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  1. Why is everyone freaking out over delivery.sprint.com so badly? The domain has been around forever for Sprint internal marketing stuff. For example, it hosts the EPRP signup page, too. http://delivery.sprint.com/m/p/nxt/epc/epclanding.asp And used to host the discount verification page.
  2. Oh hey, this thing. Sure, count me in.
  3. Well, I've been lurking for a long time. One such as I, never truly dies.
  4. I note it's an Intel Atom processor, not an Arm. Which means it's x86 or x64. Which means one could theoretically run Windows on this. HMM. Tests.
  5. I take it this is related to the "Framily" ad campaign being shut down, as well?
  6. Honestly, I really do miss my Galaxy Gear and its notifications being pushed to my wrist... but I do not at all miss having Touchwiz on my phone. I'll be happily buying an Android Wear device.
  7. I have the Nexus 5, and have been overall very happy with it. Very good LTE reception, decent battery life, great looking screen, fast processor... Yeah, it's hard to beat for the price. I used to have the Note III (and before that, Note II). I don't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. There are phones out there that do some things better, to be sure, but you'll be paying $700 instead of $350
  8. Man, this update is awesome! It went away, but for a second there the field test said I was connected to LTE "Band 51", which as we all know totally exists.
  9. For those with the issue of the calls occasionally rolling to voicemail before ringing on your cell... do you have a separate Voice number? Or do you have Sprint "integration" turned on?
  10. Why is the writeup that got copied into your post so snarky and anti-Sprint?
  11. Absolutely. It will just replace the first number, which will permanently be lost.
  12. It might end up costing you a lot of money to do so, just FYI. $35 restocking fee x 2 + $36 Activation Fee x 3 = $178! Additionally, many stores will only let you exchange once within the 14-day return window. Returns count against the store in Sprint's eyes, so the salespeople also will not be happy with you!
  13. Considering most phone manufacturers are on a ~1 year cycle for new devices, the demand is definitely there. Both Apple and Samsung release a new flagship once per year, and that covers a massive percentage of phone sales. I've also been told (third-party dealer) by upper management that this is considered fraudulent activity that can get us fired. We've had plenty of customers ask, and now we have to tell them all "no". Ah well.
  14. koiulpoi

    Wifi calling

    It's only EOL for postpaid; it's still available for Sprint Prepaid. On-topic, Sprint has said that more devices will be supported in the future. No other information has appeared. WiFi calling is really available on Republic Wireless, a Sprint MVNO, on the Moto X now, and the Moto G very soon here.
  15. For a second, I thought the title was about using WiFi Calling while using VoLTE, and I thought, "that's silly, LTE isn't WiFi!"
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