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  1. Ahhh I forgot to add that one to the help screen didn't I! That is LTE timing advance.. the distance displayed is approximately how far you are from that cell. It is typically only measured when data is flowing, that's why you will see it appear/disappear. -Mike
  2. SignalCheck 4.52 is rolling out to the masses! It should be available on Google Play within the hour. Here are the highlights: New options added: Added option to control display of horizontal signal meters on main screen. Added option to control logging of LTE sites if the TAC is missing/invalid. Added option to display LTE bandwidth on Android 9.0+ devices. This is nice, but not 100% reliable on most devices yet. Hopefully this improves over time. Added options to trigger Alerts based on specific LTE bands or plain-text strings. This is pretty cool.. you can choose LTE bands, and/or have the app alert on any text you want (or don't want, by using the "!" character). Set multiple alerts by separating strings with commas. Notable bug fixes: Resolved issue with app failing to exit immediately in certain scenarios. Resolved issue with missing data on Android Q Beta devices. Resolved issue with missing PLMN ID in certain scenarios. Resolved issue with missing provider database on Android 9.0 devices. Resolved issue with Alerts preferences not working properly on Android 8.0+ devices. Most of the Alert preferences are now handled directly by the system. Resolved issue with missing WCDMA data on newer devices. Some of these items were a lot more work than a brief sentence might hint.. many were significant bugs, some users will see great improvements! Other changes: Adjusted animated action bar tower icon colors when idle. Changed device location settings warning to reappear on every app update. Changed primary signal data source on Android 7.0+ devices. Disabled battery-related options for Location Service and Site Logger on Android 8.0+ devices; intend add back in a future update. Android no longer permits third-party apps to monitor power status changes; I am looking for an alternative method. Improved deployment process; releases will now be smaller, more optimized downloads. This is not a large app, but now it's approximately 30% smaller anyway. Thanks for all of your support! Feel free to shout if you have any questions.. -Mike
  3. New beta should be available within the hour, because a public update is rolling out now too.. only significant change for beta users is that LTE bandwidth display is controlled by an option that is disabled by default. Go to Preferences > Display Settings to enable it if you want it. This way users have to read a little blurb warning that it may not be reliable. Thanks to all for helping test this release out, there were a lot of hiccups to iron out. Now, back to work on the new carrier aggregation stuff I discovered.... -Mike
  4. Hmm, no errors showing up, everything looks ok. Does it happen immediately upon it going into the background? Does it happen when you clear it out of recent apps? Any difference when you use the back button vs the home button vs choosing a different app from the recent apps list? Trying to narrow down where I should look for behavior changes first. It might be intentional or it might be a Q glitch. -Mike
  5. Not sure where that COW was, but I was at the starting line in Hopkinton yesterday morning and my Sprint service was fine. Verizon user with me struggled with his iPhone all morning. Not sure if it was a capacity issue or a coverage issue; neither of us had great reception at our particular spot. -Mike
  6. Another beta just released! Many more fixes.. hopefully this will take care of everything I was aware of.. let me know! Hopefully this version can go public later this week..... -Mike
  7. Haha sorry to disappoint, there were some bugs I was working on resolving with a few specific users and I expected it to take several updates, so I limited it to just them. Things seem good so when I have a chance I intend to get one final beta out to make sure it's ready for full release. That's up to device manufacturers.. SCP will reliably display whatever bandwidth info is being reported. It's part of the standard Android API now, they just need to take advantage of it. Similar to when the major LTE routines were added in Android 4.2 but it took awhile for that data to be consistently and accurately reported. -Mike
  8. Is this still occurring with the Alpha update I sent you last night? -Mike
  9. Excellent, thanks for the detailed testing and screen shots! At the time of your GSM screenshot, the connection hadn't stabilized yet so the network type still shows "Connecting..." -- that intentionally causes the status bar icon to blank out. Funny that it comes up now, earlier today I was looking at it and considering changing that behavior. Displaying an icon with the dB reading but no connection type might not be a bad thing, since the reading itself is valid in my experience; I see it on my deactivated test devices that never get a true network connection but measure accurate signal strength.) Ha, this is an interesting side effect that I had not considered. You are tripping that alert because it's seeing 67086 in your neighbor cell list. In this latest update you received, it searches the entire LTE "text block"; in previous versions, it only searched a few selected fields I chose. But this is by design.. someone might want neighbor cells included. The easy fix is to adjust your trigger to be "EARFCN: 67086" -- because that would only trip when you actually connect to it, since the neighbor cells aren't displayed with that prefix. -Mike
  10. Just an update.. Android Q Beta 2 seems to improve things over the first Q release, and the beta version SCP in testing mostly works with it. Hope to have a public update out soon.. it'll be a good one.. -Mike
  11. One step forward... ...one step back! Thank you both for sending diagnostics, it is very helpful. I see a few things I can improve on for Q to minimize unnecessary errors in the background, but overall it looks good. Let me know if anything seems missing. I'm definitely closer to getting the HSPA/WCDMA stuff working; I have a hunch what the last flaw might be that is keeping it from displaying. Please send diagnostics from the AT&T and Verizon devices when you have a chance so I can dig into that. Thanks, -Mike
  12. New beta just uploaded, should be available within the hour! Hopefully will fix the custom trigger crashes, pre-Oreo crashes, missing WCDMA/GSM data, and missing Android Q data.. please pass along any improvements you notice! -Mike
  13. Q Beta 2 might be reporting enough info for me to work with. I have to implement workarounds in to ignore the some of the invalid information that it is reporting and see what's left. Another complication is that Q is identifying itself as API 28, which is the same as Pie. I'm working on it.. -Mike
  14. My non-scientific observations lead me to believe that TA only appears when data is actively flowing. When the connection goes idle, TA disappears. -Mike
  15. Blah.. thanks. I starred your new issue report and added a comment. Did your original report on the issue tracker from a few weeks ago disappear? I haven't seen any diagnostic or crash reports from you yet today. -Mike
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