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  1. Dang lol xD Oh well. I was hoping it was actually active only when phone connects to B25/41. But dang, my mother got my brother the S4 mini through best buy.. I told her it's pointless to get a new phone if it doesn't support sprints new network and the best buy guy said the same thing L0L! But it seems as his 1x is disabled until he makes a call? Which is weird to me. The mini also holds 4G in my brick apartment.. And my S3 doesn't.. I'm so jealous.
  2. how Do you change the band priority on the mini?
  3. I tried to tell my family to wait till the gs4 with spark support would be announced and they go 4 of em for free :/ I wish they would have listened..
  4. http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/sprint-debuts-samsung-galaxy-s-4-with-the-benefit-of-sprint-spark.htm?view_id=9860 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. They should be good. We had a ice storm here a few years back and we just lost power... The phones worked when the Backups turned on.. And we lost power for 4 days lol
  6. Okay captain obvious. It really would be nice to see tabs coming out with AC support and 5GHZ support. Nice article, Good job
  7. ah it's at night. 800 was on once or twice during the day for like 2 hours when it was on during testing stages. It was online after 10PM -5AM
  8. Is this so now? What two "meme's" Okay lolz I guess I'll respond with videos and caption instead. Btw Thanks for deleting Yes we are lol. It's making me wonder what's going on behind the scenes
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