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  1. Nice. Just wonder with PR if they are still rebuilding the network after the hurricane. From what I have heard, some of the infrastructure is still not replaced.
  2. Banana(rama) Venus na(rama) Venus
  3. One thing I wish that you could do with an iPhone is set the band priority.
  4. Understand over ear comfort. I am not a fan of that style. With air travel for my job, the supplied earphones from Apple, not air pods, did not perform very well. The Bose set does offer noise cancellation and helps tremendously when the cabin pressurizes. Also, I am not as worried having the Bose set causing any hearing damage since I do not need to have them at max volume.
  5. Stayed away from Airpods. Went with this: https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/headphones/conversation_enhancing_headphones/hearphones.html
  6. No complaints about the upload. Just surprised about the download speed. I need to do it again because the upload was still climbing when Speedtest finished that part of the test.
  7. I was out yesterday and was surprised at the speeds I was getting on the download. 160 down is faster than my home internet. The upload wad at 5 but damn....
  8. Is Sprint reporting data issues in the Nashville area? I can use voice and text but no data.
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