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  1. What you are seeing may have something to do with how Wi-Fi calling is configured on the network side, perhaps it is causing LTE to reconnect. The app will not show/hide mobile connection information based on Wi-Fi status.
  2. The "exit" option only exists on SignalCheck Pro because that actually shuts down the background location/logger/icon services that are available with that version. Those extra features do not exist in Lite, so there is no reason for it. The "exit" option does not kill the actual SCP process like it would if you go into the system screens and Force Stop it like you are doing. Best-practice Android design principles are to not include an "exit" feature because the OS prefers to handle memory management, and if you reopen the app an hour later, you may have used more resources to kill and restart it than if you just left it idle in the background.
  3. Thanks, I'll take a look but I will warn that may be intentional by the OS and likely beyond my control. Android no longer permits third-party apps to use dialer codes.. I can only link to other activities if you know the actual system name of it (ie "com.blueline.signalcheck").
  4. Thanks! To check permissions, it varies slightly by device but generally you should be able to long-press on the SignalCheck Pro icon in your app list, and then click something like "App info". One of the menu options should be Permissions. The app cannot fully function without Files, Location (all the time), and Phone permissions granted. Limiting those will limit functionality.
  5. I do have a new update in the works that improves 5G data, but only if the phone is reporting it.. send a diagnostic next time you're connected to standalone 5G and I'll see if it's reporting anything else I can use. Non-standalone does not report much right now on any device.
  6. You can if you'd like, but don't lose sleep over it -- unfortunately to this point I haven't caught anything useful being recorded on any devices under any circumstances. It's very frustrating but I'm certainly not giving up.
  7. I like it! I don't recall you asking for it, but if you did I apologize. I will get it added. Also, still debugging the location issues.. haven't gotten much feedback. If anyone has observations they haven't shared yet, please let me know!
  8. A new SignalCheck Pro beta release is rolling out now and should be available shortly. Most of the bugfixes are related to the Location Service getting stuck -- please monitor this and let me know if it is behaving better, worse, or about the same. Thank you!
  9. Regarding these location service issues, I am starting to believe it could be a bug in the Google Play location API. I recently updated it to a newer version; I will roll it back and push out a new beta sometime this week. I have not been able to come up with any other source of the problem. Fingers crossed!
  10. When you say "location service was off" do you mean the Location Service in SCP itself, or a device location setting?
  11. Yes, that is included when you send diagnostics thanks.. those are reasonable settings that should not cause problems. I rarely have issues with Balanced/3000 -- if everything is working properly, it's a solid choice that keeps your logs accurate without hammering your battery unnecessarily. But, something is not working properly.....
  12. That's interesting, I would expect more frequent updates then. I did see your reports and saw the delayed updates. Delayed updates are likely separate from this bug where it gets completely stuck, but I will keep this in mind too. The location API takes the two relevant settings under preferences (preferred accuracy and update timing) and is supposed to do the rest on its own. I have the least-likely-to-be-killed-off methods in place, but I'm wondering if the OS is getting too aggressive in conserving power anyway.
  13. Was your device moving a significant distance (driving, walking, etc) or were you mostly stationary or indoors? Android automatically does not send location updates if built-in sensors detect that the device hasn't really moved.
  14. Thanks, that's probably not related though -- the app uses a common Google API that uses a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile signals to determine location. If another app (GMaps, Waze, etc) is requesting more precise location information, it uses that data. Even if no GPS signal was available, some data, even with less accuracy, would be reported. Something is causing the entire process to stop working randomly, because other apps are continuing to receive updated location information.
  15. Yesterday, I experienced the stuck location myself for the first time. My debugging was helpful, but I can't figure out why it isn't restarting itself automatically nor via the force method I have in place. I'll keep digging.
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