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  1. I discovered an Android Q bug that is causing WCDMA/HSPA/GSM type networks to be missing in SCP.. please 'star' if you have a free moment to help attract attention: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/139350424 Thanks, -Mike
  2. It may drop to 3G in some areas, but I wouldn't say that's the norm. I live northwest of Boston and have been a Sprint customer for 16+ years, and the network has become quite reliable in the suburbs and even some areas beyond. It's rare that I am in range of 3G but not LTE. -Mike
  3. Nobody has suggested it before, but it doesn't sound too crazy. I will work on creating an option to add padding around both sides of the main screen. Thanks for the idea! -Mike
  4. Do you have the app set to Launch on Device Boot? Shoot me a diagnostic report I'll make sure that's enabled. -Mike
  5. What do you mean by "reset" the device? The app shows notifications by default, but if you're on a newer version of Android the OS has a lot more involvement with notification controls.. not sure if Samsung hides more than usual? I have not received any other reports of this. -Mike
  6. A new SignalCheck Pro release is rolling out today on Google Play! Version 4.54 is not a major update, but includes the following changes: Added in-app purchase functionality for voluntary contributions. This will allow users to make one-time or automatically recurring donations using their Google Play accounts directly from within the app. There's a silly easter egg if you donate, but it's nothing terriwnality at all. This is a stepping stone to combining Lite and Pro into one app, with Pro becoming an in-app purchase upgrade. This will help keep both versions up-to-date (the free version is embarassingly out of date). I sincerely appreciate everyone's support! Changed imperial LTE TA distance units to display miles instead of feet. This was a nice visual change suggested by a couple of users. If you prefer meters, that can be selected under the Preferences menu. Resolved issue with invalid CDMA sites being displayed/logged. Some invalid connections with BID 0 started appearing when Airave 4 support was added. This is now fixed. Resolved force closes related to the Location Service on some Android 8+ devices. Resolved various force closes related to installing, starting, and exiting the app. Bugfixes are wonderful! Any feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome.. as usual, more improvements are still in progress! -Mike
  7. New SCP beta 4.54b rolling out now.. minor bugfixes behind the scenes, primarily this is to align with the public app update also going out today. Goal of the next round of testing will be to add some features for Android Q including 5G support. Thanks for all of your support! -Mike
  8. I know there is not much documentation (one of my biggest peeves at the moment, but I try to devote my time to improving the app in ways that impact the most users -- fixing bugs and adding features), but really you just launch the app and see your signal info. What you want to do with that data from that point is kind of up to you. There are many settings under the Preferences menu that you can customize, but the default configuration should show you a lot of information. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail (support [at] bluelinepc [dot] com) if you'd like more specifics. TA support varies by device. Band 41 seems to be most accurate across the board; some devices require a correction factor applied when on certain bands (B25 & B26 at least). Perhaps it's not dropping below 3 because you were under the shadow of that site, similar to how you typically see strongest signal strengths a short distance away from a site due to antenna tilt, etc? I don't know a lot about the science behind TA; SCP simply reports the value the OS is reporting--with the only exception being if you enabled the correction factor option (then it doubles the given value, except on B41). The distance values are based on published formulas and converted to meters or feet (or miles in the latest version). -Mike
  9. You included the location on the report (119@Blackbob). I wouldn't say it was unhelpful, but it did not contain any 5G information -- however, I have a hunch as to why. Android did not include any 5G methods for developers prior to Android Q; I am still compiling with the Android P APIs, since Q is still in beta. I hope to get a public app update out within the next day or two, and then I'll release a new beta built with the Q APIs to start testing that. Hopefully that starts giving me some data. Keep an eye on the changelog, if you see a mention of improved Q compatibility, try sending me another diagnostic report while on 5G. Thanks! -Mike
  10. I think that will work, I'll give that approach a try. New beta rolling out within the hour, mostly bugfixes. No changes to the Sprint LTE offset issue mentioned above, haven't started working on that yet. Trip, it should hopefully resolve your CDMA BID 0 log entries moving forward, sorry it took awhile for that. Changed imperial LTE TA distance units to display miles instead of feet. Improved in-app purchase functionality. Resolved force closes related to the Location Service on some Android 8+ devices. Resolved internal exception thrown on installation(???). Resolved issue with invalid CDMA sites being displayed/logged. -Mike
  11. It will only share 1X site notes if the SID+NID+BID are identical.. the problem is that all of the Airave 4's I have seen report BID 0. So if all of them have the same SID and NID (which appears to only be 504-506 so far), that's probably what is causing this. Since CDMA 1X does not broadcast any other identifying information, there's no way for the app to know the difference. Personally I think the BID 0 is a software goof, but I can't even get my hands on an Airave 4, let alone tell them it's programmed wrong.. -Mike
  12. Oops, never replied to this.. sorry about that. If a site is identified as B25 or B26, SCP checks for a GCI 0x1450 "higher" when querying or saving site notes. If a site is identified as B41, it checks for a GCI 0x1450 "lower". If I'm understanding everything properly, yes your scenario would be true -- but if 30001 and 328A1 were discovered first, they would have independent notes.. once 31451 was logged, that would cause it to pull one of the other notes (depending on the band it was on). Depending on which site was hit next would determine which note got pulled. It could get a bit sloppy if this starts happening.. 😕 -Mike
  13. My Pixel on the A3 was the same way, would hang onto fringe signal if it could connect to it. Wouldn't shake unusable 1X800 unless it completely disappeared. The only way to know if you're on 1x800 is to check engineering screens or an app like SignalCheck. -Mike
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