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  1. That's the problem. There are moderators here for a reason. If some "Internet tough guy" comes in here trolling, don't respond. If you report it and continue on with your conversation as if "Internet tough guy" doesn't exist, that person will be dealt with and the thread will continue on without issue. If the moderators have to clean up pages and pages of worthless garbage and pissing matches, everyone is guilty. It's not that much different than if in real life, someone punches you with a cheap shot. Do you call the police and let them do their job? Or do you, and the other people arou
  2. Wow, Android vs. IOS, never seen that argument before, and I don't see what that garbage has to do with the New York City market discussion. Clean it up.
  3. They can be. They can also connect to a suitable backhaul where they are positioned, or via microwave to a permanent site with sufficient backhaul.
  4. They only guarantee 6-8 because most people will not understand that they need really good signal to get the max speeds. Also, in an area where the cell sites are loaded up, speeds will start to slow into the 6-8 Mbps range.
  5. What now? English? Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk HD
  6. My parents must have kidnapped me from a new york nursery...
  7. And you should read the whole conversation before you stick your nose in it.
  8. I would think that lack of LTE connectivity would be a warranty replacement.
  9. Also, are you rooted/unlocked/running a ROM? That could be messing with your ability to pick up LTE. I'm guessing no, since you said you accepted the JB update, but worth an ask anyway...
  10. Sounds like something is wrong with your phone. I would take it in to a store. They might give you some line about how LTE is not launched in the market and you might be seeing areas where it was testing and inadvertantly picked up and mapped.... But hopefully they have some way to actually test it.
  11. Next time you are in an area that sensorly is showing coverage, toggle airplane mode on and then back off. That will reset your radio and it will look for LTE. Otherwise, hopefully someone can tell you a place to go look or you can stand next to someone with a LTE connection and see if yours works. From all reports on this site, the EVO LTE is not good at picking up LTE in a market that has islands of LTE that are few and far between. Some have said that once the market deployment is more mature, it starts picking up LTE easier and quicker. Dang supert0nes, you beat me to it...
  12. There were a whole pile of sites in last week's sponsor update.
  13. Yes, the smaller legacy panels have a coax cable running to the cabinet. The new NV panels have RRUs that receive the signal and process it right there to reduce signal loss.
  14. In my experience, the St Cloud Sprint store employees are friendly and helpful, but lack actual knowledge about the network and future plans. They tried to talk me out of buying the HTC Hero before the OG EVO was released because "4G was coming 'any day." It is now almost 3 years later... still no 4G. They seem to be very good at everything else. I think they just buy in to rumors. I don't think they are misleading customers maliciously.
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