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  1. Same here. It seems to have happened when there was an issue that took the site down for a bit. Once that was corrected, Tapatalk integration was gone. I guess it got removed with the restore or whatever was done to fix the site.
  2. Yes. Switching to TNX will cause you to lose all Sprint roaming partners. You would only have access to T-mobile roaming, and whoever their partners are. I know there is some att roaming but it's more restrictive than Sprint. And you also lose high speed international roaming.
  3. Yes, sorry, the RRUs. Antennas (looking straight on) are 12/71 on the left, 41 middle, 2/25/66 on the right. Interestingly, there was a lot of interference around it. The video feed was really laggy. And when the drone was directly in front of the MMIMO unit it started reporting strong interference warnings. The video feed is 2.4 Gh so I guess it's close enough to 2.5 to cause issues.
  4. Got some drone pics of a recently upgraded T-Mobile site: B66/N66 + B25/N25 AHFIG center. AHBOA B71/ N71 right. Nokia Flexi Zone B12 left. Behind AHFIG is network converging box where the hybrid flex splits output and fiber to the RRUs. Gen 2 Nokia M-MIMO (courtesy of lilotimz). More pics: https://www.joshuajhill.com/s4gru/img/PT43XC804/
  5. On the Pixel 4 at least, the MVNO profile that's loaded for the SIM disables the ability to turn on VoLTE. Same for red Pocket T-Mobile. I used root to set a prop that forces the toggle to always be present in settings and VoLTE works fine on GSMA and GSMT. AT&T is now at least allowing VoLTE on MVNOs on their network. But devices need updated to allow it to be turned on.
  6. Turn off wifi and make a call. Does your phone still display LTE? If so, then VoLTE is enabled. If not, and your phone is connected to it (you can use an app like Signal Check to confirm), then it's not enabled.
  7. Generally I don't think it matters which you connect to. I haven't seen a difference between them. It seems 310-120 might be used to regular data, and 312-530 is used for the IMS session for text and VoLTE. Or at least on VoLTE capable devices, some Android APIs report 310-120, and some report 312-530, so they're both likely being used somehow. Signal Check and CellMapper seem to always report 310-120, but Network Signal Guru always reports 312-530. 311-490 is only used for T-Mobile or ROAMAHOME. It's likely sticky and persists for a bit, but there should be no practical difference. 312-
  8. Sprint has 5-6 that they broadcast: 312-120 is seemingly non-VoLTE. 312-530 is VoLTE. 310-830 is for Magic Boxes and small cells to connect to (note that it's marked as "reserved". This means it needs a special SIM to access it). 311-882 I think is prepaid? 311-490 is for T-Mobile roaming, and 312-250 on some sites for T-Mobile native. The others are on all sites. Magic Boxes broadcast 3. 310-120, 312-530, and 311-490.
  9. I found a couple interesting tidbits. First, network signaling on T-Mobile shows 312-250 as an "equivalent PLMN" to 310-260, meaning it's treated as native and behaves like the Clearwire PLMN did with Sprint back in the Clearwire days. Should have soft handoffs with no IP address change nor drop of a VoLTE call, but I haven't tested this yet. Second, it seems that T-Mobile has disabled CA for Sprint users without ROAMAHOME or TNX if they're "roaming" on T-Mobile. The carrier policy marks 311-490 as Sprint (whereas it's T-Mobile for non ROAMAHOME or TNX users) and only enables
  10. Has B41 been moved to the B25/26 GCI in your area? In Samsung markets at least they've all on the same GCI now. So this would make sense if your market was still separate. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Yup, in western PA and northeast Ohio, Sprint coverage blows away T-Mobile's. T-mobile seems to have built a barebones network just to claim coverage. In the Youngstown area I'd estimate that Sprint has 2x as many towers as T-mobile. Pittsburgh also has better site density and site placement. The only places I know where T-mobile has better coverage are along 376 between the 76-376 interchange near Beaver Falls and 224, and on the route northeast of Pittsburgh going up to I-80, where there is a 20 minute stretch of no Sprint service but T-mobile does. T-mobile built their network in this area
  12. If you activate it at the time of purchase, I think you get charged an activation fee ($35 I believe), which may go to best buy. Hence the discount. If you buy it without activating and just swap it on, there is no activation fee. Neither of them will affect your plan. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Sprint sites have begun broadcasting the Clearwire PLMN (311-490, the same one that T-Mobile broadcasts for Sprint roaming). Even my Airave has it, whereas it didn't a month or so ago. I'm pretty sure the reports on reddit showed T-Mobile customers using this PLMN on Sprint. So my assumption is that this is the PLMN for the merged network. We've seen other signs of true MOCN, such as T-Mobile neighbors showing up while connected to Sprint in some areas (for me this is only in rural areas. It doesn't happen in Pittsburgh for example, where Sprint has the better network). The phone only scans n
  14. Sprint's 8T8R radios have been recertified for NR. If Sprint was still independent they could flip a software switch and basically have N41 coverage everywhere... but a more likely scenario is that T-mobile will redeploy the 8T8R equipment as they decommission Sprint sites. Either to add N41 to a T-Mobile site, or to add it in addition to a M-MIMO unit to add B41 and eventually additional N41 carriers (M-MIMO units can't utilize the full 160 MHz of B41). Having that much equipment already should hopefully speed up the deployment and number of sites they put it on. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL usin
  15. If you use Android, you can go into the settings and force DNS over TLS by specifying a server. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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