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  1. My bill that is always emailed to me is always like $650 when in reality it's not even close to that Sprint sucks!
  2. The math is wrong I am most certain, you're likely going to be paying that $20 more.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one, if this doesn't get resolved I may be leaving it's absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Yeah the person said it only went up $3, don't know what she was reading off of. She said that was the average increase. And after my chat she credited my account $3, I'm losing faith here.
  5. Yeah it shows T-Mobile Unlimited Freedom w/Taxes & Fees Inc Unlimited Talk, Text & Data, my line fees went from $65 to $75 a month for my main line and my second line went from $45 to $50. These people are so damn stupid on the phone I literally was screaming at these people because all they do is go on script. They literally don't understand when you talk to them, they submitted a request to roll me back because I apparently never got an email or text letting me know to opt out. Absolutely insane.
  6. My bill just jumped up overnight, $22 to be precise. This is not cool, chatting with them now this is bs. I get less features for more money? no thanks.
  7. I got nothing even when I try to do it manually it's asking full price, guess I don't qualify but then again the S21 is a downgrade so it doesn't bother me.
  8. I have issues with voice-mail in general, I literally have to dial in to get the notification to go away even though I use visual voice-mail.
  9. T-Mobile is terrible with updates.
  10. Still on February 1st on my S20 Ultra.
  11. AT&T and Verizon used to be the slowest with updates now T-Mobile is the slowest.
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