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  1. I believe the premise was, "Make it memorable". It sure sticks, and would eat you alive if you are paying monthly for any kind of data overages!
  2. Enjoy Sprint's new unlimited commercial! http://youtu.be/2xjbO-0qaDU
  3. Ive been impressed with Tmobile lately,which I never thought id say. They have been executing their deployment pretty nicely.
  4. I have good call quality and don't normally miss calls, i rely on my VZW ipad a lot again now though. It depends on the time,your location and how you hold your mouth to it all work. Im not renewing with Sprint again this time. The clock ran out. Tired of paperweight smartphones. Sad
  5. I see really bad congestion statewide. Band 25 and 26 are both hit hard in a lot of places.
  6. I agree, I would NEVER want to see the wrath of AJ. He is a good man to have on your side.
  7. If you read this and you are not a sponsor, you should become one. Sprint has a couple hundred cell sites broadcasting 4G throughout Oklahoma and covers about 2.5 million Oklahomans with dual band wireless LTE. If you become a sponsor you will get to track that process and continuation into the next network overlay project as coverage will become stronger and capacity constraints are lifted! Hope you have had a good Sprint experience and are interested in following the "now" network. -William
  8. I was one of those "unique" IP addresses.
  9. So I still smash through the battery the same as before the update. To me nothing has changed, except that when i do fall to 3G; 4G is back in a minute. My phone sees a charger every chance it gets, I am brutal on smart phones these are on different days(back to back)
  10. I'll have an update on that within a few days.
  11. ** THE FIX FOR THE 3G fallback with no recconnect ** You need your device MSL# (once obtained) dial ##data# select LTE EDIT Type MSL I changed the LTE scan timer from 5 to 2. You can also arrange your band priorities eg* mine,41,25,26 This worked for me. I then walked deeper into my home and lost B26; fell back to 3G- and had reconnected to LTE within a minute or two. Your welcome
  12. I will be joining AJ in Woodward, we will get to the bottom of this!
  13. Interesting stuff for sponsors available in the Kansas,Missouri,Arkansas, Oklahoma thread!
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