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    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    In Atlanta and I havent seen it in Midtown yet. Atlanta was supposed to be a first-to-VoLTE market.
  2. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Our MB has seemed to come 'back to life' as it was a few months ago. Back to sub 70 second pings, 50+mbps download, and 4-5+mbps uploads.
  3. shaferz

    Small cell

    Its not just the GS9. I have had a bear of a time with my iPhoneX as well. Sometimes it latches on just fine to the MB, othertimes it completely ignores it (actually dropping to 3G) all the while, my wives iPhoneX happily chugs along on the MB. Its infuriating. One thing I did notice was that when I do a ##UPDATE# on the iPhone (which updates the PRL and 'data profile'), it sometimes takes up to a few weeks before my phone consistently grabs the MB again. For folks who are home often, I assume the phone adapts to the environment more quickly, but I am usually out of state for work during the week and then we camp on the weekends - so my phone will only be at home near the MB for short periods of time. Point being... everyone always focuses on the fact that the MB/small cells need time to optimize, but I believe the same is true for some phones as well.
  4. Sucks that Central Illinois is not included. Wonder how the opt-in will work. Live in a non-soft-launch market but am in a soft-launch market for work every week. If I opt-in while in the soft-launch market, I wonder what will happen when I go back to the non-soft-launch market. Hmmmmm
  5. shaferz

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Yes. I'm not sure why, but my phone seems to more aggressively hand off to 3G now than before. There are no 16port antennas in my area. If they are going to be firing up VoLTE soon, they better figure something out quick or 'call metrics' are going to tank QUICKLY due to dropped calls when LTE drops.
  6. shaferz

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Same with AirPods... I got my wife a set after I realized how much I loved mine... and she now uses hers more than I use mine. Lol
  7. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Run a few speed tests in a row. (Like 4+ and let us know if you get a sudden bump in speeds.
  8. There was a point in time where the thinking was that Apple was offering some way to get at the data without jailbreak. I'm not sure where it ended up but it was some core something API. Maybe it was just a witch hunt, but the data that CellularInfo provided is displayed already if the user goes to Field Test. Really wild that information is not exposed anywhere without jailbreak - its available now - just have to use field test to get it.
  9. shaferz

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Yes, I am on 11.3. No VoLTE.
  10. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Whoa. Good idea to run consecutive speedtests for troubleshooting. I always got frustrated with the first speed test being junk... so for comparison - I just ran consecutive speedtests here as well. All tests were done on the same server. Bolded below where it got interesting... Test 1: 08:00am / 3.58 down / 3.68 up Test 2: 08:00am / 3.91 down / 2.71 up Test 3: 08:01am / 3.68 down / 5.63 up Test 4: 08:02am / 71.9 down / 6.66 up Test 5: 08:02am / 74.5 down / 5.82 up Test 6: 08:04am / 69.5 down / 5.98 up Test 6: 08:05am / 69.2 down / 5.32 up Test 6: 08:05am / 73.5 down / 6.13 up Test 6: 08:06am / 73.2 down / 5.94 up Your comment about adding capacity if the load increases would make sense to me - but I'd guess that each speed test takes around 25-30 seconds to run, so if this was the case, I would expect that the speeds would pick up extremely quickly. I know that when running a speed test on a phone connected to a macro tower, I can actually see the speeds jump up in large chunks as the phone starts connecting to the other carriers for carrier aggregation. (So instead of starting the speed test with download speed immediately going to 120+mpbs - it will go in steps from like... 40 to 80 to 115-120.) In my speed tests above, it looks like something took place between the download and upload sessions in the 3rd test. Upload speed increased by a large percentage, and every speedtest after that was a consistent 69+ down / 5+ up. Odd behavior, right? Hmmmm
  11. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I have two of them but one of them is dead. Have been meaning to send it back now for the past few months. lol
  12. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Any more updates? I was tied up with work all day Friday and did not end up calling support. Still stuck at 4-ish mbps down and 5/6mbps up. I did confirm our MB is on 440a as well. Was hoping they would push another update soon that fixed it. Surely sprint has the ability to see slow speed sites?
  13. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Another data point - I also noticed that our MB had slowed down big time. Speedtest revealed 3-5mbps where we used to see 60+ most of the time. I did a factory reset and as soon as it came up, I cycled airplane mode on my phone which then connected to the MB. Speedtest was back at 60+mbps. After a couple of hours, speeds were right back to 3-5mbps. Something weird was going on. :dunno: edit: in my case, the MB was connected to the same Macro and B41.
  14. shaferz

    LTE Calling Plus / Chicago Market

    For clarifications sake, this is actually called VCC - Voice Call Continuity. Not Calling Plus or VoLTE. From what we know, Calling Plus will not be coming to iPhones due Sprint's announcement in Feb of commercial rollout of VoLTE this fall. VCC is cool stuff indeed - just another stepping stone to real VoLTE.
  15. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Did you inadvertently quote a post I made 6 months ago? lol
  16. shaferz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Ugh. Something is so frickin weird with my phone or Magic Box. My phone, once again, refuses to connect to the MB. My Apple Watch LTE, however, will happily connect to the MB if I force it to go to LTE. Why wont my phone just stay latched to the MB??? iPhone X in my basement: cycle airplane mode - struggles to connect and hangs onto B26 for dear life. Apple Watch LTE in my basement: "HEY LOOK - EXTRA STRONG B41 FROM A MAGIC BOX!" *happily connects to the MB* FACEPALM. Grrrrrrrrrrr
  17. My thoughts? FLIP THE DAMN SWITCH SPRINT! edit: tested just a minute ago, and this is not live in Atlanta, GA
  18. Yes indeed. I've gotten 60+ out of mine. Maybe a bit odd, but my speeds seem to increase the farther I get away from the MB. If I am right in front of it, the speeds are slower than if I am on a different floor or different room.
  19. shaferz

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    I've also been seeing some random abnormally higher upload speeds on certain towers. (referencing your first screenshot.)