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  1. Posting this here as I assume it's Verizon..... In the pic the round cylinder out the top back have been installed on light poles in our area for a couple of years now. Recently the triangle of panels started showing up on the same poles that had the cylinder ones. Anyone know what the triangle ones are?
  2. i have a feeling that the report i sent in i was really connected to LTE, like signal check was showing, but my phone is showing 5G..... once i get around to an actual tower that has been upgraded with B71 i can do some more testing and send more reports in. I have a feeling though that tmobile is showing 5G when when connected to LTE on the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G phone. Speed tests and signal check info remain consistent if i'm on "5G" and drop it down to LTE manually.....
  3. updated to the latest version. walked around my basement for a bit and so far it appears to be updating every few seconds. i'll keep an eye on it and let you know if i see any issues, but so far its looking good!
  4. i sent a diagnostics report from my app last night, oneplus 6 on android 10 where its not updating data very frequently.
  5. I would not be surprised if it was t-mobile B71 upgrades, i've found 2 towers with it live in central iowa in the past couple of weeks now.
  6. no issues here! the network in central iowa was already broadcasting as T-Mobile while iWireless was in control. So there weren't any transition issues or anything for me.
  7. B71 live in Ankeny, IA!!!!! https://imgur.com/gallery/OCrS3Ml
  8. there are 2 towers in ames with B41 installed. even though i don't have sprint i still check for permits, there hasn't been a new B41 install for awhile, at least a year now. you can see where the B41 is in ames off of sprints coverage map.
  9. LTE + is the name they use for B41, so if you see B41 you are on "LTE +". the WDM marriott definitely has B41, it got it back when i was still on sprint and i confirmed it from that tower.
  10. nice! glad they got it working, also nice to have confirmation that there is something they can/need to do on their end to get it to work if its not. yeah i didn't expect the call to be able to carry over since iwireless doesn't have VoLTE enabled on the network in Iowa yet. i'm hoping that along with a few other changes, is on t-mobiles radar to do right away once they take over iwireless!
  11. no it auto connects, i was just manually selecting it while testing things out. iWireless hasn't enabled VoLTE on their network so there is no VoLTE on tmobile in iowa...... so based on that i don't think calls will carry over from network to network. glad they are getting something figured out for you! i haven't used a ton of data while on USCC but as far as i can tell its counting as native usage, not roaming.
  12. i went to howell's pumpkin patch on sunday, its south west a little bit from cumming, ia. i was definitely on the border of allowed US cellular towers to roam on. sometimes i was able to select US Cellular and connect to it, other times it wouldn't let me on. my guess is i had a tower N/NE of me that wasn't allowed it that it tried to connect to sometimes and another one S/SW from me that was allowing it.
  13. could be a SIM issue.... but that would require someone from t-mobile to help out. might be time for an email to the executive support team. the amount of network you went through from SW iowa to dayton iowa should have been enough to get some kind of connection, so maybe its not on us cellular/network side....
  14. thats so weird..... it has to be something on US cellular's end where they didn't get those towers setup to allow the connections, but yeah, where do you go to get help on that?!?!? if i'm in the des moines area and try and select us cellular it sits there for awhile and then comes back saying "unable to connect (maybe register) to this network at this time" but up in the huxley area it connects right away when i select it. so obviously they have the ability to control which towers allow people to roam on them, which points to it being on their end.....
  15. it didn't hit me until now that you are the same user on reddit i've been replying to about LTE roaming on US cellular i contacted t-force on facebook when my wife's iphone connected to us cellular but mine didn't. i have no idea if they did anything or not but after talking to them it started working for me. now every time i go back up to the huxley area all i have to do is search for networks and pick us cellular and it connects right away. i don't know how it happened but i did notice that at some point while i was messing with things my data roaming option got turned off. not sure how that happened :/ only other thing i can think of is to go somewhere where its confirmed working and see if you can get connected?
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