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  1. Make a list of every device that connects to the internet through the modem you're seeing the high usage on. If any PC's are in that list, do a thorough virus scan. How much traffic is the Airrave sending/receiving? Any torrents running? Is the Dishnet hopper downloading content? Without knowing what your actual router is it's going to be hard to make suggestions beyond setting up SNMP polling for the interface statistics. Does the modem have a web interface with its' own traffic counters?
  2. That's where I just got back from. Fantastic city! I was thoroughly impressed at in-building coverage wherever I went while even switching between the major carriers. Mostly to see if there was any significant differences. (There weren't that I noticed) I couldn't help but always scan the buildings to see the panel placements while I was walking around.
  3. Fair enough and good point. There will always be 'unlimited' abusers. Chamb makes a good point about pestering the Telco/Cableco. That's really the only way they'll change or decide to expand their footprint in your area if you can't go with the P2P wireless option with a neighbor you're friends with. In my anecdotal experience it took 2, almost 3, years to remedy a random disconnect issue with cable internet service. It finally took my neighbor, who had VoIP service and was also getting D/C's, calling in as well for them to FINALLY come out and replace the filter/dropdown box on the telephone pole that fed our two houses. Once that was replaced, all issues went away. Good luck!
  4. For my understanding, how would having a few fixed services over double to triple digit devices on a sector have an adverse effect on the sector performance while offering the same limited 6Mbps/1Mbps speeds? Don't higher SNR connections effect a sector less than many low SNR mobile devices? Once, or if, 8x8 MIMO is deployed, how could it possibly be *that* detrimental to network performance? That's more bandwidth than an 8x4 channel bonded DOCSIS 3 node! I'm not saying they'll do it, but mostly trying to understand why they wouldn't allow it for customers that have stayed with the service due to lack of other offerings to the bitter end other than to line the pockets of the execs more. I'm all for getting rid of the service, really. It just seems like a rather large middle finger to the customers that use and don't abuse the fixed service with constant file sharing and large downloading.
  5. KnarfOH, Perhaps you could work out a deal with your neighbors that can get DSL/Cable and then set up a small point-to-point wireless network from their premise to yours? Just depends on the terms and services of said provider if that's acceptable with their services. Ubiquity Airmax or Mikrotik SXT antennas are perfect for that application. Just a thought.
  6. Was recently in Canada for a few days and shopped around the major providers as well as big prepaid MVNO's... All I have to say is Canadians are getting royally shafted on cellular plans while keeping the USD <--> CAD conversion in mind. 150Mbps is cool and all but it seems a bit pointless with how fast you'll reach your 500MB-15GB cap. Though, I do see the benefits of overall customer experience due to the capacity. So, I suffered with T-Mobile 128Kbps~ data roaming instead which ended up working out just fine to lookup directions and whatnot with Google Maps.
  7. Obviously it wouldn't handle it in WIDESPREAD fixed broadband service. That's not what I'm talking about if you actually read my post.
  8. Why wouldn't Sprint offer limited availability MIMO devices to customers in this situation? With traffic shaping and a little QoS for various services, why wouldn't it be a sustainable business opportunity considering LTE is more spectrally efficient. Perhaps team up with Ubiquity or Mikrotik to come up with some inexpensive home base stations for these types of use scenarios. Though I'm not sure how well the MIMO setup would work if you were in a situation that required an external antenna on a pole to get service. We can dream, right?
  9. Is there any way to adjust the signal level that the phone hands off to EvDo?
  10. Ahh, interesting! I had that process issue only once so far and it happened just the other day. Strange! Reminded me of my Galaxy Nexus days with a warm phone and no battery... Rebooted my phone and it was back to normal. Haven't seen it re-occur since.
  11. I'm guessing it's a high capacity site, it has a very good vantage point to a very large area. It's not broadcasting Sprint PCS according to the site maps. When I lived in that area and took the pictures, my Sprint signal strength was bad enough to need an Airrave to hold calls. https://www.google.com/maps?q=29.526259,-98.323048&num=1&t=h&z=19
  12. MikroTik's are solid, but no 802.11AC. This would be the one I'd mess with if my current setup dies: http://routerboard.com/RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN I prefer a Cisco ASA 5505 and then a separate wireless AP. Kind of expensive that way, though.
  13. What would the propagation characteristics be compared to say a 5x5 FDD LTE channel and current CDMA channel?
  14. CPU: P4 3Ghz RAM: 2GB DDR2 GPU: Radeon 9700 pro HDD: 80GB Case: Dusty PSU: Working OS: Win XP
  15. Battery life, for my usage, is pretty good. I've forgotten to plug it in at night quite a few times and make it through most of the next day before it's begging to be plugged in. Edit: Once you go pure Android you never go back
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