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  1. Anyone with previous crashing issues seeing any improvement with latest SCP beta? Eerily quiet on the feedback front, hopefully that's a good thing..
  2. I have a SCP user who reached out to me with what appeared to be valid T-Mobile standalone n66 in use in New Jersey.
  3. From the official T-Mobile press release: "The Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade and Great Unlimited Trade-Up start April 18 and last all year long."
  4. A new SCP release for the Beta Crew is rolling out now, version 4.672b. No new features; it is all bugfixes and internal improvements -- those of you experiencing various crashes and freezes, please let me know if this update is better, worse, or about the same. Thanks!
  5. I'd actually prefer to switch that line to TNX so I can get a different experience from my Pixel 5 on TNA, especially since it's just a testing/logging/backup device.. but I also don't want to lose my free line or SWAC. I'm sure it will be a headache no matter what, but we'll see.
  6. It works great.. it's my "how does SCP work on older phones" test device, although it is so slow I don't use it for anything else. Would be far more beneficial to have a newer Samsung in the testbed. Next hurdle, would I have to give up my SWAC account..
  7. Soooo they will take my HTC EVO 4G I have on a free line (not kidding), and give me the Samsung..?!
  8. I received your diagnostic reports, thanks! Unfortunately they do not show anything out of the ordinary, and I have no automated crash reports either. Do you have battery optimization for SCP disabled? Some others have reported that improves their stability on newer Samsung devices. I am not sure what to suggest other than an app uninstall/reinstall, since I don't have other reports of this or an error message to look into. If you do that, make sure you back up your log database before uninstalling, and then restore it on the new install.
  9. As long as you've previously saved your username on a report, try a long-press on the "Connected to LTE" text... 😉
  10. When it freezes, does the screen keep updating? Can you send a diagnostic next time you notice it happens please.. thanks!
  11. A new SignalCheck Pro update is now available for download, version 4.67. It includes the following changes: Added one-time popup to comply with Google Play background location policy. This popup is a policy mandate, there are no changes to existing app behavior. The popup will only display on first launch after a brand new installation. Changed location accuracy precision to one decimal place. Changed location accuracy to display in feet if metric units are not enabled. Improved PLMN ID validation. Resolved force closes on some devices when connected to GSM/WCDMA networks.
  12. Another SignalCheck beta is rolling out now. There was a bug that had location accuracy being improperly saved as feet instead of meters in logs. Please do not upload any web data with version 4.66, or data points with accuracy worse than 75 feet (instead of 75 meters, approximately 3x more forgiving) will be excluded! This version also changes location accuracy precision to one decimal place, and aligns with a public release rolling out now. Thanks for all of your testing and feedback!
  13. Another SignalCheck Pro beta was released this morning! The most visible change is a message displayed at startup explaining the app's use of your location. It will only appear once per app install; you will never see it again unless you uninstall/reinstall. This is to comply with Google Play policies; there are no functional changes to the location features. Location accuracy will now be displayed in either feet or meters, depending on your app settings. There are also some bugfixes in this release. Invalid PLMN entries in logs should be reduced, and a frequent cause of crashes when
  14. Thanks! Unfortunately Google Play doesn't pass on any user info or comments, so it's difficult to pinpoint those.. but one of my other crash reporting libraries caught it (the username from diagnostic reports is included on those). That crash is something I've been working on, it just recently started over the past couple of months and only impacts GSM/WCDMA connections. Looks like you were on HSPA at the time of the crash. I added some additional error tracking in this version so your report was very helpful.. hopefully I can squash it.
  15. That is great news.. but do those of us with a Sprint SIM but on the T-Mobile network (TNA) not already benefit from it? That page doesn't mention anything specific about Sprint customers on the network.
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