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  1. VoLTE works surprisingly well on an unsupported device at the moment. I've forced it on the Pixel 3 XL, which Sprint insists is not possible, and it works great. It ignores all the per eNB enable/disable settings that Sprint broadcasts, so it's working on magic boxes and in theory unlaunched markets. I tested the QoS on it today in a rush hour subway station where Hangouts messages were taking 30-60+ seconds to send due to congestion, and it worked flawlessly. Honestly, I think whatever weird/non-standard(?) thing Sprint is doing to enable/disable it on a per eNB level is causing a lot of stability problems with supported devices, where it turns off and won't go back on, etc. Once that is overridden, it works really well, at least if you're in an area without 3G drops Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Data has not been used for SMS since the Pixel 1, which uses IMS. The 2 and 3 both have constant SRLTE and use 1x for SMS instead. If wifi calling is enabled and set to preferred on the 3, it will use that for SMS over 1x (though MMS still needs LTE or CDMA). Likewise, if you force VoLTE on the 3, I THINK it uses IMS for SMS instead of 1x (it should), but I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah. Even though B26 would be the PCC, I wonder if the network can basically just not use it for download (even if there is capacity) and instead almost exclusively use the SCC. Thus keeping B26 free for people who need it. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Just noticed that I have it too. Updated UI. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. If you don't want to root, you can't get VoLTE for now. The phone supports it, but we're just waiting on Sprint/Google to flip the switch. No idea when that might be. Could be next month, could be 6+ months from now. I used to use Google Voice, but wifi calling on the Pixel 3 breaks conditional call forwarding. This forced me back to Sprint voicemail. So far I haven't had any issues with the Sprint Visual Voicemail app, but then again I rarely get voicemails. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Do you have an Essential that's rooted? If so, I'd be really curious to see the results and what NSG shows. On the Pixel we've confirmed that it's true VoLTE. Note the EUTRA session with QCI 1. That's the VoLTE call. The session with QCI 5 is the IMS session, and QCI 9 is the normal data session. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Very likely. I'm guessing that any phone that uses the new wifi calling infrastructure will be able to use it. The config is already there, it just needs forced on. Edit: what's interesting is that it allows VoLTE to be used on Airaves and Magic Boxes, which disables it on "supported" devices. I'm guessing that it also works outside of VoLTE enabled markets too. Albeit it probably doesn't have QOS in those cases, so quality may be an issue. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  8. There's really no reason. One member here just figured out how to hack the Pixel to force VoLTE to be enabled (root required), and it works perfectly. It was literally just forcing the toggle to appear... The VoLTE implemention is standard and the software and config is already there, it just needs forced on. Sprint is just limiting the rollout, either because they feel the network isn't ready, or for other reasons. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  9. Indeed you do [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  10. There is an adb command that you can run, without root I think, that sets what radios are affected by airplane mode. I set mine to not disable Bluetooth. Get an adb shell and run: settings put global airplane_mode_radios cell,wifi,wimax You can leave out wifi if you don't want it affected by airplane mode. The default list is cell,bluetooth,wifi,nfc,wimax Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Does field test show the earfcn? That could be used as well. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  12. No. There was a beta firmware that one person was able to get pushed to their MB, and it added some things to the non-relay backhaul options, but it still was not working. They're seemingly having trouble getting it to work for some reason. Sprint is apparently having lots of software configuration related issues lately, between this and VoLTE rollout issues. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Supposedly, at least on the Pixels (I assume Samsung uses the standard implementation now), it's continuously learning and refining the known prints. So every time it's scanned and accepted, it takes that new scan into account for future scans. In theory this should mean that it will adjust to changes in your prints. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  14. Supposedly the airave doesn't support VoLTE, and when in range it supposedly disables it, as if you crossed into a non VoLTE market. It's possible that this isn't working properly and it's confusing your phone. Maybe try disabling it? I assume you've tried rebooting your airave? I've run into issues with mine that can last for weeks, where LTE from the airave does something to my phone and it will refuse to connect to LTE (on a magic box or macro, or the airave itself) until I airplane mode toggle. As soon as it connects to the airave LTE the problem repeated. I disabled LTE on the airave for a few weeks (blocked the LTE ipsec tunnel on my router, so it was 3g only), and when I reenabled it it had been fixed. [emoji2369] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  15. I only browse with Tapatalk, but whatever Robert did last week fixed the speed issues that I was having. For people having issues, does Developer Tools show anything? Anything in the console, or any specific request that's hanging? That might be useful to help figure out the cause. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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