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  1. Can't wait until this court case is over and done with in December. Lets just get this merger approved already. Tmobile and Sprint both need to start ramping up 5G deployment and this AG lawsuit is really getting in the way and not good for wireless customers.
  2. We don't know what Sprint is going to do with 5G. I don't even think for 4G they used all of its 160 GHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Even in early 5G deployments Sprint is only deploying 40 MHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Also we dont know how long Sprint will continue to operate as a company with all of its debt and declining customer base.
  3. I think it is great. Tmobile realizes the power of 2.5 GHz mid band spectrum for 5G deployment since Tmobile does not have enough midband spectrum for capacity to serve the growing number of customers. If anything for some reason the Sprint/Tmobile merger falls through, Sprint should sell some of its 2.5 GHz midband spectrum to Tmobile to make full use of the entire 2.5 GHz band.
  4. Ugh now Oregon has signed on to block the Sprint/Tmobile merger!! 😞 I don't like the fact that the growing list of states opposed to the merger is now 15. They really need to make Dish a viable competitor sooner and this state AGs need to be concerned with other matters than the Sprint/Tmobile merger. The sooner the Sprint/Tmobile merger can be finalized, the sooner the benefits of the combined spectrum assets can be deployed to help all customers.
  5. That was such a smart move from Legere. The 800 MHz spectrum didn't fit into Tmobile's low band spectrum portfolio especially with 600 MHz and 700 MHz spectrum already there and it made logical sense to divest nationwide licenses of them. The good news is that they were able to maintain all of the 2.5 GHz spectrum and AWS/PCS spectrum to build a very solid mid band portfolio going forward.
  6. I love the idea of swapping the 700+800 mhz spectrum for dish's 600 mhz holdings. It would really consolidate tmobiles low band portfolio and also create wider channels of 20x20 nationwide. I want Tmobile to keep all of the 2.5 ghz spectrum for 5G. Any sub 6 ghz spectrum that tmobile can use for 5G should be preserved. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Are they using all 3 LTE bands for VoLTE? It would be interesting to see B41 VoLTE.
  8. Better late than never but hopefully the Tmobile/Sprint merger goes through and Tmobile will help complete the VoLTE rollout faster than Sprint ever could.
  9. No doubt New Tmobile since I am already a Tmobile customer. Tmobile and Neville having access to 2.5 GHz spectrum is going to be great for their network and the way Tmobile gets things done. Hell maybe with the help of Tmobile we can get 800 MHz LTE available in the Southern California markets at some point in the future.
  10. I figure he would be gone and pretty much most if not all of the Sprint executive team. I guess Gunther was smart to see the writing on the wall and bailed late last year. I can't wait to see what Tmobile will do with the 2.5 GHz spectrum with HPUE to be used for 5G network. Hopefully the 2.5 GHz resources should buy Tmobile some time for 5G before acquiring more MMwave spectrum.
  11. I would love that idea of exchanging 800 MHz spectrum for more 600 MHz spectrum. There are some places in the US which still can't deploy 800 MHz LTE and I don't think we will ever see it deployed. CDMA is dead IMO. LTE works great and its about time we kill off CDMA and waste valuable spectrum on 3G technology. 5G is just around the corner and is built from 4G which should be universal amongst all carriers. I would expect that it would be fairly easy to configure Sprint devices to be able to work on both networks. Hopefully nothing or a firmware upgrade would be what is necessary to work with the Sprint/Tmobile networks.
  12. I wonder who from the Sprint executive team will remain on board with the New Tmobile? Tmobile's executive team is top notch already so I guess the only person who I can see Tmobile keep to help with the combined company is John Saw to help Neville Ray on the 2.5 GHz high band expertise. Maybe Marcelo would be kept to help with the existing partnerships he has with his former companies.
  13. Yup Mr. Legere mentioned it in a youtube video after the quiet period and the official 600 MHz auction results were announced back in May. So I would imagine the markets with 10x10 MHz that 5G will be rolled out in a 5x5 block and 5x5 block will be 4G LTE. https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/t-mobile-to-roll-out-5g-over-600-mhz-and-other-spectrum Listen at the 2:10 mark.
  14. One thing for sure is that with 600 Mhz, they will definitely be able to deploy the 5G network faster and wider than with the high band frequencies and there are not any incumbent cellular technologies deployed at this point at 600 MHz. I think that in itself will also pay dividends. Just look what being the first to deploy 4G LTE quickly and widely did for Verizon back in 2010. I am pretty sure that Sprint will not deploy 5G on its 800 MHz until a while since Sprint has CDMA and LTE deployed on it and their treasure trove of spectrum is in 2.5 GHz band is where I see Sprint first deploying 5G. Again the problem with Sprint is that there is a lot of talk but not enough walk. I still think that what Tmobile did with spending 8B for their average 35 MHz of 600 MHz was worth it. Again we won't know until a few more years when TV stations vacate the 600 MHz spectrum. I am not saying that Sprint has doesn't have great potential with 2.5 GHz but even now it still has yet to fully bear fruit after 7 years of Network Vision. Sprint is where they are at in 4th place with people bolting because of coverage and inconsistent capacity issues. Lets hope that its true that Sprint and Masa are fully dedicated to competing and raising capex for the next few years to 5-6 billion because the 3 billion figure they had was surely not cutting it. I would like to see 4 strong competitors rather than a weak Sprint and Tmobile.
  15. I disagree that 600 mhz is overrated at all. Is it the most important piece of spectrum for 5G? Not by a long stretch. But it does help bridge coverage gaps and does help stretch into new markets faster that it would not otherwise. I would say sprint severely lacks low bamd spectrum. While Tmobile may be praising 600 mhz but that is because they are now able to truly say they have spectrum nationwide that they can build into new markets. Tmobile is in no way content with just 600 mhz. In fact they have been very vocal in pressing the FCC to open up 3.5 ghz and just the other day pressing the FCC to open up 28 ghz, 37 ghz and 40 ghz spectrum to be auctioned. Also they have been doing test trials of 3.5 ghz, 28 ghz spectrum and other spectrum bands for 5G. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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