it's quite different. You add a line but instead of just getting an additional line on your account you get a "Digits" line. Digits is something I don't understand and there are many flavors of "Digits" lines. Looking at your account you see the "Digits" line but nowhere does it say it's associated with an Apple Watch. If you decide you don't need cellular on the Watch for a while you can remove the plan from the iPhone app or watch but it's isn't removed from your T-Mobile account and you get an annoying popup message every time you restart the Apple watch. The only way to stop the line from being billed to to get that "Digits" line removed. The only way I found to do that is interact with one of the flavors of T-Mobile support. You'd think that would be easy but trying to delete a line usually results in a sales pitch why you should keep it. They don't seem to understand it's an Apple Watch line that is no longer used. It's basically a pain. If anyone else has gone through the line deletion process and had a better experience I'd like to hear how you did it. And if someone can point me to a comprehensive explanation of what all the different "Digits" lines are for I'd appreciate that too. I find bits and pieces here and there in T-Mobile support docs but nothing comprehensive. Thanks in advance, J
  2. Rather than upgrade all my lines from Magenta to Max I stayed on Magenta 2.0 and when I need UHD or more HotSpot I just add the $15/mo GoMax AddOn when I need it and remove it when I'm done. That costs me $15 for the month. Rather than taking the $30/mo hit permanently to upgrade the entire account (7 Lines/3 Paid). Since I'm paying for all the lines I don't care if any of the other ones have UHD etc. 🙃
  3. But without a time stamp I have no way to tell if those values are current.
  4. I updated my iPhone 12 Pro Max to iOS 14.5 and Field Test seems dead. The App launches but the values are static as in they don't update. My iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr seem unaffected. Anyone else seeing this? Any way to get Field Test to work again on the 12 Pro Max? Tnx, J
  5. Probably considered anecdotal but here is my recent experience with T-Mobile. I'm on Magenta. I travel from time from northern Chicago to Dubuque,IA/Galena,IL via I-90 to Rockford and US-20 to Galena and then Dubuque.. 10 Years I demoed T-Mobile and coverage pretty much ended west of Elgin (sad). I had the opportunity to make it to Galena,IL last weekend and rode shotgun Saturday and ran SpeedTest many times on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. What a difference 10 years and a Sprint merger makes. I-90 to Elgin was pretty much solid NSA 5G and then a mix of 4G and NSA 5G to Rockford with the preponderance of it being 5G, Speed tests consistent 50/100 down and 10/20 up. From Rockford to west of Freeport was more LTE than 5G but the speeds were pretty much the same. This pretty much matches what the T-Mobile coverage map says to expect. From Lena, IL to Stockton on US-20 the coverage map shows Partner Coverage. This turned out to be Roaming on US Cellular some 5G but mostly LTE with speeds varying more towards 5/15 down and 1/3 up. Quite usable IMO. Once west of Stockton on I-20 all the way to Galena was back on T-Mobile 5G (25%) and LTE (75%) with speeds a little slower than from Elgin to Rockford but not bad. Even downtown Galena was stellar whereas even on Sprint it was nearly a Black Hole. At no time did I loose coverage for the entire trip. I'm a happy camper. J
  6. Is there such a thing as the Field Engineering app for Cellular capable iPads?
  7. I’ve been told and have read that t-mobile will not switch your plan, you must request any plan change. Not sure if that also applies to legacy Sprint plans. When t-mobile improved the Magenta plans recently I had to specifically ask to be switched from Magenta 1.0 to Magenta 2.0 even though there was no change in price.
  8. Yea the way I understand it if you keep all the free lines at least 12 months you're home free.
  9. Today’s Announcements: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210407005732/en/
  10. There are no free line promos going on right now but they ran at least 3 last year and one already this year. I find out about them mostly on Reddit but T-Mobile News and Twitter etc. announces them. They usually run for a week. The stipulation is you hold on to them for a year and they are your free and clear. If you drop a line before 12 month then the free lines left on your account that are less than a year old become chargable. People are creative as to what they use them for. Some rent them to friends others use them for T-Mobile Tuesday benefits. Mine are being held as I said for the grandkids. What's nice is they are usually stackable with promos that require adding a line. Like "Discounted Phone if you add a line". You get the discounted phone but not the monthly charge for the line. Here is an example of a (now ended) promo:
  11. Same here. Excellent coverage much better than I was getting on Sprint. The price is right too. Initially 4 lines with one free and last year added four more lines for free. Those are in safekeeping for the grandkids when they are old enough. I figure when they are 20 or 30 years old should be about right.
  12. https://www.tmonews.com/2021/03/t-mobile-big-5g-powered-announcement-march-4th/
  13. Pretty sure if you’re on magenta plus you will automatically be on Max come February 24.
  14. Personally 1.5 MB’s is perfectly adequate. Others disagree.
  15. The T-Mobile support site and Netflix’ FAST App confirms 1.5mbs for 480p.
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