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  1. mine worked! here are the steps i did opened app and waited 5 seconds - no update prompt exited the app and reopened it immediately got an update notification tapped update waited about 30 seconds prompt came up at the bottom of the screen saying an update was ready to be installed tapped install the app closed and an install screen came up once the install was done the app reopened presented with the new release notes profit
  2. that was it! no that block above is not always there. generally just see it when switching off of wifi. i got connected back to 5G SA and that block was gone and tried it again and it worked to save a note. I sent a new diagnostics report after saving a note, thanks!
  3. tested out the site note feature for 5G SA! i wasn't able to save a note though sent a diagnostics report and here is a screenshot of what SCP looks like as well as the error
  4. with the comments around not all towers getting all bands just wanted to add that in the central iowa area they are currently doing upgrades and so far i've seen 3 towers that got upgraded with all bands and 3 towers that got upgraded with everything but B/N71 😕
  5. https://imgur.com/a/PUjUlff This tower was upgraded in my area and was what spawned my earlier post about towers without B71. A new rack was installed that still had the old panels on it but the 41 panel added. Came back tonight and B2 and NSA 5G N41 were live and the old panels were gone and no B71 panels added. Couldn't get SA N41 or B41 LTE from it.
  6. i see this on my OP8 as well. i can select the 312-250 PLMN from the network operators screen and it says "registered" but when looking at signal check it just shows "sprint 310-120". so i have no idea if i'm actually connected to 312-250 or if it somehow punted me off to the normal PLMN. because of that i've been unable to identify these "keep" sites.
  7. has anyone had recent tower upgrades in their area where they installed the b/n41 panels but did NOT install the b/n71 panels? They are in my area doing upgrades right now and they have been putting both b/n41 as well as b/n71 up on the tower with each upgrade. However I've found 2 towers now where crews have been there and are gone now where they only put up the b/n41 panel and not the b/n71 panel. trying to guess the reasons they would do that?
  8. it is, from what i've gathered with the way NSA 5G works you won't get any of the 5G cell info, other than signal strength, in that mode. you only get that with SA 5G
  9. New onesplus 8 update is out this morning, still on android 10 but they fixed the missing 5G info!!!! https://imgur.com/a/ZcZFmkZ
  10. mike - i sent you a diagnostic report from my oneplus 8. its showing i'm connected to 5G SA but not really showing any info. Its a step up from my McLaren 5G phone, that one hasn't gotten a SA update yet but would never show anything when connected to NSA 5G Not sure if you've had a chance to look much at the info you can get from oneplus phones, hopefully we aren't just stuck with no info from them
  11. looks like a potential fix for OnePlus phones not connecting to B25/B26. I haven't tried it on my phone yet but will as soon as i have time to.
  12. I was able to connect to sprint B41 this morning in central iowa! https://imgur.com/a/qVCtoeu I tried B25 and B26 but I couldn't get on either of those. I'm not close to the B41 towers so was a weak signal but I was bouncing between 3 different ones. Data worked but was very slow because of that.
  13. central iowa here, i've been trying to force my phone to the sprint network every day for the past week and so far it won't let me on there. i have the oneplus 7t pro 5G phone. tried combinations of selecting the 311490 network as well as disabling all bands except sprints. nothing yet 😕
  14. i tested this morning, forced my phone to B25, B26, and B41 and it wouldn't connect to any of them. Hopefully they are working on merging networks and it comes to my area (central iowa) soon.....
  15. https://www.t-mobile.com/support/devices/android/oneplus-8/software-updates-oneplus-8 update was released today. no idea on how you would tell you were connected though
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