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  1. Have you seen any good speeds on b13 last time I tested it it was super slow only b25 and b41 got some speed and I wasn't in a urban area so it shouldn't be as congested but each time I connected to b13 the speedtest wouldn't run
  2. Lucky for me my market Puerto Rico doesn't have b26. Sprint brought a local carrier with b13 so sprint got b13. And according to concessions they don't have to give any of it away so t mobile is in a good spectrum position they could focus their entire 600mzh spectrum for NR and with dish additional spectrum that comes to 70mzh so yeah quite a bit. For LTE users they would leave the b13 for us sure at the first 3 years b71 would be technically better since it runs at 20mzh and b13 runs at 10mzh but after those 3 years pass they would have around 10mzh so technically the same bandwidth.
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