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  1. Just trying mine out this morning and mine connected to my router fine, but seems stuck on ‘Configuring WiFi Backhaul Service’. Guess I’ll let it sit and chew for about 10 more minutes before I try a reboot of the MB. EDIT: It finally rebooted itself, and connected to my 2.4ghz network just fine. I am now testing to see if it will grab the 5ghz network, but so far, it seems to be choking. It does initially 'see' the 5ghz network, but it never does connect. Moved back to the 2.4 ghz network and it is up and running again. I'm wondering now if it has some sort of fall-over type setup. Where if the wifi goes out for some reason, will the MB automatically go back to LTE backhaul? hmmm.
  2. What other operators use the Magic Box form factor? As far as I am aware, Sprint is the only one.
  3. We finally got VoLTE on our local macro site... that makes the lack of VoLTE on the magic box more painful. Hoping that switch is flipped soon.
  4. Agree with derrph. I'm pretty happy with the 11 pro. Battery life is great, cameras are great, but it still works like an iphone.
  5. Thanks. I tried about 50 different things... including signing out of my iCloud on my phone and my MBP then signing back in. What ended up appearing to fix it was turning off WiFi on my MBP, and connecting my phone via UsbC->Lightning cable, THEN enabling hotspot. I ran a few speed tests from my MBP while still connected to my phone and the connection was stable. Then I disconnected the cable and tried enabling hotspot via Instant Hotspot... and low and behold... it connected and stayed connected. 24 hours later, and I am relatively confident that this was a ‘fix’.
  6. Just updated to 13.1... my macbook will connect to my phone hotspot for about 5 seconds, and then drop the connection. Infuriating.
  7. Anyone else use an iphone 11 pro on IOS13.0 on a macbook pro? I pretty frequently used the 'Personal Hotspot' feature previously and now my macbook refuses to stay connected to my phone. It worked fine previously. I cant remember if I dreamed about a known issue with this or if I imagined it, but it does seem like this is broken. Can anyone confirm that they see the same issue? Oddly enough, my wife used her iphone 11 pro on ios13 yesterday to give my kids ipads a hotspot... and that worked fine. Appears to possibly be an issue with ios13 and macbooks?
  8. I seem to remember it getting delayed due to another issue (maybe related) that caused them to disable ‘hand-ups’ from the macro network? Oddly enough, while arriving at home this evening, my phone connected to the MB fairly quickly. Normally takes an airplane mode cycling. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll have to go see if software was updated recently.
  9. That is part of what they talk about with 'network synergies'. I am pretty sure that means co-location where possible, and currently duplicated tower/antenna groups being removed. What I am curious to see is how this is done from a hardware standpoint. Both carriers already run into congestion issues - but I dont know if that is congestion/constraints in regards to spectrum, RRU's, or other base station equipment. They obviously cant just 'shut down' a sprint location and expect the TMO equipment to be able to reliably pick up everyone, nor can they do the opposite... and shut down a TMO location and expect the Sprint equipment to be able to reliably pick up everyone. I'm frankly excited to see this come to fruition. I'm pessimistic about Legere in general, but for those of us in areas where coverage is good or better than average already... it will be exciting to see things ramp up (or possibly ramp down). Will be interesting to see how this pans out!
  10. Good question. Here is what ours currently says:
  11. After months and months of our MB only outputting d/l speeds under 30mbps... we are now back up to what it was before. This is the first time with the MB Gold that we have achieved these speeds: DL Mbps/UL Mbps 73.3 / 7.39 68.0 / 8.08 78.5 / 9.46
  12. Can confirm - work in the MARTA stations now extends from the Airport all the way up to the Buckhead station the red line. Last week, it was down, this week - its alive and well. I was called into a meeting the entire route from Arts Center Station underground - the entire way to the airport. AWESOME.
  13. Crazy to hear its not so grand where you are. I can not remember falling back to 3G lately at all on the north end of Midtown. Only issues I have had are between stations underground on the MARTA. Other than that, I had no issues between the north side of Midtown and where Gus' Fried Chicken is (which I may have visited twice last week lol.)
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