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  1. I mapped some LTE last night on the Greenwich line, most likely coming over from a tower in Port Chester, but works very well.
  2. Mapped the LTE in Port Chester / Greenwich last night on Sensorly.
  3. That's a 10 minute drive from where I was talking about....I mentioned a specific location for a reason, because it hasn't been mapped. *face palm*
  4. Um, no there isn't....I'm looking at the Sensorly map, there is no purple there and that tower wasn't live a couple of days back. The only purple that's there is by 287.
  5. Looks like parts of Port Chester are live! I was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday with 4G.
  6. Crossing over the bridge after Exit 2 is horrendous, but I will tell you that we had almost unusable service for about a month, I was roaming when I normally have 4 out of 5 bars at home. Speeds are extremely consistent, when you get NV you'll know, there is no mistaking it.
  7. I am getting a 90 ping, I'm right by Belle Haven. Speeds are 1+ MB/s, they were as slow as 50 kB/s a week or two ago. Just ran another test, getting 1.8 down, 900 up. I've been off wifi for the past couple of days, been a while!
  8. Getting awesome 3G speeds in Greenwich, seems that NV is in place.
  9. The signal isn't very reliable, any obstruction will cause you to lose 4G providing a fairly spotty experience. I expect it to look like the 3G map ;-)
  10. I noticed we have some completed towers! Exciting stuff, can't wait to see LTE start lighting up.
  11. It's right behind the toll...otherwise I would drive down there.
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