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  1. New SignalCheck beta is rolling out now.. bugfix city! Slowly making progress with Dual-SIM support, but nothing to share yet. The new update should appear on Google Play within the hour. Thank you for all your support!
  2. I already have "73" as a Band 4 small cell; I do need to do something so those carry over to B66 I guess. Are you certain that "4D" is a small cell? I have no entries in the database for that suffix right now. So you can confirm that "31" should also be a B4/B66 SC? Just want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. I already have "B3" thru "B6" assigned as a Band 2 second carrier on macro sites -- are you sure they were small cells?
  3. Sorry it took awhile to get back to you, I was digging through this thread and my emails to refresh my memory as to what you're referencing.. nothing is coming to mind?
  4. 5G is live in Miami: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-heats-up-miami-network-for-footballs-biggest-game.htm
  5. An update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out on Google Play right now, should become available shortly for everyone! Version 4.56 is mostly bugfixes, and includes the following changes: Added system shortcut for app system settings. Extensive code optimizations and enhancements. Internal code enhancements to Location Service. Removed persistent prompts/warnings that appeared when a user denied background location permission but had the background service disabled. Resolved force closes on some devices using decimal separators other than ‘dot’. Resolved force closes related to permission requests. Resolved internal exception when installing/updating the app. Resolved issue with incorrect signal strength notification icon when connected to LTE & Wi-Fi Calling. Resolved issue with negative LTE SNR values missing the “-” character. Resolved issue with persistent warnings appearing when a user denies background location permission and requests not to be prompted again. Resolved issue with screen padding not working with GSM-based connections. I anticipate dual SIM compatibility being the major change for the next update, and 5G support will be added after that. Thanks for all of your support! -Mike
  6. A new SignalCheck Pro beta update is rolling out right now, should be available shortly! This will hopefully be the final update before a public release; the only changes users should notice since the last beta are the fixes for screen padding and negative LTE SNR values. Those of you who experienced these issues, please let me know if they are resolved after you update. Once I get this release rolled out publicly, I will (eventually) be pushing out major changes to add Multi-SIM support. Thanks, -Mike
  7. Thanks! The missing negative sign was a bug that nobody had ever mentioned (probably never noticed); that was an easy fix and will be part of the next update. SNR "30" is hidden by design because that is what many devices report when SNR is invalid/missing; it's the maximum value possible. (For safety sake, I have "-20" hidden as well.) My P3 and P4 always report 30 whenever connected to Sprint, regardless of the signal quality. -Mike
  8. I believe I found the issue with the padding not working for some users -- it is related to GSM-based connections, that's why it worked for some users but not others. Thanks for the reports, would not have figured it out without help! The fix is in testing and should be rolled out in the next update. -Mike
  9. What the!? Haha.. that's interesting and should help me narrow down what's going on. I did see your reports, but there were no errors.
  10. Like others have said (thanks guys!), Lite is outdated.. very outdated. I just don't have enough time to maintain two separate apps, which is why I'm working on combining them into one app, and paying will "unlock" the Pro features instead of having it be a separate download. It is a complicated task but in the end it will be far easier than the way I have it now. Other things take priority because those who do kick in some beer money get my time first!
  11. Hmm, that's strange.. it works fine on my LG G2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4. If anyone experiencing this not working could set a padding value, back out of the Preferences, and send me a diagnostic report with a note about the padding when you have a chance. Maybe there's an error being quietly thrown I can look at. Not sure if there will be anything there, but I'm not sure what else to try. Thanks!
  12. I checked your report, at the time you submitted it your device definitely had a valid T-Mobile connection. What SCP is displaying is accurate. As I mentioned, my P4 (and others in the Pixel thread on here) have seen similar behavior. -Mike
  13. From within the app, About > Send Diagnostics. Make sure to include your name and a brief note about the issue so I can find it. -Mike
  14. Send me a diagnostic report next time you run into that.. but based on what is on the screen, that looks like a legitimate T-Mobile connection. My Pixel 4 has a hard time letting go of T-Mobile LTE in some strong Sprint areas as well. -Mike
  15. As an update to the 5G discussion -- I have received several diagnostic reports from users who noted they were connected to 5G at the time (thanks!), however I have not seen an example where the API is reporting any 5G data. Everything has appeared as regular LTE for now. Please keep sending me reports, I am sure eventually we will have a device that reports it properly! At a minimum it will need to be on Android 10, because the 5G reporting routines did not exist in earlier versions. -Mike
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