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  1. Thanks, sounds plausible for some of them here. For reference Merle hay Mall in Des Moines here had the tmobile tower, which is right next to the mall, upgraded a few months back. The sprint site, which is on the actual mall building, wasn't broadcasting the keep PLMN until the last week or so.
  2. How sure are we about the sprint keep site 312250 PLMN theory? I'm asking because there are a few spots in my area where tmobile just upgraded their tower and there are sprint towers pretty much right next to the upgraded tmobile towers that are broadcasting as keep sites.
  3. i just double checked and those settings are set to balanced for accuracy and 1000 for timing, just as a FYI
  4. i was driving with an average speed of about 40 mph during the entire trip. my phone was in a phone holder attached to the windshield and was on with signal check up the entire time. round trip i probably drove about 3 or 4 miles.
  5. just sent you some diagnostics reports myself, around 10:13 to 10:21 CST. it wasn't fully "stuck" but it was taking a long time to update. last night i was out and was watching it update and it seemed to be updating around every 5 seconds to upwards of 20 to 30 seconds. but today when i sent the diagnostics reports it was not updating for 2 to 3 minutes or more. so i'm not sure why it updated more frequently last night but didn't today, hopefully you see something in the reports
  6. i haven't been anywhere since the update 😕 but next time i'm out and about i plan on watching it to see how it performs! should be at least by this weekend
  7. Oneplus 8 5G on Android 11 for me
  8. glad you guys posted this, i was noticing the same thing but haven't had a chance to really look into it yet
  9. that looks like the one they've been putting up around here that does B2/B66. its on all towers they upgrade that don't get 71 antennas added and on some of the "older" upgrades they did with 71 they put this antenna up as well.
  10. mine worked! here are the steps i did opened app and waited 5 seconds - no update prompt exited the app and reopened it immediately got an update notification tapped update waited about 30 seconds prompt came up at the bottom of the screen saying an update was ready to be installed tapped install the app closed and an install screen came up once the install was done the app reopened presented with the new release notes profit
  11. that was it! no that block above is not always there. generally just see it when switching off of wifi. i got connected back to 5G SA and that block was gone and tried it again and it worked to save a note. I sent a new diagnostics report after saving a note, thanks!
  12. tested out the site note feature for 5G SA! i wasn't able to save a note though sent a diagnostics report and here is a screenshot of what SCP looks like as well as the error
  13. with the comments around not all towers getting all bands just wanted to add that in the central iowa area they are currently doing upgrades and so far i've seen 3 towers that got upgraded with all bands and 3 towers that got upgraded with everything but B/N71 😕
  14. https://imgur.com/a/PUjUlff This tower was upgraded in my area and was what spawned my earlier post about towers without B71. A new rack was installed that still had the old panels on it but the 41 panel added. Came back tonight and B2 and NSA 5G N41 were live and the old panels were gone and no B71 panels added. Couldn't get SA N41 or B41 LTE from it.
  15. i see this on my OP8 as well. i can select the 312-250 PLMN from the network operators screen and it says "registered" but when looking at signal check it just shows "sprint 310-120". so i have no idea if i'm actually connected to 312-250 or if it somehow punted me off to the normal PLMN. because of that i've been unable to identify these "keep" sites.
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