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  1. They need to push this 5G update so I can use it lol.
  2. With speeds like that what is the point of 5G lol, mmwave sucks unless you're right in line with the tower. Sprint 5G is pretty awesome though from my limited experience.
  3. Definitely the fastest I have ever seen on Sprint LTE, highest I've personally seen is a tad over 200. 5G when I am around it is usually in the 400 range for now until an official launch is pushed.
  4. My service is being really weird today, lost service then was on 3G and now back on LTE for the time being. PLM is 312 - 530.
  5. New update is out that fixes the camera autofocus issue (on the ultra) and indeed it does that was rather quick.
  6. Yeah I don't know, service has been phenomenal with this phone I never even care to check what I am connected to.
  7. Unlikely you'll see 5G with your old sim.
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