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  1. I'm on my yearly vacation down in wildwood nj, T-Mobile service is shit. I'm on 5G but I randomly lose service for a minute or two for no reason, full bars but service drops. Really weird.
  2. We're not getting 5G SA but we're definitely getting 5G NR.
  3. My GPS is fine, haven't had any issues. https://postimg.cc/hhwyb4Q5
  4. Been solid here, luck of the draw I guess. Factory reset?
  5. Love how Sprint phones are now forgotten, Verizon was the first with the new update, followed by T-Mobile and AT&T. Yet Sprint is left alone.
  6. Wish I would get some n41 around me, if I want that I literally have to go into the city or the ghetto lol. n71 isn't bad but I want better speeds.
  7. I've had nothing but positive experiences on T-Mobile 5G, faster than B41 on average due to Sprint lacking backhaul.
  8. New update is out, same as T-Mobile, August 1st security patch not sure if we have the SA 5G available though.
  9. You'll be fine. But yeah Note 20 Ultra is worse than the S20 Ultra imo, less ram and smaller battery. Samsung dropped the ball big time here, but here's hoping the S21 is better! And I am pissed the Galaxy forever deal is gone, guess things are going to go back to the old ways, buy phones outright or with my credit card lol.
  10. T-Mobile is slow to release the same update on our Sprint variant.
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