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Current List of Sprint/Clear 4G Unannounced Cities - July 17, 2011

This is the list of communities in the United States in which there is at least one tower of Sprint/Clear 4G WiMax service currently active. These are referred to as "Protection Sites." There are more than 400 communities in which Sprint and Clear now has some basic 4G service, but does not officially acknowledge because these are limited deployments for the purposes of maintaining FCC licensing. See listing below: ALABAMA: Birmingham, Huntsville/Madison, Montgomery, Mobile (very limite



Sprint 4G Rollout Updates is now on Facebook!!!

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates is now on Social Media. Our Facebook page went live tonight. Follow the link to our page. Become a fan, and suggest to your friends. Stay tuned with us on this wild ride that Sprint is going to take us on with 4G and Network Vision. Follow us for daily updates! Link: https://www.facebook.com/S4GRU



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