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  1. mikejeep

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I pre-ordered from Google within the first few minutes it was on their site. Used my $50 credit from my P3 purchase, earned another $100 credit with this purchase. Should arrive by the end of the month, I picked free shipping despite my strong urge to get it a few days sooner. Happy it has more RAM than the P3 and happy the price stayed the same (with double the ordering bonus). Disappointed it's not 8GB RAM and disappointed it's not 5G.. I had almost no expectation of either of those things but it would've been a fantastic surprise. -Mike
  2. Oh, I didn't know the A3 actually had one.. it definitely never really worked. To clarify further for others -- toggling airplane mode (or clicking the Reset Connection button in SCP) does *not* force the 1x radio to re-scan. Changing options under the band menu I referenced earlier does. -Mike
  3. It is a menu option off the Radio Info system screen. The dialer code to bring that up without the app is *#*#4636*#*# -- it's also available as a SCP shortcut as well. -Mike
  4. The issue with devices holding onto fringe 1x800 connections instead of the strong 1X connection from the Airave is common and incredibly frustrating. The Airave 2.5 had a 1x800 beacon that your phone would "see" and know to flip to it. There is no comparable feature in the A3 or A4, so until your device scans other 1X bands, it never lets go of the macro 1x800. The solution I have found works best for me is to force 1X to only use Sprint's 1900 MHz PCS network -- although that may not be in everyone's best interest, depending on the coverage in the areas you frequent. There is a shortcut in SCP to change this, go to System Shortcuts > Voice Band Mode and select "PCS". Understand that you will no longer connect to 1x800 and I believe 1X roaming will also be impacted unless the roaming partner uses PCS bands. To change back to factory behavior, simply go to that menu and choose "Automatic". You could also choose PCS each time you get home, and switch back to Automatic once it connects to the A4. -Mike
  5. As Trip mentioned, the database is local to the device. You can use the database menu options within the app to backup/import/export logs. If you look at a populated log database, the format should be clear if you wanted to use your own data externally. All data from community databases needs to remain restricted to Premier areas only. No exceptions. -Mike
  6. I replied in the main SignalCheck thread, but wanted to reply in both places so others can be aware -- I am working on an option for users to disable the offset. It's starting to get ugly behind the scenes with all these caveats, but can't really do much about it. I'd like to ultimately allow users to use filters or manual offsets to keep things up to date, but that opens up a lot of other issues. The information I had to this point was that B41 didn't need a correction, so it is not applied regardless of your setting -- my uneducated guess was that it had something to do with FDD vs TDD. More and more evidence seems to point to the need for a correction factor on all connections, regardless of device or band -- but I do have some users who are insisting it is more accurate without it. The issue is going to be when the Android devs fix this bug, everyone will suddenly have wrong readings again.. but I'm not holding my breath anyway. -Mike
  7. I am terrible at following HSPA bugs because I don't see them myself.. I'll have to go back and look into this one again. There were some back-end Android changes regarding the PSC value; it technically does not exist on GSM connections, even though Android always reported a value and had specific functions to do so -- it was deprecated a couple of years ago, which caused me to backtrack. Some phones report HSPA information as CellInfoGsm, so no PSC is directly available; others report it as CellInfoWcdma, so I can get the PSC. I can work around it, but it's not as simple as it appears from your armchair.. 😜 I did see your messages and I am working on it. There's a lot of nuances I need to adjust in order to to discard the 1450 offset so it's a bit tricky. There are known issues with Android 10 that I have been working on.. didn't realize it was going to be publicly released yesterday so I was caught off guard. There will be an app update in the next day or so that should resolve most major issues. -Mike
  8. I have Sprint eSIM on my Pixel 3 purchased from Google.. did it months ago. Works great. -Mike
  9. I discovered an Android Q bug that is causing WCDMA/HSPA/GSM type networks to be missing in SCP.. please 'star' if you have a free moment to help attract attention: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/139350424 Thanks, -Mike
  10. It may drop to 3G in some areas, but I wouldn't say that's the norm. I live northwest of Boston and have been a Sprint customer for 16+ years, and the network has become quite reliable in the suburbs and even some areas beyond. It's rare that I am in range of 3G but not LTE. -Mike
  11. Nobody has suggested it before, but it doesn't sound too crazy. I will work on creating an option to add padding around both sides of the main screen. Thanks for the idea! -Mike
  12. Do you have the app set to Launch on Device Boot? Shoot me a diagnostic report I'll make sure that's enabled. -Mike
  13. What do you mean by "reset" the device? The app shows notifications by default, but if you're on a newer version of Android the OS has a lot more involvement with notification controls.. not sure if Samsung hides more than usual? I have not received any other reports of this. -Mike
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