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  1. Still capped at like 8 down, glad I have a VPN though so it doesn't really bother me much.
  2. Only thing I notice new is there are more options under Processing Speed.
  3. So anyone else have GPS issues? I've done two factory resets and still have issues getting a solid signal especially indoors, might have to contact T-Mobile about the issue, may be a faulty phone.
  4. Yep, trying to go back to stock and Smart Switch sucks ass, won't go over 5Mbps stuck at 64% I gain like 1% per 5 minutes like wtf Samsung.
  5. Yeah I don't particularly care about esim but the lag and typing there are major issues I'll be going back to stock when I get home.
  6. Android 12 beta is out, esim is supported! But it's a bit rough and a bit laggy.
  7. Anyone have GPS issues indoors? I swear no matter where I go I can't lock onto GPS at all inside most places. Never and issue on my S20 Ultra but this phone is just terrible with GPS.
  8. Looks like the One UI 3.1.1 update.
  9. Yeah it happened with my S20 Ultra as well, but seems worse on my S21 Ultra.
  10. I was in a house earlier, I work with my brother in law doing handyman things, he has a one+ 5g or something along those lines. He had service all day, on my S21 Ultra I kept getting no service and then it would latch onto n71 SA 4 bars, if I wasn't using the phone no service. Something isn't right here. He has metro and I'm on a T-Mobile sim.
  11. Finally got n41 in my neighborhood, 100Mz nice and fast.
  12. Wouldn't know personally, never had a good experience with WiFi Calling. Always takes a bit for the phone to connect from my experience.
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