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  1. The T-Mobile support site and Netflix’ FAST App confirms 1.5mbs for 480p.
  2. Is this the issue? If so looks like they have a workaround. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/12/21/the-internet-wont-break-on-older-android-devices-in-2021-thanks-to-certificate-authoritys-workaround/
  3. You can certainly get your wife a T-Mobile plan independently. It will be billed separately. You can add an additional line to her plan and port your sprint number to her plan when you choose. Or not. Personally I created a T-Mobile account (Magenta) and ported 4 lines over 2 week period. Compared to my ED1500 plan I’m paying about $90/mo less. I’m in Chicagoland and T-Mobile service is excellent. I am a bit concerned how it will be in more rural areas however. With COVID as it is I haven’t done much reconnaissance in the rural areas to date.
  4. THANKS. Truth be told I did eventually find it late last night and was going to update my post here. I appreciate you reconfirming where this bugger is located. It's a subtle thing and I wonder how many people even know this iOS feature exists. At least on Sprint is was fairly straight forward as a selectable free feature "Calls on iCloud Devices" if memory serves me correctly. All the best, J
  5. I need to do this again but for the life of me I can’t find/remember the page where you select lines to enable. Can you refresh my mind? I’ve tried the digits app and web page but I’m at a loss as to where I need to go exactly. Any help appreciated. I just want to enable digits on the T-Mobile lines with iPhones. When I go into the digits app I see a single line associated with my T-Mobile ID but I have half a dozen lines and they are not listed. The web site just wants to use itself as a digits line.
  6. Hi, I'm an iPhone user but would like to contribute to things like cellmapper.net. T-Mobile is handing out "free" lines like popcorn so I have a few unused to devote to my quest. I know pretty much nothing about Android phones. Is there such thing as an inexpensive 5G phone capable of running cellmapper? It would need the current LTE and NR bands 71,41,66,12,2 ... Is there a standout favorite I should look for? Do Thanks, J
  7. I moved to T-Mobile Magenta and it’s fine for the most part. I have iPhones. One thing I miss is Sprint’s “WiFi calling on iCloud devices”. This allowed other devices on WiFi to make and receive calls even when the iPhone was off or not on WiFi. Now the iPhone must be on the same WiFi network or within Bluetooth range of the other iCloud devices. You see the difference as WiFi calling on other devices as “nearby” now whereas on Sprint it was “on”. Just an FYI.
  8. iOS 14 pretty much hosed engineering field test. It runs but is missing things iOS 13's version had and is very slow to update/refresh.
  9. Lots of “Unavailable” things. Like Neighbor Cells. Just me? Tried several current iPhone models. I’m over on T-Mobile’s system if that’s significant. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. All the T-Mo cells here are Band 2 and 66. I almost always connect on 66. As far as my cell being MIA it came back that evening. Perhaps my imagination but the few speedtests I performed after it’s return seem faster.
  11. I moved to TMobile two weeks ago. Service has been exemplary at my home. Cell one block away -95db signal usually 3 to 4 iPhone bars. Today I noticed the signal was much weaker. -110db 2 iPhone bars. I don’t see any crews at the cell site so I’m wondering if this is a temporary outage or did the cell get shut down. Is there any way to determine this? What’s weird also the cell I’m connecting to now is a mile away (versus a city block) and my Apple Watch still gets two dots signal strength. Does this sound reasonable for a 30 foot cell that far away which is LTE band 2 and 66 capable. With the
  12. My wife and my CPAP machines have ATT 4G to phone home daily. Not sure ATT even knows our names. Does ATT consider me a customer? Probably applies to many IoT devices.
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