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  1. My friend is on the same plan on her 2 lines, and they are both still showing unlimited data since the pandemic started.
  2. Same thing for my phones. Doesn't surprise me. Apple messes up Field Test everytime they update to a new version.
  3. I will miss Sprint. Had them since 2011. There have been times I've wanted to leave, but for the price, the growing pains were worth it.
  4. How often does this happen? Hopefully it's just a network issue and not a phone issue.
  5. Glad to hear that. Sounds very promising that it's working well.
  6. How are everyone's iPhone 11 series devices working?
  7. That's a good question. It's theoretically possible, but I've never tried it. I'd have to pay off my iPhone and get it unlocked just to try it, and I really don't want to spend the extra $500 right now.
  8. Glad to hear it's working better now.
  9. Go into your phone's Personal Hotspot settings, turn off the hotspot, and turn it back on. I did that earlier and my MacBook Pro started connecting again.
  10. I wonder if it's a bug that is supposed to be fixed in iOS 13.1. My MacBook Pro refuses to connect to my iPhone XR, which I updated first.
  11. Thank you. That’s good to know that it sounds like the modem is better than the XS Max.
  12. Congrats! Glad to hear you got it! Good thing I didn't order a day 1 phone again. I hate activation nightmares. Yes, when I get my Apple Watch Series 5 I'm going to go for the AppleCare monthly plan as well. It's nice to know we can have our devices covered until discontinuation.
  13. So, for those who ordered and received today, how is the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max?
  14. Ouch! That would certainly suck if that ever happened to me.
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