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What Sprint Phones Did You Own?


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I've been with Sprint since late '04, and evolution of phones changed! Here's my question for you all. What Sprint phones did you own being a Sprint customer from past to present? Below are mine in the order of upgrades.


1. Samsung SPH-A760

2. Sanyo Katana (Black)

3. BlackBerry Curve 8300 (Black)

4. BlackBerry Curve 8350 (Black)

4. HTC  EVO 4G (Black)

5. Galaxy S3 (Present)










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Came to Sprint from Metro I believe in 2009 with the HTC Hero. Here is my evolution of device ownership:


HTC Hero

Samsung Epic (GS1)

Evo 3D

Samsung Epic Touch (GS2)


Note 2 (present)


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Came to Sprint in the year 2000; can't remember all the model numbers


 Moto 850 Push to talk..2000--2003

 Blackberry 8300

 Blackberry Tour

 Sanyo Katana

 LG Rumor Touch

 Sammy GS1 Epic

 Sammy GS2

 Sammy GS4  (come Aug 1, 2013...depending on degree of NV deployed here in the Vegas area)

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1. Samsung SPH-A660 (2005-2006?)

2. iPhone 4S (2011-Present)


The first one was my first phone, I couldn't imagine having to go back to that.

 Android sir. Is teh way to go :P

The rant

The rant 2

Optimus S


GS4 with triband or 4G 800 support lol(future)

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Toshiba 4050

Sanyo 7400

Samsung a920

LG Fusic

LG Muziq

HTC Touch

Touch Pro

Palm Pre

Samsung Galaxy S (Epic)

Samsung Galaxy 2 (bla bla unicorn )

Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung Note 2


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HTC Hero

BlackBerry Bold

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

Galaxy Note 2


Still own the iPhone 5 and the Note 2. I mostly use the iPhone 5 but switch to the Note 2 every once in a while. In between the BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone 4S, I had an iPhone 4 with AT&T. Switched back to Sprint as soon as they got the iPhone.



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bla bla unicorn




Motorola Photon 4G (no 800 MHz support, no ICS, dropped like a bad habit)

HTC EVO 4G LTE (couldn't make phone calls outdoors, great device other than that)

Samsung Galaxy Note II (it's huge and fast and I love it. Waiting on the Note III)

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For those (like myself) who may not know/remember the model numbers to all their old Sprint phones, I have found what claims to be a complete list of old, discontinued Sprint phones: http://www.tmiwireless.com/old-sprint-phones.html


Even if it turns out not to be a complete list, it's still kind of fun to look at the old stuff and see how far mobile phones have come within the last 5-10 years.

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i1000 plus


Some blackberry model popular at the time

Went to ATT for a year on my personal line (left other family phones on nextel) wanted it for 3g data, but hated it (cingular and att fiasco)

Then to Sprint:

The i something hybrid phone with sprint voice/data and Nextel ptt. Honestly, the best phone I ever used for voice/ptt

then blackberry tour 9650, followed by its new one (9670?) with the optical track pad

Then EVO (was great, zero regrets)

Then photon 4g. Awesome phone, but moto pissed me off with its lack of support after the sale (no ICS, no unlocked bootloader as promised)

now Galaxy S3


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Been with Sprint since the month after I turned 18 and could finally sign a contract...


Sanyo VM4500

Sanyo MM-8300 (insurance replacement for damaging the VM4500)

Samsung Instinct


Samsung Galaxy Note II

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To the best of my recollection:


1)   Motorola Startac - Cellular One, a work owned phone in the mid 1990s

2)   Sony CM-R111 (US version) Ameritech Cellular (loved the flip-down mic)

3)   Nokia 6100 - Sprint

4)   Motorola Razr V9m - Sprint

5)   Motorola Q - Sprint

6)   HTC Hero - Sprint

7)   Samsung GS - Sprint (Usable, in a cupboard for just in case)

8)   Samsung SGII - Sprint (Active)

9)   Samsung SGIII - Sprint (Active)

10) Samsung GS4 - Sprint (My main gadget)

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Been with Sprint since 97-98. I found most of my phones while spring cleaning. Maybe some of you can help me with some model numbers.

Im missing a samsung candy/flip, the flip protected the dialpad but not the screen.

Also missing Palm Pixi which i forgot to put in the pic.

Also missing some repeats or upgrades that didnt change appearance.



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