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  1. Well that game didn't go well. https://t.co/UoCWLKW1z0

  2. That had to feel great for J-Hey https://t.co/LX0G5LbOB1

  3. RT @digby56: Remember when Republicans made fun of John Kerry because he was a rich guy? https://t.co/qoMOYKPEQ9

  4. I think @BleacherNation needs to bring back the Where Are They Now series https://t.co/HbN0hOcEl4

  5. I miss Bill Hicks.

  6. Of course @Gizmodo Ingress has lots of portals in graveyards, so this shouldn't be a surprise. It's all the same data.

  7. RT @DexterFowler: Pretttttttttttttttty amazing I get to share my first all star experience with my brothers https://t.co/6Yv8qpm4Vy

  8. What is the best #sports website? My vote goes to @bleachernation https://t.co/gcabGghJPV

  9. RT @IowaCubs: Tommy La Stella's got moves ???? https://t.co/3HQ2dWjFvM

  10. Good thing they play most of the second half at home. https://t.co/F5DxujCX1E

  11. Great news! Bring on the pitchers! https://t.co/HYCREim3b1

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