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  1. After 7 months of beta testing, an updated version of SignalCheck Pro has finally been released! Version 4.68 is now live on Google Play for all users. It includes tons of bugfixes, significant 5G-NR improvements, and other things that will make your day better. The full changelog is available at https://signalcheck.app/change-log. Please feel free to post here or reach out with any questions. I appreciate everyone's support (and patience), thank you!
  2. Sorry, I missed this post earlier -- most mobile providers are now displaying a "5G" logo in the system bar when you are connected to a site that has 5G-NR capabilities, but it does not mean that you have an active 5G-NR connection. It's very misleading, but it seems like all of the major companies are doing it now. I looked at your reports, nothing indicates that you had a whiff of 5G at the time. Keep hunting..
  3. I experienced that myself a couple days ago, working on a resolution! I may move the uploading pop-up to an Android notification.. we'll see. For now, you should be able to get around it by clearing SCP from your recent apps and then reopening it.
  4. Those of you having issues with SCP -- how large are your log databases? Check Logs > Statistics.. maybe different size DBs are the reason for different stability levels?
  5. Another SignalCheck release for the Beta Crew is rolling out now! Fixed the stale location filtering (it didn't work in the last release), adjusted the scale of the graphical signal strength bars (15-35 dB stronger now required to max out), and some internal cleanup. Still not sure what's going on with those Samsung crashes. Please feel free to continue sharing any information you think may be relevant. Hopefully this release will be able to roll out to the public as well (web mapping data will still be limited to the Beta Crew for now). Thanks for all the help!
  6. I have not been able to nail down these issues.. nor can I replicate them. Not seeing crash reports that seem to correlate either. I'm hearing you and trying to figure it out, presumably something with the S21 stock firmware is wreaking havoc with something I'm doing. There are a couple of Samsung devices experiencing issues more frequently than I'm willing to accept, I just can't figure them out.. yet..
  7. I'm always interested in diagnostic reports, feel free to send! Are you only seeing the system 5G icon, or are you seeing 5G information displayed in SCP? If it's standalone (LTE+5G), you will only see signal strength information. 5G cell ID info is only reported with standalone connections.
  8. I will look into it; the method I implemented is not supposed to pester users, but I certainly could have done something wrong. I do not have an entry for 313690, so "T-Mobile" is what was being reported to the OS. I'll add an entry for that PLMN.. what would the most useful designation be? I intend to do it this week, with the version that went out to the Beta Crew a few days ago -- just need to ensure there are no lingering problems. So far it seems stable! It's still on the list!
  9. A fresh update for the Beta Crew is now live on Google Play! There are two significant changes, among some other smaller bugfixes: * If the device location is more than 10 seconds old, the accuracy will be recorded as "999" in the trail log. This will prevent entries with stale locations from being included in web uploads, and also be easy to quickly identify when looking at logs. * Fixed 5G-NR cell ID display; the values were previously wrong if the selected user preference was an option with sectors. A new hex cell - hex sector display option for IDs was also added. As always, any feedback is appreciated and thanks for your help!
  10. And once you update to the latest and greatest beta release that went live on Google Play an hour ago, your username will actually be sent to the server properly and start tracking your "points"!
  11. Quick update to say a new beta is live on Google Play!
  12. My apologies, I have been crazy busy.. I have been trying to get one last beta together that should tie up several loose ends, which I will hopefully be able to push out to everyone soon after that. I've been working on that all day today. In the meantime, you should be able to restore her old database fairly easily. When you import a database, it creates a backup of the existing database in the SignalCheck folder.. the filename will be the timestamp of whenever you tried to import the other one.
  13. Same here.. no notice but mine seems to have died around that time too. Wi-Fi Calling works well, but I can't send/receive texts.. frustrating.
  14. What you are seeing may have something to do with how Wi-Fi calling is configured on the network side, perhaps it is causing LTE to reconnect. The app will not show/hide mobile connection information based on Wi-Fi status.
  15. The "exit" option only exists on SignalCheck Pro because that actually shuts down the background location/logger/icon services that are available with that version. Those extra features do not exist in Lite, so there is no reason for it. The "exit" option does not kill the actual SCP process like it would if you go into the system screens and Force Stop it like you are doing. Best-practice Android design principles are to not include an "exit" feature because the OS prefers to handle memory management, and if you reopen the app an hour later, you may have used more resources to kill and restart it than if you just left it idle in the background.
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