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  1. I was reading the FCC filing for the Pixel 6 yesterday and saw that it included n258 - I was wondering what that was. That will be my next phone so nice to know it will support this new spectrum.
  2. Can you talk more about what your speeds look like? Are they the same more or less as T-Mobile on your phone (if you have it?). I am moving and I qualify for it in my new place, but I am also a teacher and use the internet constantly to teach. I like the idea of no caps but I also want it to be reliable.
  3. So I'm looking at what to do in terms of a router for my Mobile Citizen SIM. My options are to by a prebuilt Cradlepoint, or one of LTEfix's routers, and then a Sierra Wireless modem that I can change the IMEI of. What direction would you guys go? If anyone has a link to how to change the IMEI, I'd also appreciate that. Thanks a lot guys!
  4. @belusnecropolis Thank you! From what I'm seeing it doesn't look as difficult as I thought. I was considering following the advice of someone who mentioned they go a modem and an enclosure for it... Is there a modem that allows you to play with your IMEI and can be put into a router perhaps? Would you be willing to share about antennas and general construction? Thank you again.
  5. Would you be willing to share what the enclosure is that you had that had a SIM card slot? I'm thinking about trying to figure this out and this seems like a great possible solution. Also, are you familiar with a similar enclosure that would provide ethernet connectivity? There seem to be several Fibocom 850GL versions, will they all work if the LTE band support is there? - Thank you!
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me. I have a Coolpad Surf from a Mobile Citizen reseller that I use for internet, and it's been fine, but, as a teacher, now that I'm teaching online with Zoom all day, it would really help to have a device with carrier aggregation and that I can use for multiple devices more effectively. It is of course IMEI locked, technically, but I have noticed that if I have a non-Sprint device that supports Sprint bands, the SIM card will work if I use the right APN settings. I am pretty tech savvy, but I don't have a huge amount of time right now to figure out a custom build. Is there any guide that would facilitate my building of my own router solution, preferably one that would allow me to use 5G if/when it becomes available for Mobile Citizen reseller customers? I am very appreciative for this thread and thank you in advance for any guidance you might be able to offer, TL
  7. I'm very curious to see the ping times and overall performance.
  8. Interestingly, in China the carriers tend to paint and mark their cell towers to indicate what carrier they belong to. The first is a China Unicom site - China's HSPA+ and LTE carrier. The second is a building top panel transmitting n41 from China Mobile.
  9. I don't find it to be a particularly compelling product if you still have to use your own internet connection. They'd have a chance to really make a competitive product if they used something like LTE Broadcast, or eMBMS over 5G, so it didn't have to rely on another internet connection. I hope to see something like that with their relaunch.
  10. Out of curiosity, where did you go exactly? Do you have a band 71 capable device? Almost all of T-Mobile's new coverage in north NorCal is band 71, Sprint has totally ignored the area for ages. US Cellular is usually pretty good up there, if your phone has band 13.
  11. I looked up coverage in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - you should have decent coverage there, if not LTE, at least HSPA+, which is plenty fast. Have fun!
  12. I have one Sprint line that I use for fixed internet from a Mobile Citizen reseller, but am stuck with an extremely awful Coolpad Surf (you can't switch devices), it works in some other android devices when I have it set to LTE only with the right settings, so I'd like to build a device that supports multi-carrier aggregation and maybe even upload carrier aggregation on band 41.
  13. Can you talk about how to build your own? Or do you have a guide? This sounds like a really fun project for me.
  14. Thomas L.

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Do you know where I can find a list of bands that THEORETICALLY can support upload carrier aggregation? I don't know why it seems SO DIFFICULT to find that list - Thank you!
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