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  1. Yeah VoLTE is a lot better than calling plus was.
  2. I'm fine with whatever they do just make this happen.
  3. Note 10 is a flop lol, glad I went with the S10+.
  4. Yet here we are on the Sprint variant with older software, like how the hell does that work?
  5. It's strange that the S8 and the S9 both got July updates, I'm expecting a July update soon.
  6. Night mode is pretty impressive I must say, Samsung definitely closed the gap on the pixel, Samsung has the superior setup.
  7. Well certain bands are disabled with different firmwares, if I put a T-Mobile sim in it would enable it.
  8. I know B71 is on my S10+ it's just disabled, a new sim card from T-Mobile would likely enable it.
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