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  1. Two months on the flagship S10 as well...
  2. July 6th still on May 1st update... Best Android phone out and two months behind...
  3. That's the thing I want most the night mode, otherwise I'm cool lol. I'm sure within a day or two we will have an update.
  4. As of yet no, probably one day this week.
  5. Hope so, we're due for an update any day now.
  6. Night and day difference so far just got to work, phone is working and I had no issues streaming Spotify on the way in.
  7. Will do, initially when I first got my 10+ the rf was far superior to my 9+, then it went downhill to the point I had to have the phone replaced.
  8. Phone in hand, updating everything this shit takes forever! I can confirm this phone was 100% brand new as well, more extra chargers to go around lol.
  9. This phone needs to hurry up, it's on the truck for delivery but damn just deliver it I can watch the dude drive around the area.
  10. Exactly, but from what I'm seeing it's only the pre ordered ones that are experiencing these issues but I could be wrong.
  11. I also just realized my phone no longer connects to my magic box thats really strange.
  12. Yeah it was a quick process, literally a 10 minute phone call and a new phone is on it's way no dealing with asurion and a re-manufactured phone.
  13. I've tried it all, I finally got a hold of executive services and they're sending me a new phone. Should have it by Tuesday, plus I got a $70 bill credit so I'm happy. Just hope I can stand a few more days of this brick lol.
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