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  1. Culture Club I'll stand still for the rotten tomatoes.
  2. VERY interesting thing happened yesterday. I responded to a call regarding missing equipment. Turns out to be a site that was in the process of receiving the NV upgrade but someone stole equipment and spools that were stored inside the gated area. I was able to snap all kinds of photos but I can't post images of the aftermath and disclose any real details until after the investigation is complete. Stay tuned.
  3. I whizzed by it today and didn't even think to look (or listen) for an LTE signal. But I was en route to a call and really didn't have a chance to do so, either.
  4. Back in the day, I remember a tv station (WCGV Ch. 24) here going off air at about 7pm or so and it made room for SelecTV to broadcast. We would have to turn on the SelecTV decoder box at a specific time to receive whatever code was necessary to watch movies that night. The code sent OTA had to agree with the code entered in the thumb wheels on the front of the decoder box. If we were late in "warming up the box" we didn't get to see movies that day.
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