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  1. Haven't been on here in a while. I will second the LTE issues. I consistently find that my phone isn't loading anything and I have to cycle airplane mode. Sometimes I even turn off LTE and switch to 3g. I have a 6s
  2. M Nope. I like the size of this screen. Realized how small 4" screen really is when I upgraded and now I won't go back. I won't go any bigger though... I just hope they make the next one not so damn slippery.
  3. Haven't been on here much lately due to school. Been quite busy. Got this the other day. I've never seen extended, and LTE at the same time. I did not have a chance to go into field test befor it popped away to see what it was Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I got 145 down the other day. First time ever having speeds that high.
  5. If you increase your swiping speed ever so slightly it increases the speed at which it scrolls. I think if you do it 3 or more times, it accelerates it much quicker. Other than that, no...just clicking on the top bar.
  6. Interesting. I was having some data connection issues where it was timing out for about a week. It's finally back to normal now though... So that's good. Still no complaints with service in Orlando. Sent from my iPhone 6s using moderately better tapatalk
  7. Well, its been about a week now since my phone went for a swim and it's still running smoothly. Guess the 6s is slightly waterproof like they said.
  8. Appears root metrics is now able to support background collection. I wonder how negatively this impacts battery life.
  9. Errrrr what Sent from my iPhone 6s using moderately better tapatalk
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