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  1. As T-Mobile US migrates Sprint customers, the CEO sees a ‘fantastic tailwind’ https://www.rcrwireless.com/20210927/5g/as-t-mobile-us-migrates-sprint-subs-the-ceo-sees-a-fantastic-tailwind?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rcrwireless%2FsLmV+(RCR+Wireless+News)
  2. I got excited when I heard the iPhone 13 would support 2 eSIMs. What I didn't realize it's an either or situation. The first SIM slot is either a physical SIM or an eSIM but not both at the same time. I erroneously assumed I could use a physical SIM and also the 2 eSIMs concurrently. Wrong.
  3. Is there a cheatsheet somewhere that explains what the important indicators are and why I might want to watch them?
  4. Field Engineering has a totally different look and feel but seems to work. Not that I understand 99.9% of it. 🤒
  5. Not sure if this is old news. Official T-Mobile Network shutdown dates: T-Mobile 3G UMTS: July 1, 2022 T-Mobile 2G GSM: December 2022 Sprint 2G/3G CDMA: January 1, 2022 Sprint LTE/5G: June 30, 2022 https://www.tmonews.com/2021/09/t-mobile-unveils-official-network-shutdown-dates/
  6. Agreed. I thought of the old adage “Fool me once shame on you …”. My Postpaid plan was not affected but my ancient but still active iPad Free 200mb for life plan was and I received notification.
  7. Possibly of interest: SEC Filing regarding the CyberAttack Event: https://d18rn0p25nwr6d.cloudfront.net/CIK-0001283699/e2d145e6-b8bb-4bd5-b78a-a9a7858a1ab2.pdf e2d145e6-b8bb-4bd5-b78a-a9a7858a1ab2.pdf
  8. I'm on T-Mobile and have 8 lines. All but the last (newest) line have outgoing Caller ID that works correctly. The newest line only displays City and State if I call other than another T-Mobile phone. I've tried calling AT&T U-Verse VoIP, Verizon and AT&T POTS lines. All display only CIty, State. Calling T-Mobile phones displays my first and last name as I would want/expect. Using this tool: https://apeiron.io/cnam I can see this line has City, State the other seven show First, Last Name. I've called T-Mobile support and they say their system shows the caller ID info was updated. If I use My T-Mobile (App or Web Site) Caller ID does get updated if I change it but only T-Mobile phones see the correct First, Last Name displayed. Everyone else gets City, State. It's as if the CNAM database isn't getting updated but only for this one particular line my other 7 lines are fine. I don't claim to understand all the nuances of Caller ID but I would like to get T-Mobile to act on this inconsistency. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, James
  9. I moved my 4 line ED1500 over a year ago to Magenta. Later I upgraded to MAX for the full function Scam Shield and larger Netflix subsidy. I get my iPhones direct from Apple so loosing the purchased phone subsidy wasn’t a big deal. Service here in Chitown is every bit as good as it was on Sprint IMO. The only thing I miss is the way Sprint handled Apple Watch service activation and deactivation. On Sprint it was fully automatic through the Web site. Not so with T-Mobile. Deactivating an Apple Watch requires calling and dealing with support/retentions.
  10. The FAST app from Netflix will show if you are throttled. When I was throttled it showed about 1.5Mbs now it shows 150Mbs+.
  11. Any former Sprint customers with Apple Watches who are now on T-Mobile happy with the way T-Mobile provisions the cellular Apple Watch compared to the way Sprint did it.? On sprint it was a seamless process. You add a cellular plan on the iPhone Watch app or from the Apple Watch itself and your account shows the additional line automatically as an additional line. If you want to remove the watch plan you just reverse the process and the line gets removed automatically. With T-Mobile it's quite different. You add a line but instead of just getting an additional line on your account you get a "Digits" line. Digits is something I don't understand and there are many flavors of "Digits" lines. Looking at your account you see the "Digits" line but nowhere does it say it's associated with an Apple Watch. If you decide you don't need cellular on the Watch for a while you can remove the plan from the iPhone app or watch but it's isn't removed from your T-Mobile account and you get an annoying popup message every time you restart the Apple watch. The only way to stop the line from being billed to to get that "Digits" line removed. The only way I found to do that is interact with one of the flavors of T-Mobile support. You'd think that would be easy but trying to delete a line usually results in a sales pitch why you should keep it. They don't seem to understand it's an Apple Watch line that is no longer used. It's basically a pain. If anyone else has gone through the line deletion process and had a better experience I'd like to hear how you did it. And if someone can point me to a comprehensive explanation of what all the different "Digits" lines are for I'd appreciate that too. I find bits and pieces here and there in T-Mobile support docs but nothing comprehensive. Thanks in advance, J
  12. Rather than upgrade all my lines from Magenta to Max I stayed on Magenta 2.0 and when I need UHD or more HotSpot I just add the $15/mo GoMax AddOn when I need it and remove it when I'm done. That costs me $15 for the month. Rather than taking the $30/mo hit permanently to upgrade the entire account (7 Lines/3 Paid). Since I'm paying for all the lines I don't care if any of the other ones have UHD etc. 🙃
  13. But without a time stamp I have no way to tell if those values are current.
  14. I updated my iPhone 12 Pro Max to iOS 14.5 and Field Test seems dead. The App launches but the values are static as in they don't update. My iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr seem unaffected. Anyone else seeing this? Any way to get Field Test to work again on the 12 Pro Max? Tnx, J
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