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  1. My phone is showing native coverage while connecting to a T-Mobile tower. I just did a software update on my Essential PH-1 this morning. Right after completing the update, it shows native full signal on T-Mobile AWS.
  2. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I just did the above on a Samsung S7 Edge and it restored my HD Voice calling that I've been missing so much. Does anyone know if Sprint has any plans to fix this? It would be great if I could use HD Voice and WIFI calling. Both are useful features and in some places I need WIFI calling.
  3. Seems the network throws you on B41 only when it thinks it can give you good service, and it seems to make that choice correctly most of the time. I've also seen a lot of B41 second carrier almost every time I'm touching B41. Otherwise you are on B26 or 3G.
  4. Yes, I cancelled my Fi account today for that reason. It makes very poor decisions on which network to use, almost always attempting to hold onto a faint T-Mobile signal when a strong sprint signal is available.
  5. I've tried. It's hard. Signalcheck pro doesn't update correctly. You have to manually open the map to see which band you're on. The notification icon doesn't update properly.
  6. Yes, Sprint applied. There is one site in the dogpatch SFDBI has not issued a permit for, and there's no data in the permit database on what the holdup is either. It is stuck with the "CITY PLANNING---ZONING PLAN CLERK" office since 7/24/2013. Nope, the permit was issued on 10/3/2014 and it's 3G accepted, which means the NV equipment has already been installed. Probably just waiting for backhaul?
  7. The site on Vallejo St and Battery St had it's permit withdrawn by Sprint: The permit for the site on Castro and Duboce on top of the hospital there also hasn't been issued. It's been approved but Sprint hasn't paid the permit fees. $375
  8. The permit for the Sprint site on the Castro Theater was one of the worst. Took 2 yrs 3 mos to get approved. The notes on the permit approval mention: Sounds like they might have managed to get 8t8r approved with the original permit from 2012. I know the backhaul was set back by the sidewalk construction. That took forever and was even mentioned in the permit notes too:
  9. CSFB is working great now and Sprint has gone through an updated certain towers with triband antennas. You might want to consider upgrading to a sponsor to check out the site maps.
  10. Looks like it adds VoLTE and VoWiFi if there is carrier support. Wonder if that includes sprint?
  11. There might be something you can do with these guys: http://www.nixle.com/
  12. I noticed my phone parked on B26 a lot of the time yesterday in SF. If it wasn't B26, I was on B41. Looks like they finally launched it! I took this speedtest at the Iron Cactus restaurant on 4th and Townsend with full signal last night.
  13. Only LTE is on 700MHz and XLTE on AWS (1800/2100MHz). They use Cellular (800MHz) and PCS (1900MHz) for 1x and EV-DO.
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