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  1. It looks like when I added a free line they offered me (that I haven't used and has never had a device attached), that doubled the "administrative charge" from $5 to $10 and the state 911 surcharge went up. Free is never free!
  2. Speaking of taxes and fees, did anyone else's skyrocket over the last few months? My $40 plan now tacks on another $21 in fees and taxes.. that's a steep tax rate!
  3. Anyone else having issues with Taptalk on S4GRU lately? I no longer receive push notifications, and I tried logging out and logging into my S4GRU account again and it says there is a network error. I have not run into any issues accessing other forums with Taptalk lately.
  4. There is a small shopping plaza near me that has Sprint and T-Mobile next to each other, and AT&T and Verizon a few doors down. The Sprint store was re-branded in early August and both remain open today, literally right next to each other, their doors are inches apart but they remain separate. It is funny to see, but I assume there are leases involved that make it pointless to close one immediately. I don't think either one was a corporate store but I'm not positive.
  5. Are you guys using a Samsung with the recent Android 11 update? That update is resulting in 5G details missing from SCP (and probably other similar apps), not sure if that is related. Samsung is not reporting 5G-NR RSRP in that update -- please let them know if they have any sort of beta feedback channels. I do have extra crash reporting in this latest beta update, so I have a lot of new information that I am still combing through. I have not found anything that includes MIMO info, although there area several new features in the Android 11 API that I am still pouring thro
  6. I do get those Google reports, as well as similar ones from services I have embedded in SCP (as long as the app does not completely self-destruct before it can get sent). Always send the system reports if you are prompted and it's something new, and include email/notes when you can! I often need every angle I can to determine what the actual problem is.
  7. Your database issues befuddle me.. I did make a minor SQL syntax adjustment in the latest beta in the hopes that it would eliminate that weird issue where the app crashes and reports that it can't create a table that already exists. That is the only relevant error I've seen from you--and I think I've only seen it from you. The API says my previous code shouldn't generate that error, but maybe this new way will completely resolve it. Please keep using the database functionality how you normally do and see if it's better on this latest version. You mess with it more than the average user so if i
  8. The "coming soon" is probably referring to something on the software side, or hardware choices that were changed at the last minute. As far as hardware goes there's only a Verizon model and an unlocked model -- but both reportedly have the same network capabilities. The article below pointed out that adding mmWave to the unlocked model added $100 to the price. Perhaps at some point Google was considering excluding mmWave from the unlocked model. https://www.androidcentral.com/google-had-option-launch-599-pixel-5-us
  9. These are the 5G networks supported according to the Pixel 5 official specs: "5G Sub-6: Bands n1/2/3/5/7/8/12/28/41/66/71/77/78 5G mmWave: Bands n258/n260/n261" I believe T-Mobile mmWave uses n260 and n261.
  10. A new SignalCheck beta has been submitted, and will become available sometime in the next few hours (days?) depending on how long it takes Google Play to release it. They are still warning of delayed processing times. There are no big changes in this version on the end-user side, however there are extensive changes behind the scenes, including a new crash reporting service I am trying out. I did a lot of testing on my own, but as I mentioned last week, this release MAY be more unstable than typical beta builds because of the volume of code changes. I need help testing to ensure it is stab
  11. Maybe the difference is simply organizational.. higher overhead costs and/or profit margin targets? I think it's safe to presume that the 865 chip costs more than the 765.. we'll find out for sure tomorrow when the official specs and official pricing is announced. OnePlus seems to be the leader in combining price and specs these days. I'm looking forward to the announcement. I've been using a Google phone as my daily driver since the Nexus 5.. initially because I loved the phones compared to the competition, and while I still am pretty happy with the phones, it's also easier to test Signa
  12. Looks like you were on non-standalone T-Mobile 5G. The signal strength appeared to be quite strong, I'm guessing you were very close to the antenna site. You were using LTE band 66 as the anchor, along with 5G (unknown band). This is typically what SignalCheck is displaying on 5G NSA connections.. I have not seen any real-world examples of full 5G data being displayed except for on SA (standalone, ie no LTE anchor) connections.
  13. I have been in contact with OnePlus support in an attempt to improve SignalCheck's 5G reporting. I was ultimately directed to make a forum bug post by their support team. I would appreciate it if I could get users to "Like" or comment on that post in an attempt to get it attention: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/oneplus-devices-not-properly-reporting-5g-nr-cell-info-to-android-api.1312205/ Not sure if it will help, but it certainly can't hurt. Thank you!
  14. B41 in this market always had the 0x145000 offset, until these oddball 000***** B41 GCIs started appearing on some sites. Currently everything either remains the same it always had been, or has switched B41 to the new 000-style. I have not seen any B25/B26 GCI changes on any sites I had previously identified in MA or NH.
  15. You never know, sometimes the devices with the best engineering screens report garbage to the OS, and vice versa. I know @S4GRU was testing a V60 with SCP.. Robert, have you seen any 5G band info in SCP? It would likely only be seen with a standalone connection at this point..
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