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  1. I was against this merger from the beginning. And now, after seeing that Sprint & T-Mobile are willing to divest spectrum, I'm more against it than ever before. Hacking apart 2 companies to make 2 more makes absolutely no sense. T-Mobile and Sprint have way too much debt now, and they will have even more after the merger. At this point, the FCC should withdraw their approval, the DOJ should sue to stop it, and the 2 companies should just go another route. There are plenty of other companies that have plenty of money and can afford to absorb the debt load of either company. Otherwise, if Sprint & T-Mobile are allowed to merge, prices will have to be raised to astronomical proportions just to afford the monthly debt payments, and even then, The New T-Mobile could still fail, the new 4th carrier could still fail, and where would we be? 2 nationwide cellular carriers! This show from Legere and Claure needs to stop! It's gone off the deep end!
  2. Invest? I wish. Other than replacing existing equipment with Network Vision and then Tri-band antennas, it's still the same as it was pre-2015 when LTE first went live. The same 2 sites still serve all of Pahrump. I was told that they won't expand service here "because of the pending merger". I wish they would change their mind about that. Now I can't complain too much because overall quality of the Sprint network has improved drastically since I switched to Sprint 8 years ago. For areas undercovered by Sprint LTE, roaming on TMO LTE has helped a lot too.
  3. Welcome to the forums fellow Southern Nevada resident!
  4. I'll be in Vegas next Monday for work, so if I can, I'll try to see if there is 15x15 B25. Out in Pahrump we are still limited to 10x10 B25.
  5. They are still in effect. And yesterday my T-Mobile roaming was working again. And it works great too. I got 75 down and 31 up on B2 here.
  6. I have to update. I was wrong. I forgot about the issue because it doesn't happen too often for me to be too worried. But my phone does randomly drop service but usually picks it right back up. It doesn't do what @Manny789, @tybo31316, or @Brad The Beast describes, mine just says Cellular Data cannot be activated, and then just cycles itself back on. I wonder if its an issue with the radio not handing off properly from one site/sector to the next. If so, it must be an inherent flaw in the Intel modem.
  7. No, I don't think I've ever really had that issue. Maybe your phone is defective?
  8. I have not put my XS Max and XR side by side to test out battery capacity. I should, but haven't had time. Too much going on with work lately.
  9. Probably the PRL. It happens. I just hope they change it back because there are a few places where I have no Sprint data service where T-Mobile data service came in handy.
  10. Did anyone ever pick up an iPhone XR? I did get the 128GB in Blue last month, and I love it. I have it on a 2nd line.
  11. No issues with VoLTE on my XS Max. I just don't have T-Mobile roaming in Pahrump anymore, which really annoys me a lot.
  12. Happy Birthday Robert!
  13. I was surprised to learn that the Vegas Customer Service Center was still open as my understanding it was supposed to be "closed" a few years ago as well. But I heard it was expanded, so that was a pleasant surprise.
  14. Hopefully the limbo won't last that long.
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