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  1. I was surprised to learn that the Vegas Customer Service Center was still open as my understanding it was supposed to be "closed" a few years ago as well. But I heard it was expanded, so that was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Hopefully the limbo won't last that long.
  3. My service is working fine in Nevada. Have had the occasional issue because of microwave backhaul relay between Pahrump & Vegas, but that is because microwave relays and ice don't mix, and because electrical and rats don't either.
  4. My biggest reason for not upgrading was the reports of people having to disable WiFi Calling and VoLTE just so their phone's work for calls.
  5. Wow. Interesting. Good thing I didn't upgrade from 12.1.1 yet.
  6. Was this after the 12.1.2 update?
  7. I have that same issue. Mine only finally updated to 55070 because I installed 12.1.1 beta 3.
  8. How do you get the PRL update on your XS Max? It's never worked right for me.
  9. 12.1.1 Beta 2 includes Sprint 35.0, and the XS Max has modem firmware version 1.02.16, Beta 1 had 1.02.09.
  10. I know that my signal at my house for Sprint LTE isn’t the strongest, but it’s decent. Can use data without WiFi. So far the worst dead spot for VoLTE is my bathroom. I’m using WiFi calling in my house. I’ll have to see if I’ll drop calls from WiFi calling to VoLTE later when I get off work. That’s what I thought.
  11. Nope. No call drops on VoLTE for the calls I have made. I have had more CDMA call drops with the XS Max, but that was expected with the Intel Modem.
  12. VoLTE is available in the Las Vegas Market, and I was able to make and receive calls on it. However, in weaker signal areas it doesn't sound good. No VoLTE in T-Mobile LTE areas though. I wonder if using a Static IP on my Sprint account would fix that. Anyone have any idea if that might help?
  13. Yep. Got the new battery on both of her 6S' earlier this year. The one phone is shot.
  14. The problem you have is software implementation on the network side is different than device. Too many different factors to consider. Maybe Sprint feels that all iPhone's pre-2017 wouldn't benefit from VoLTE due to antennas, or maybe too much of a resource drag on the network side. Unfortunately Sprint hasn't given any reasons publicly why they aren't allowing the 7/Plus and the 6S/Plus. They are still very capable devices that have a decent lifespan left for them. As for my friends 6S though. There is seriously something wrong with it. I'm probably moving her to my iPhone X this weekend. Her phone shut down yesterday mid day with 10% left on the battery. It's used as a business device so we have to keep it working properly.
  15. We actually did make a separate thread for the iPhone XR. See here: iPhone XR Thread
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