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  1. I have zero problems with wifi calling on my G3. Not really sure what he was referring too.
  2. $950 seems like a ripoff to me as well. For that price it should be able to do a whole lot more than just be a phone
  3. I am going to wait for the single line plans to come out before I pass to much judgement. As of right now the 2gb of data with subsidy on Vzw is $5 cheaper.
  4. Everything was all good for me before the update. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  5. They do not turn on the 4G until the proper internet backhaul has been provided. If they fired it up before then you would just be stuck with pathetically slow 4G speeds.
  6. Mine opens up to the wimax map in Green Bay WI just like always. Kinda wierd that some have issues and others do not. Firefox 20.0.1 here
  7. Would it be possible to maybe get another stats update. If not, that is fine. I know that the number of members and what not has went up substantially since the last update. It may be more work than it is worth.
  8. it looks like i would be paying roughly $60 a month with taxes and whatnot. i currently pay sprint 70 with my employer discount, factor in buying the gs3 at full retail. doesnt sound like i would save much. but i can see wehere people who do not use as much data as i do would see a significant savings
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