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  1. I have Sprint and still on the framily plan if you can believe that. I am thinking about the new SE because its cheap mostly. For now should I get a Sprint phone or the T-Mobile version and just run it on Sprint? Current coverage here is spotty. If I go to my favorite Taco Bell I get 2 bars of strength but I can't even use the app to order until I drive a block north. I worried about included bands working now and some becoming obsolete in the future.
  2. Will I need a PRL update to take advantage of roaming one Mobile on my old iPhone 7 plus? I just had to dive 2 blocks to gave a good enough connection to use an app to order fast food.
  3. I thought roaming on T-Mobile would help but I’m not sure if the merger will help met at all now
  4. Anything going on around St Charles? It’s been bad lately. I’m hoping TMobile merger will fix this.
  5. Another plus my Bluetooth headphones have over twice the range verses the 6+.
  6. Well I did find a faster spot! Outside LaCsrreta I just got 98 Mbps. Previous best on the 6+ was here at 58 Mbps. St Charles Mo if anyone wondered.
  7. Just got a 7+ last night to replace a 2 year old 6+ that had battery and charging issues. So far I like it. Hope I find CA gains somewhere I frequent. Not much better speedterst results yet.
  8. I'm sure you know who got what numbers but are you going to say "John Smith" won with number xxx right off the bat or are you going to say the winning number is xxx let us check ours for a couple hours before a name is posted? The later may build the excitement and disappoint. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  9. Yup please donate. Daddy wants a 64g 6s+![emoji3][emoji106]???? Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  10. Or my way. I just popped for another 10$. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  11. DaQue

    iOS 9

    It's probably just the placebo effect but I swear I'm staying on LTE a lot better after the update. The last few weeks at work I would look and see I was on 3G or even 1x a lot. An airplane mode toggle wow fix it for a while. Today it's never lost LTE. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  12. Wow Sprint versions get $100 less . I wonder if the would unlock it if I paid it off. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  13. A second look (I shouldn't do this at work) shows the CDMA version just adds to the GSM version. It lists everything it has and more. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks this article got me thinking otherwise. http://m.imore.com/iphone-6s-sprint-and-verizon-will-be-different-model Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
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