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  1. @jstoff Was it a Luton dimmer?

  2. Check back when you get a real innovative product, Heinz. A product like Mustees Mustmayostardayonnaise. https://t.co/rDJFSOcPND

  3. RT @KellySueWilson: 1 way to miss #playoffs 5 ways to get in We are the #Stlblues Aaannnndddd... https://t.co/7PPbW3VIGL

  4. @GlennF That URL is cumbersome!

  5. The promo swag for @BoJackHorseman season 5 is really lacking. https://t.co/He58GD949n

  6. @iEricKohn Yes

  7. @dizparks Man, that’s so depressing. :/

  8. Reminder: the NHL is a garage league.

  9. @jheil @Lawrence @TheLastWord I gotta admit. I wasn’t expecting a Wu-Tang laptop sticker. What they say is true: y… https://t.co/SYDTnFNbCw

  10. @notjustanotherj https://t.co/FqL45tnPlF

  11. @drewsilv @saltandsmokestl God bless

  12. Who hurt you, @DLoesch? https://t.co/2qhk3AyzPs

  13. @StephenAtHome That is, to say, the correct way.

  14. The kinetic typography in Black Panther is FUCKING BONKERS.

  15. Guys, reporting hate on this platform works — do it early, do it often. https://t.co/UngLHtrnbP

  16. RT @darth: oh mexico city gets a 75 minute warning before an earthquake but nbc just springs adam rippon on everybody after the commercial…

  17. Life comes at you fast https://t.co/tr0GdgBzbL

  18. @nrose I’m very interested, too. I have one set up with my Apple TV and can’t get over how good it sounds. AirPods… https://t.co/DjLDaoPb5D

  19. A real chart https://t.co/Hqn2oGMCUT

  20. @arsonistkitten You can also take a tram from terminal to terminal like a real Philadelphian!

  21. I cut my nose shaving tonight. I really hate shaving and this is just adding to the pile of reasons why. I coul… https://t.co/zKzMYGNMv5

  22. RT @mattyglesias: Why are we doing this? https://t.co/b6Fvk9HZBX

  23. @ChrisReimer Sounds like an ad for guillotine sales.

  24. RT @samstein: honestly, the only way this gets resolved is for Schumer and McConnell to get into a room together, sit down at a table, and…

  25. RT @tonymess: Messenger: @EricGreitens finds himself on a deserted island surrounded by snakes. #moleg https://t.co/PWS06qSTCE

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