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  1. Do you have the TA correction option enabled under Preferences? What I really need to do is get a decent sample size of B41 TA reports without the correction factor enabled, and record what the app shows and what the correct distance is. That would allow me to calculate what the proper correction value would be. TA is a funny beast on TD-LTE, I have always had a correction factor applied to the raw value.. so with the option enabled it's applying a correction to the correction.. 🤯
  2. Rolled out another SCP update few hours ago, should be available to everyone on the Beta Crew by now.. finally finished several things I've been working on for quite some time: Added system shortcut for app system settings (easier access to permissions) Internal code enhancements to Location Service (aka it was completely overhauled to adopt newer best practices) Removed persistent prompts/warnings that appeared when a user denied background location permission but had the background service disabled, or requested not to be prompted again (it's a fine line between educating and annoying) Resolved internal exception when installing/updating the app (hopefully??) Resolved issue with incorrect signal strength notification icon when connected to LTE & Wi-Fi Calling The biggest things to watch for are issues with Location Service failing/crashing/etc or if anyone still sees the wrong signal strength in the notification bar when you are on Wi-Fi Calling. This is more related to the last update, but does anyone have feedback on how LTE TA distances are looking? Mostly curious how accurate B41 appears to be, with and without the correction factor applied.
  3. So you are seeing the same BSL on 1xRTT that you saw with your Airave? Is that BSL the same one you see when on 1x800 now? If you submit a diagnostic report (About > Send Diagnostics within the app) the next time you're on 1xRTT, I can see if there's anything giving any indications behind the scenes. Make sure you out your username on the report. -Mike
  4. Another update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out on Google Play now for all users (4.551), it should resolve the issues with missing information on Android 10 devices that started with the update a few days ago (4.55). It will become available as soon as Google finishes processing it, likely within the hour. If you have not updated to 4.55 yet, you would be better off waiting a few minutes for 4.551. -Mike
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it! I just took a 50-mile drive just to test the app out and I'm also seeing a huge improvement. Going to push it out to the public right now.. it's definitely an improvement if not a complete fix fixed. -Mike
  6. A new beta update went live about an hour ago.. please give it a try and let me know if it fixed anything. Thanks! -Mike
  7. Anyone from the Beta Crew seeing obvious problems with the latest SCP update? Likely on Android 10? Many (including myself) are seeing no cell data, or data that suddenly stops updating or appearing. I've been flooded with reports but I didn't notice any from this group. I'm likely going to be pushing out an update shortly that makes one adjustment that I think is causing the major problem -- setting the compiler target to API 29 (Android 10). I'm going to try rolling it back to API 28 and see if things return to normal. From a developer standpoint, the Android 10 network routines appear to be a disaster. Several long-established parts of the API are simply not working as designed. My best guess is they went too far trying to limit background processes to save power, but that's pure speculation on my part at the moment. Reporting bugs to the Android development team is a long, slow process but once I can narrow things down a bit I will do my best. This may be a bumpy road. -Mike
  8. I am aware of issues with the latest update inconsistently showing data in certain circumstances. It appears to be limited to LTE connections on some Android 10 devices. I'm looking into it.. a diagnostic report (About > Send Diagnostics) including your email and a brief description of the issue when it's happening is the most helpful way to report this. Thanks! -Mike
  9. mikejeep

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I was apprehensive about losing the fingerprint reader but after a few weeks I've forgotten about it. Face unlock is very fast. If my phone is on my dash mount and I glance over at it, it unlocks immediately. It's almost too sensitive for my preference.. I adjusted my settings so it will not unlock or wake up unless I tap the screen first. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  10. The latest update to SignalCheck Pro will be available on Google Play within the hour! Here is a summary of the notable changes: Added limited recognition of 802.11ax Wi-Fi connections. Added option to add padding to the left and right borders of the main screen. Added prompt to warn users if background location permissions have been denied. Changed optional correction factor on LTE Timing Advance (TA) value to also apply to TD-LTE connections. Improved Android 10 compatibility. Resolved force closes on Samsung Android 10 devices. Resolved force closes related to exiting the app. Resolved issue with duplicate notification channel entries. Resolved issue with missing WCDMA data on certain devices. As always, thank you for your support. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend! -Mike
  11. New SCP beta just pushed out, should be available within the hour! Some major bugfixes.. please pass along any negative feedback as soon as possible, I would like to push it out publicly very soon. Here's the changelog: Added limited recognition of 802.11ax Wi-Fi connections. Added prompt to warn users if background location permissions have been denied. Optional correction factor on LTE Timing Advance (TA) value now also applies to TD-LTE connections. Resolved issue with duplicate notification channel entries. (*this may take a couple of app restarts to totally clear out, and your notification settings may be reset. This will not happen again in future releases.) Resolved issue with missing WCDMA data on certain devices. Thanks.. and Happy Thanksgiving! -Mike
  12. My apologies for this. I have been spending a ton of time working on the next update, but I was not aware that the Android 10 crashing issue was so widespread until the past week. There are still some other outstanding issues I really wanted to resolve for the next public release, but I intend to push an update out later today or tomorrow that should at least get the app back to a usable state. -Mike
  13. mikejeep

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Same exact things are happening to me here in the Boston area. It's becoming very annoying. I resisted from toggling airplane mode the other day and remained roaming for over 6 hours in an area I know Sprint has had good LTE coverage for years. It also seems to struggle to pick LTE back up on its own once it drops back to 3G.. even when in areas of extremely strong LTE signal. Airplane toggle usually grabs LTE immediately, but we shouldn't need to do that. Hopefully it's a software issue that can be resolved quickly. I have been trying to remember to report it through the My Sprint app, but not sure how helpful that really is.
  14. mikejeep

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Is anyone else unable to disable the Hotspot once you turn it on? I am on the November update. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  15. What device? It's tested to be working great on several devices so far. Can you send me a diagnostic and share a screenshot? Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
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