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  1. I haven't forgotten about you (and certainly haven't given up on you), still looking into your issue and trying to figure out what might be going on. I'll be in touch! That's annoying and needs to be fixed -- thank you for the heads up, I'll work on it!
  2. You are seeing Clearwire on the latest update from a few days ago, or the one before that? There was a bug in 4.64 but should be fixed in 4.65..
  3. The website seems fine, but S4GRU has completely vanished from Tapatalk for me. Searching for it turns up nothing!
  4. An update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out now, and should appear on Google Play within the next few hours! In addition to bugfixes, there were some other significant changes.. the full changelog is also posted at https://signalcheck.app/change-log and under the Help option in the app: Resolved issue with alternate PLMN ID method active on LTE regardless of user preference setting. The last update included an option to use an alternate method to obtain the PLMN ID.. unfortunately there was a bug, and the app used the alternate method no matter what the user selected. This is now f
  5. No worries, it just makes it easier if I'm only tracking user issues in one spot instead of multiple. I will check out your report later tonight and we'll continue chatting over e-mail.
  6. Thank you for the in-app updater feedback! It appears to be working as designed. I will elaborate on a post in the main SignalCheck thread shortly, in conjunction with a new release rolling out now. A new beta is rolling out as well, it only has a couple of minor changes. It is mostly to keep the beta version aligned with the public release. I appreciate all of your help!
  7. Hello again, I see you are posting and e-mailing me the same thing, it all gets to me so you don't need to do that. I tried e-mailing you back but perhaps that's not working again. Please send me a diagnostic report from within the app so I can try to get a better idea of what is going on. You never replied to my last message; are you using a custom ROM?
  8. Another SignalCheck beta update is rolling out now.. it includes some minor fixes, but the real goal is is to test the in-app update functionality. Once it is available on Google Play, it should be offered the next time you open SignalCheck. If you happen to see the app update offered in your Google Play app before you see it in SignalCheck itself, please do not update on Google Play. Instead, open up SCP.. you should be prompted to update. Please try it and let me know if there are any issues!
  9. Also included in the overnight SignalCheck beta update was the addition of automated in-app updates. When you open the app, it checks for an updated version; if there is one available, you will be offered the option to download it without leaving the app. Once it's downloaded, a bar will remain at the bottom of the app's main screen with a button to install it and restart the app at your convenience. The app update process is still handled by Google Play, this feature just eliminates the need to check the Play Store for updates.
  10. S4GRU Premier Sponsors and above who are on the Beta Crew, please see this post about a new feature you are invited to test. If you're not a Premier Sponsor, or not on the crew.. sit tight for now! Also, new beta update will be rolling out tonight. It has some minor changes, including better identification of fringe LTE signals and improvement to the Trail Logger -- no more repeated entries when your phone is remaining in the same spot, remaining connected the same cell.
  11. I didn't plan on doing anything with it in the app UI yet, just thought it might be useful/interesting for people to have the data in their log. Perhaps to use it as the sort field when browsing their log.
  12. Minor beta update rolling out.. alternate PLMN option was always being used on LTE, regardless of user preference setting. Also updated Clearwire to show as Sprint and (hopefully) resolved a crash.
  13. So much for the clean slate.. there's already a bug! The "Use alternate PLMN ID" option is enabled regardless of your setting. Will get an update out later on today soon to correct that.
  14. A huge update to SignalCheck Pro has been finished and is rolling out on Google Play right now.. version 4.64 should be available for download sometime over the next several hours. A big thank you to the Beta Crew for providing tons of feedback and helping get this release stable! There is a long list of bugfixes and stability improvements, as well as some new features. One significant technical item to note is this is the first build targeting Android 10 since last spring. The previous attempt was rolled back because of issues with stale data on several devices; in testing, this has not
  15. New beta is rolling out right now.. includes a new option: Preferences > General > Use Alternate PLMN ID As promised, this option will use a different method to obtain the PLMN ID, which in some instances, will give a different value (i.e. T-Mobile sites showing 312250). On modern devices, enabling this should not cause any issues, but if you experience problems, please let me know. This version is also being rolled out as a public release, with dozens of changes and bugfixes thanks to your testing results and feedback. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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