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  1. Well it's quite a difference in battery capacity, I'm not mad at all though, this phone is amazing I'm purposely gonna leave it off the charger tonight. Curious if I can make it to tomorrow night lol. 69% as I am typing this.
  2. The battery on the 10+ is amazing, I unplugged at 4pm it's now 1:40am and I am at 74%, wow!
  3. My buds have shipped I should have them on Tuesday.
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't care about 5G? I'm more than satisfied with LTE. I'll continue using it until I absolutely have to use 5G.
  5. Almost a week later and I'm loving this phone, battery has been phenomenal, rf performance is stellar and much improved over the 9+, and yet it still has the same dimensions. VoLTE has been solid too, just wish it worked on the magic box which I don't even need but someone else in the house needs it because of a stupid iPhone that has horrible rf performance but I digress. Way to go Samsung.
  6. Yeah I know that but I haven't see any roaming notice in the status bar. And the debug menu shows native Sprint service.
  7. Both the S8 and S9 suck in comparison to the S10 in rf performance, it's amazing the difference. I used to hit 3G here and there but not anymore. It's all LTE, finally Sprint gets a good phone.
  8. From watching the event. 😛 Sorry you were confused, 8GB is still a hefty amount though.
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