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  1. My phone in the box did not include any specs. The only memory info I have indicates 4G. Nothing givrd info on the 64 supposed to be in it nor how much is in use. Unheard of in my previous phone purchases over a few different brands of new phones over time.. I was stuck with the Samsung A32 5G she set me up with. Unfortunately, that is what T-Mobile put in my hands when switching from Sprint > T-Mobile. I did the "free trade-in". I wish she had more integrity and told me there is a trade-in allowance toward several different phone choices. phone options. I would have gladly paid something. She did not tell me the memory nor it was posible to add memory via a second SIM size memory crds just like my previous additional memory chip in the store, I didn I did't know any of them from a Model T. Some of the folk,I know like Samsung as a brand. My S9 only saw minimal use, so that was not a clue. How much true memory? I have no clue.
  2. I don't do many photos as I used to given the A32 5G has so little unused memory. I killed (uninstalled) what thought I could get away with. I did some tower hunting to get back in practice. Just proved how much I forgot. Often less than one Gig of available memory. No sure it there is a slot for adding memory like my Gallaxy S9. Turned out the S9 just teasing. I put some more memory in the S9 and the S9 did not know what to do with it. In less than a month, my A32 5G is garbage compared to my old HTC One M8. T-Mobile is having to do a warranty replacement. I know about buyers remorse, but the A32 5G earned it.
  3. Just traded (June 14, 2021) in a HTC One M8 (4G top LTE) for the "Free" Samsung A32 5G when I converted from Sprint to T-Mobile. From a reliable operation stand point, I wish that I kept the HTC One By comparison, the Samsung is less stable than the the town drunk. A32 5G (and S9 to a lesser degree) Chrome autopopulates websites that nobody ever heard of. When opening, it has more than a dozen screens. Page One (Home Page) does not change, but does not update each time you open it. Pages 2-12 are the garbage. I cleaned it out all the ways the local T-Mobile and I can come up with. Within a day or two, the problem children auto populate. It has a number of apps that I cannot uninstall. Example: Parental Control for example. The list of that kind of crap apps is countless.
  4. Yes, I have done that too. One phone Google Chrome has problems and I am trying to deal with that too. Something(s) are eating my battery for breakfast and lunch. I was running both on different settings and getting different results on each. Example 800 on one and 600 on the other. Regardless, IMO, all apps need to have an exit or off option.
  5. Maybe it is me, but I wish Samsung Band Selector had a way to deselect all Band Selector choices. Goal is to be in same mode a most Samsung phone users.
  6. Thank you for that suggestion. When I open the three dots in the upper right, I do not see an exit option for when I want to turn the app off. I would appreciate it if that choice was in both versions. Also do we have a way to provide suggetions / feedback to developer of LTE Discovery app ?
  7. Wish List / to do list Most apps have exit options to discontinue use of the app. Please add exit option to all versions of SignalCheck. I prefer not to have to go into system app list to stop the app.
  8. I went to T-Mobile office at Shadowlake in Papillion, NE about 11:00 AM Friday July 2nd. After three hours with them getting varying results, my Galaxy X32 5G, the store techs decided to do a warranty exchange for $20.00 fee. I will be with a partial working phone for a week or so.
  9. Yes. I was just have an issue until they played with it. No Sim change done and they refused to change the SIM. My problem child is south of me and not a closer tower you would think services me.
  10. Trying toi deal with an issue, the local T-mobile folk totally locked my primary cell phone. It's useless for the night. Now I have to go to a Samsung dealer and have them unlock it.
  11. Just received by snail mail notice of Sprint CDMA and lower LTE bring terminated January 1st. Letter specified my HTC One M8 and Katana phone. Local T-Mobile store offered T-Mobiile SIM for the HTC M8 befrore I switched fully to T-Mobile. and again after I fully switched. I made the choice a few days later to trade the HTC One M8 in exchange to Samsung A32 5G for "free" (2 year lease/ lease payment credits)
  12. New phones and not do good T-Mobile tower powers. I became interested in our hobby again. Loaded Signal check Light and Pro. Dropped a few shekels in the SC kity Now I am getting SC Pro need to set some permissions. Cannot find the way to check my permissions so I can check that out. Woutd you kindly point me to a way to check and approve some permissions in SC Pro?? TIA Running Samsung 9S and A32 G
  13. Very interesting. Back when WiFi calling was failry new for everday Joe, I was getting some WiFi calls from businesses. Call quality was very iffy.. When it did become available, Sprit was promoting it as a way to reduce loads on their network which was getting overloaded. I tried it. It was very flakey to the point I turned it off and never looked back. I recently switched Sprint to T-Mobile after getting the "you need to swap SIMS" letter. I did the swap to get better pricing. I never even looked at that. On Sprint, I turned off VoLTE since it was linked as a new improved WiiFi calling and never looked back. That decision was based on poor WiFi call history in my case. Lots of the members here were all hot to trot to track availability like a new band width. When I changed , I never even thought about it. I have always had less than good quality due to my house is in a small valley as far as the towers around here. For most things, I set up good WiFi in house and that helped a lot for non-voice needs. My Sprint plan at the time had data caps. I eventually changed to a Unlimited plan.. In fact, until your post, I still never gave it a thought.
  14. More specifically, which box on the tower am I looking for?? I am just outside Omaha looking at what I believe to be Samsung equipment
  15. Just trying to understand what that does. What benefit? Saw it popular on a different blog.
  16. what is the CA in T-Mobile 71 CA ?? What does it do that makes it popular with some folks?
  17. I have been told the tower serving my house is iffy because it is be worked on. No completion date.
  18. When I switched to T-Mobile, the rep replaced my SIMS on both Samsung phones with new T-Mobile SIMS. I was told the Galaxy S9 does not have 5G ability, but the newly acquired A32 5G does. It reports 5G..
  19. I have been playing with different bands via Samsung Band Selector and Speed Test. Interesting results Signal Check and LTE Discovery are interesting, but the above provide a combination that I understand better and can play with.
  20. Found on Google One of the ways T-Mobile is rapidly deploying 5G is integrating mid-band 2.5 GHz spectrum from Sprint. ... Frequencies that can provide 5G: Band n71 (600 MHz) Band n41 (2.5 GHz) Band n260 (39 GHz) Band n261 (28 GHz) T-Mobile network | T-Mobile Support https://www.t-mobile.com › support › coverage › t-mobil...
  21. Update- Playing around, I got the Galaxy 9S to give me several band choice as the Ag does. I am currently trying B66 yes - I now have those choices. Signal Check shows what band I am using and a color strength indication. Now I need an education which one to select.
  22. Thanks - Galaxy S9 I tried it, but that app only gives me the setting I already am using. Yes several choices in the app. but all roads lead to what I manually have done. The band selector fails. My Samsung A5 the app works better, but I have forgotten all the band details I learned when Sprint Tower chasing. Please guide me to a band choice. I was looking at B26. Please suggest a band that may be better.
  23. T-Mobile® tells me my tower is being reworked. as their excuse for the lousy connection. My other displeasure is my Samsung phones will not allow me to select a single frequency such as LTE 4G. I can select that and lesser as the only option.
  24. I was involved in Spent tower chasing a few years ago but have been absent for a long time. I caved in and switched to T-Mobile. Signal quality has been a sick joke in Bellevue south of Hwy 370. I am a premium member and seek tower info in Nebraska. Please provide me a link. Also, how do modify my phone list to current T-Mobile / Samsung phones and pull the phones I had on Sprint. Thanks.
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