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  1. Holy smokes, 250Mbps in Ronkonkoma.
  2. Oh wow. Don’t know exactly where that is, but if I’m ever in the area I’ll check it out. LI needs a denser network, functional LTE service is spotty.
  3. Honestly, my iPhone X spends most of its time on 3G, LTE is still pretty hit or miss for me, and just because it’s there doesn’t mean it works. 3G is chronically slow but mostly reliable outside of busy areas. I’d be screwed without it.
  4. Can't forget "defiantly", though autocorrect is partly to blame for that one. I'm thinking I'll stick with my 6S+ for now, as much as I'd like to upgrade. I had the 4S without LTE, the 5S without B41, and I'm not sure if the 6S cycle missed anything important. But I don't want another new (and expensive) device that feels a generation behind in terms of wireless tech. I'm not too keen on the FaceID thing, I likely wouldn't use it. And the lack of a headphone jack is something I'd have to get used to.
  5. Far Rockaway and multiple areas of Long Island (technically another market, I know), I've reported poor performance in the past, but I can't say I ever noticed any improvements. My only service this evening has come from a fringe B26 signal, from what I assume is a distant tower (I need to become a sponser to confirm). Only problem is that my phone keeps switching back to a slightly stronger B41 signal, despite no data going through lol.
  6. A week old, but these are the fastest speeds I've experienced with Sprint, by far. This was near NYU. B41 near me is bogged down to EVDO speeds or slower during the day.
  7. I often turn LTE off indoors and in congested areas because EVDO generally performs better. It sounds odd considering it wasn't always usable at one point, but I'm glad it's still around.
  8. So that would explain why my phone has been holding onto LTE for dear life lately, even if faster 3G is available. I assume the constant switching wasn't good for the phone's battery life, but I'm not the biggest fan of having to do it manually now.
  9. Still? I bought my phone there a year ago, no LTE inside, but it appeared once I got towards Old Navy. I remember my entire trip home being LTE-less though.
  10. That does seem to be the case, my phone likes to switch to B25 once the signal strength is acceptable, I've never had a strong B26 signal. But if B25 and B26 are both weak-ish, it generally doesn't switch. Right now it's parked on B26, even though B25 is available.
  11. The service in Riverhead is terrible, it murders my battery life. But my phone did manage to latch on to B26, it didn't last long though, so no speed tests. This is my 2nd time (ever) coming across B26.
  12. I wish lol. I have an iPhone 5S. Yes, in Suffolk County. I would've posted about it in the Long Island forum, but it's pretty dead.
  13. Finally got to experience Band 26 for the first time this morning. I'm located about a mile from a site, but it was always a struggle to maintain an LTE (Band 25) connection. Now with Band 26 my connection is around -100 (about the same as my 3G connection), and my phone hasn't been dropping back down to 3G as often as it used to. Idk if it's even coming from the nearest site, but I'm glad I finally get to experience it. Now I want Band 41, but I'll probably have to wait until next Fall.
  14. It's about time. http://sprint.us/www/2014/network-towers/?v=2&ECID=MA:SMS:US:20140318:NTV:B2C:TT:vnty:networkupdate5 I hope this includes LTE 800, but I'm not holding my breath. Anything would be an improvement though.
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