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  1. What kind of generators are in use? Natural Gas fired? From what I understand, natural gas delivery is also an issue. Diesel? Gelled up diesel could cause problems as well. Neither of the above issues would happen during a hurricane. Not making excuses, just pointing out that sometimes even backup ideas fail,
  2. 700mb/s seems like such a weird speed cap to me. At least for residential customers, tiers are normally 100/500/1gig. I'm struggling a bit with understanding the 700 limit that appears to be in place
  3. I addition to the 30 month financing option, we still had an 18mo lease option - but now a big downpayment with reduced monthly payments.
  4. This is the first time in many years that my wife and I wont be upgrading from our iPhone 11 Pro's. Previous years, I am pretty sure we simply paid $100 down, did iphone forever, and paid the $41.xx a month for our 256gb versions. This year, Sprint site wants $350 down with reduced monthly payments. Just seems much less attractive this way, so we are skipping. 😕
  5. I think you are missing the point. Sprint, in enough places to matter, had (and still has) the superior network - wether it is talking about LTE coverage or speeds. The issue is that (legacy) T-mobile simply does not have towers in a lot of areas, and instead rely on their low band to give the guise of coverage. Its easy to paint an area pink to show 'coverage', yet when you go into that area, you get zero service. Sprint, on the other hand as an example, in my basement, is getting download speeds of 90+mbps. The attached image is a great example - it is painted pink, yet if you are in a car driving by that address, you quite literally get NO SERVICE. Nevermind trying to get anything realistic inside of a business or home. There are towns like this all over the place. We still have not seen plan from tmobile (that i know of) that indicates which towers/locations will be retained from Sprint but converted to tmobile. Throwing up B41/N41 128x128 M-MIMO antennas on every tmobile site would be of no help at all. The issue, IMO, is lack of site density outside of urban areas.
  6. Some? Yes. Unfortunately nothing firm. There are still plenty of us out there who are on the Sprint network getting spectacular service where the is little to no Tmobile network coverage. As of two weeks ago, Tmobile customers here went from a very slight signal to no signal all over town. Looking at some posts in that reddit thread makes it sound like upgrades for legacy Sprint customers to an iphone 12 will possibly push them over to Tmobile being the home network. If that's the case, I predict a LOT of infuriated customers - me included. I'll stick with my iphone 11 pro just to keep Sprint as the preferred network.
  7. That means That means you are on 2XCA with B41 being both carriers.
  8. I disagree somewhat. Having the info available in widget format would be awesome.
  9. What? T-mobile has B71, they quite literally have no need for B26 once B71 is deployed everywhere. B26 is going to dish. So I'll ask again... What are you suggesting is the 'sprint native' network that will be shut down?
  10. I'm confused. What are you suggesting is the 'sprint native' network? B25 and B41 will be transformed to tmobile - which I think will be mostly seamless to end users. B26 will eventually be used by Dish, but I'd think that before that is done, Tmobile customers (and those formerly known as Sprint customers) will have full unfettered access to Tmobile B71. So again, other than those people at the very limits of B26 coverage, I hope this will also go largely unnoticed.
  11. I NewTMo can make that happen everywhere - they are going to have a LOT of happy customers. Nice! edit: However, it does appear Willmar has a tower located in town, so I wouldnt expect any less. Still though... Nice!
  12. Sure - that is true what they said about the 'keep sites'. However - I don't think anyone has seen a list or a map of sites that will be kept, thus, I'll stick with " I will believe it when I see it. "
  13. It's times like this that I am glad I live where I live. The closest native tmobile site is 14 miles away, and there is a Sprint tower less than a mile from me. I'm hanging on by a thread right now hoping that tmobile comes in and does a full 'new tmobile' build on this existing sprint site. If I have to default to native tmobile coverage right now, I'm boned.
  14. Completely agree. I am excited for this to get done, so we can start (hopefully) seeing continued improvements. I want to see how things improve... i want to see which sites the new tmobile deems as 'keep sites', and I want to see where, given their current footprint, tmobile puts additional towers/antennas to get more complete coverage. One example is Central IL. Existing Tmobile Coverage & Sprint Coverage attached. Sprint already has a tower in Gibson City, while Old Tmobile does not. If New Tmobile puts the full set of antennas up on the existing location in Gibson City, and a brand new site in or just outside of Sibley, IL with the full breadth of spectrum holdings, that huge hole with piss poor coverage is now covered. Lots of really smart folks at Tmobile - my hope is that they are looking at stuff like this and making plans.
  15. There is still at least one up near Peoria (https://goo.gl/maps/okjmqNo83tFa9GNg8) that still has some equipment up. Pretty wild. I looked up info on the setups a few years back... there is a lot of reading folks can do online to read about the history.
  16. At this point, the most interesting thing to me would be a map of proposed 'sprint keep sites'. Numbers I have seen indicate ~11,000 sprint sites that would be kept (and I am assuming subsequently bolstered with tmobile equipment as well). My interest is completely personal - the area where I live is where Sprint bought out spectrum and customer-base from US Cellular years ago, and generally speaking, the Sprint coverage here is very good to great. There is VERY weak tmobile coverage though, if any at all. My personal hope is that there are a considerable number of 'Sprint keep sites' located around rural Central IL. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  17. I wholly disagree. My point was that Root tests the ability to place and maintain a call. They do not, as far as I know, do any type of audio quality testing for Root Scores. Maybe I’m wrong?
  18. RootMetrics simply tests for the ability to place and/or keep calls alive without degraded sound on either end. A weak LTE blanket by Sprint would absolutely result in a weaker score. 'Complaints about issues with VoLTE' would be what, exactly? Inability to place a call? Most likely due to garbage LTE coverage. Calls dropping? Most likely due to holes in LTE coverage. I mean... what else would people complain about with VoLTE?
  19. While I agree with everything else, I completely disagree with the notion the reduced call performance score being a result of 'teething issues with the VoLTE rollout'. These are not 'teething issues'. The issues (I believe) are sub-par LTE coverage which causes dropped calls when going from LTE -> non LTE coverage while on a call. (Sometimes as simple as walking in buildings, sometimes could be while driving.) . While my iPhone 11 Pro does do a pretty good job at hanging onto the last thread of LTE to keep the call going, it just simply is not the same as the 1x voice network. I really enjoy VoLTE (and it works very well for me honestly), but people are blind if they did not see this coming.
  20. Yeah that one speed test is impressive. Yet here we sit with hourly results and combined results for averages from Tutela showing Sprint remaining solidly in dead last. Depressing.
  21. Hey everyone. Longer post, but feel it is important to try to explain everything. My wife and I about to buy a nuew 5th wheel RV. Said RV has a system called ‘OneConnect’. This system uses GSM network SIM cards to allow remote access to control lights/HVAC/etc. So what I am researching now are what options there are with MVNO’s in regards to SIM cards with data-only buckets. What I was hoping to avoid was any type of monthly deal.... I’d ideally like to just pick up an ATT sim somewhere with a bucket of like 2 or 4gb of data where the data just worked and once it ran out, I can simply buy another chunk. Data usage would be very low - no video or audio or streaming. Just would be using it really as an Iot device. Everything I am seeing seems to be something where you have to pay a monthly charge. Are there other options out there where data can just be prepaid in larger chunks that be used till the bucket is exhausted but without a monthly fee? We have been Sprint postpaid customers for so long that I don’t even know where to start in looking at prepaid or MVNO options for ATT. lol
  22. Completely agree. I have been back and forth on this merger from the start, but came around when concessions were made and deals started happening with the individual states. The potentials of a completely merged network and company are huge. Sprint obviously can not go at it alone financially. And t-mobile can not go at it alone based on their own spectrum. The two companies are a near perfect match, and I honestly believe we would all benefit from a merger in both the short term and the long term. They both need each other to succeed at the level that Verizon and ATT has.
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