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  1. There is not anything within the app that deletes database rows, except for the function that clears duplicate GCIs.. but the user has to manually run that from the menu. Keep me updated please! -Mike
  2. The widget is downright flaky on Android 7 and up. Android intentionally restricted the update frequency and I have yet to find a way around it. If you get in the scenario where it won't open SCP, it was probably shut down and killed from memory.. you'll have to re-launch from the menu, then you should be good for awhile. Happens to me as well. I really found the widget useful so I spend a lot of time trying to fix it.. zero success so far. I can't speak for S4GRU data sources, but on a similar note a I do know that T-Mobile LTE GCI patterns are nowhere near as consistent as Sprint's. Different markets have different rules, and many conflict with each other. Thankfully most phones report frequency info, but that's why you might not see secondary carrier info as much, or if you pay attention to patterns it might confuse you.
  3. Trip, glad it started working (wish we knew why/how.. grr) and thank you for the suggestions about the accent color. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and other similar suggestions.. honestly it caught me by surprise. I added the coloring on my personal version but didn't think it would be well-received so I kept it out of releases. I will expand it more and try to add as many options as I can get working!
  4. I checked out your report; it all looks good, nothing to indicate that logging might not work. These logging glitches are very odd and difficult to reproduce across devices sometimes, and it drives me mad. As Robert mentioned before me, his Motorola had similar issues. I couldn't find anything wrong on my end but a couple of reboots did the trick. I have no idea how or why that would fix anything, but please give his suggestion a try and let me know..
  5. I think I have been experiencing that with low-numbered Verizon 1X IDs (I never connect to Verizon LTE). I assumed it was something on my end, but maybe it's related.. I'll have to try getting some specifics and monitor that thread.
  6. Another SignalCheck beta update rolling out now, should be available when "normal" people start waking up! Mostly more 5G fixes.. stale data, missing values, ugly text, etc. Please keep those relevant diagnostic reports coming, it is a huge help as I do not have a 5G device yet.
  7. SignalCheck does not currently use either one of those codes, I have another method in place that is slightly different.. although maybe if my method fails, it should try those as a backup.. (EDIT: I forgot.. newer versions of Android no longer permit apps to make direct shortcuts to dialer codes.) Working on the stale info -- thanks for your diagnostics! I'm flying blind without you guys sending me data, so I sincerely appreciate it! Once it's reliable, I'll move it into its own "block" like the other connection types, and add full logging/alerts/icons/etc. We're slowly getting there. Unrelated note.. thank you to @S4GRU for the LG V60 reports tonight.. after a software update, it's now reporting 5G info in SCP as well! Hopefully more devices follow suit..
  8. Another beta update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out! Version 4.614b will appear on Google Play sometime over the next several hours. More 5G improvements, the accent color should be fixed, and several Samsung shortcut menus were added. Samsung users, please try all of the new shortcuts and let me know which ones are useful and what they lead to. Thank you!
  9. No, unfortunately I haven't seen any useful 5G info from your phone (or anyone else's LG) yet. If you get a software update and happen to find 5G before they shut it down, please try reporting again! The accent color is still in its infancy and only appears on LTE for now. I've had it on my version of SCP for several weeks, initially I didn't think anyone else would like it. Figured I'd offer it up and see what the feedback was.
  10. I accidentally broke the Samsung menus when I compiled the latest release; it will be resolved in next update. Thanks, I'll look into that.. it's all a work in progress, glad we are making some headway! The current display format is temporary, it is just to get the data displaying reliably.. once that happens, it will get its own "block" like the connection other technologies have.
  11. Another beta is rolling out now, 4.613b.. I am trying something new with this release. It will only go to some of the Beta Crew, but those who get it should see it on Google Play much faster, perhaps within a few minutes. I targeted many of you who have provided recent 5G feedback. It contains fixes for color accent, 5G, and Samsung shortcuts that were part of last night's beta update. Please try all of the Samsung menu items and let me know which ones (if any) are useful! If there are bugs, send a diagnostic and note what's going on.. thanks!
  12. Hey thanks!! 🍻 I already saw your report and have been looking into it, I'm trying to get another release pushed out this morning to give you guys another try at everything for me.. the Red Pocket SIM caught my eye as the only oddity, although SCP identifies it as T-Mobile so it should show a magenta line. Did you try restarting the app after enabling the option, just in case? (You shouldn't have to do this but who knows). I'm adding some extra logging that should show me some more details why this might be missing. Stay tuned.
  13. Doh.. your diagnostic reports are one of the things that helped me identify how to extract more 5G data. I only saw one new report from you but I'll see what I can tweak and hopefully get things working..
  14. New SignalCheck beta release was rolled out tonight and went live a couple hours ago.. some new goodies: A shortcut to the Samsung Band Selector was added; I have no ability to test it myself so please let me know if it works. A new option allows you to add a thin accent line to the LTE info block, which will be colored based on which provider you are connected to. I was trying to add something discreet to be able to quickly tell if I'm on Sprint or T-Mobile.. any feedback to improve this would be appreciated. The best change is a significant increase in the amount of 5G information that the app can discover! Some recent diagnostic reports are showing some useful information, it looks like the latest Samsung update began reporting some new things. Please test and let me know if anything appears. Diagnostic reports are always useful because of the backend details I get. Hopefully these all work well, let me know..
  15. I didn't know that had changed, thanks.. very good to know for testing!
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