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  1. October security update is out along with stability updates for camera
  2. In order to get my phone to switch back to sprint towers, I went close to a known sprint towers then performed a "profile update" on the phone and it's been on sprint signal since
  3. My pebble is still running good and haven't got an email yet
  4. Upgraded to note20. Of note, I did not have to switch plans (currently on 25gb/$70 mo plus $20 per line )
  5. Band 41 then T-Mobile then band 26 here (at least on my phone)
  6. Fremont, ne, where TMobile had 0 native coverage before. This is from my house, I'll drive later to confirm tower location
  7. S9+ New update yesterday, got the one UI 2.1 and July security update
  8. T-Mobile going to Fremont, Nebraska where it had no coverage before, just sprint
  9. I've had to force us Cellular while working in Fremont, be since a Sprint tower is out and gave me 1 bar service from surrounding towers which was unusable. Least I can download with us Cellular, although there is no upload speed
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