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  1. I didn't mean over 5mbps Lol. I've seen some towers in Manhattan and parts of brooklyn where full bars of LTE cannot even run the speed test app at all lol.
  2. I still never see 800 on my S3 either.. lte is getting better as they turn on more towers. There are spots in Manhattan where it is unusable though because it is so overloaded (if No neighboring towers are lte also) which is quite annoying.
  3. Really? I thought it was preferred over the 1900? (I have s3). Sometimes when I go into a building and am losing signal it flashes to full bars but then switches to roaming, I was wondering if it was connecting but then dropping the 800 for some reason...
  4. Is anyone picking up widespread 800? There's a lot accepted But I have yet to connect to 800mhz.
  5. I doubt It will be done by March. Like everything else, It will be delayed if done at all.
  6. I have noticed that in all the areas of the city that have Cablevision (Brooklyn, the bronx) 4G is much farther along. You can literally draw a line in Brooklyn to divide where TimeWarner is and where Cablevision is, and see that all the sites in cablevision areas have 4G. Same deal with the Bronx Being far along. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  7. There is literally like 1 tower turned on in the entire financial district and it is so overloaded it is barely useable. Not to mention many locations where there is a strong LTE signal (<90rsrp) and speeds of <1mbit. You are going to launch service in Manhattan when there is no singal on Wall st? Again, LOL
  8. What do you mean you see a tower on air? The site I'm talking about is in the maps, but it is the one that has been removed! lol.
  9. Actually the signal is gone already cuz they removed the antennas. There is no longer LTE, just VERY slow 3G, and no signal in deeper parts of the building where there used to be full signal. And yes this is by Cornell.
  10. Thats surprising since The Ikea had Horrible service last time I was there. Had signal but couldn't do anything with it.
  11. Well now they removed the NV antennas. The legacy are still there, I guess they don't mind if those come crashing down with the building. Still no replacement site, however! And lots of angry customers in this area.
  12. The tower I was talking about has been completely offline all week. I assume the power to the building has been cut. Poor signal inside now and no more LTE to speak of, just very poor 3G from some other tower... No sign of any replacement on nearby buildings. Why am I not surprised.
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