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  1. The small amount of 800 MHz which btw is still having issues along the Mexico border is not worth the headache. Divesting the 800 MHz spectrum is a small price to pay to make the appearance that Dish has enough low band spectrum to compete as a wireless carrier. The 600 MHz and 700 MHz spectrum are enough. Tmobile plans to even lease some of Dish's 600 MHz spectrum to help create 20x20 5G carriers for markets that only have 15x15 or 10x10 carriers.
  2. I know the FCC Auction 103 is coming up to auction off the 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz spectrum assets. Does anyone know any details as to how much spectrum will be available for auction in each band? I see on the FCC website that it has a date of December 10th but I don't know if that date is just the deadline for filing paperwork or is that when the auction starts. https://www.fcc.gov/auction/103
  3. It seems too complicated to move TV stations just for this tiny sliver of low band spectrum.
  4. Screw that. I am not in favor of Verizon getting more low band spectrum when they have enough already.
  5. I understand that but lets be honest unless you can get nationwide licenses its not really useful. Also a 5x5 block is not that useful for speed or capacity and there is no way 1 carrier is going to grab all 3 5x5 blocks. Tmobile would at most get 1 or 2 5x5 blocks since Dish would probably buy a 5x5 block.
  6. Not only does Tmobile need Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum (Band 41) that but they badly need Sprint's PCS spectrum assets as well. In many top metros, it can mean that they can finally launch 20x20 carriers in the PCS band as well. In the article below it has a chart for the top metros and how the PCS holdings complement each other. I know 20x20 carriers are sorely needed in Los Angeles. https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/new-t-mobile-spectrum-coverage/
  7. So that would have allowed an additional l 42 MHz of low band spectrum to be auctioned? If there is not another paired frequency in the 500 MHz range to match that 42 MHz then it is pretty useless. That would indicate if you sell it as FDD that the most they can sell is two or three maybe 5x5 MHz blocks which is not enough for OEMS to generate hardware for that anyways.
  8. Can't wait until this court case is over and done with in December. Lets just get this merger approved already. Tmobile and Sprint both need to start ramping up 5G deployment and this AG lawsuit is really getting in the way and not good for wireless customers.
  9. We don't know what Sprint is going to do with 5G. I don't even think for 4G they used all of its 160 GHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Even in early 5G deployments Sprint is only deploying 40 MHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Also we dont know how long Sprint will continue to operate as a company with all of its debt and declining customer base.
  10. I think it is great. Tmobile realizes the power of 2.5 GHz mid band spectrum for 5G deployment since Tmobile does not have enough midband spectrum for capacity to serve the growing number of customers. If anything for some reason the Sprint/Tmobile merger falls through, Sprint should sell some of its 2.5 GHz midband spectrum to Tmobile to make full use of the entire 2.5 GHz band.
  11. Ugh now Oregon has signed on to block the Sprint/Tmobile merger!! 😞 I don't like the fact that the growing list of states opposed to the merger is now 15. They really need to make Dish a viable competitor sooner and this state AGs need to be concerned with other matters than the Sprint/Tmobile merger. The sooner the Sprint/Tmobile merger can be finalized, the sooner the benefits of the combined spectrum assets can be deployed to help all customers.
  12. That was such a smart move from Legere. The 800 MHz spectrum didn't fit into Tmobile's low band spectrum portfolio especially with 600 MHz and 700 MHz spectrum already there and it made logical sense to divest nationwide licenses of them. The good news is that they were able to maintain all of the 2.5 GHz spectrum and AWS/PCS spectrum to build a very solid mid band portfolio going forward.
  13. I love the idea of swapping the 700+800 mhz spectrum for dish's 600 mhz holdings. It would really consolidate tmobiles low band portfolio and also create wider channels of 20x20 nationwide. I want Tmobile to keep all of the 2.5 ghz spectrum for 5G. Any sub 6 ghz spectrum that tmobile can use for 5G should be preserved. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Are they using all 3 LTE bands for VoLTE? It would be interesting to see B41 VoLTE.
  15. Better late than never but hopefully the Tmobile/Sprint merger goes through and Tmobile will help complete the VoLTE rollout faster than Sprint ever could.
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