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  1. Yeah it's weird for two updates in one week.
  2. Yeah it was some minor camera fixes but yeah no more Sprint logo.
  3. In my experience in my area they're pretty evenly matched, and now with 5G my experience has only gotten better.
  4. There is very little bloat on recent Samsung devices, 99% of them can be uninstalled.
  5. Wasn't in many areas anyway, no big deal imo. I rarely came across it, but now being on T-Mobile 5G I am on it probably 80% of the time.
  6. WiFi calling has never been good, I've missed a lot of calls due to it. I just leave it disabled at this point.
  7. Yeah I'm sure the option will go away completely once we get an official software update to turn our phones into T-Mobile branded ones.
  8. Almost beating Verizon while not even using mmwave is definitely impressive.
  9. Drove into the city tonight to look for some mmwave 5G and didn't find any, but I was averaging around 400/80 in my testing. Definitely decent!
  10. The + is probably the better buy honestly.
  11. I agree 100%, Qualcomm is king with modems. I have seen this first hand, one of the main reasons I am returning my iPhone.
  12. The S20 is leagues better than the iPhone in signal strength and speeds, I was averaging 1-2 bars in places I would have full bars on my S20. Or worse case in some stores I would lose signal completely with the iPhone where I know my S20 would have almost full bars. Regardless of LTE or 5G signal. Definitely wasn't happy with the signal strength, it was a big downgrade.
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