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Keep a Word, Drop a Word #7


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We have started a new thread for KAW-DAW. The previous thread is over 3,500 entries and has been closed.  It ran for nearly three years! 

If you've never played Keep a Word, Drop a Word before, it is really simple. See below...


Example Post 1: customer satisfaction

Example Post 2: tough customer

Example Post 3: tough break

Example Post 4: break wind


Comprendo? See, it is really simple.

  • For each new post just keep a word from the previous post and drop the other and replace with a new one.
  • Please KEEP your posts to JUST 2 WORDS, but if you are stuck and must to, you can include a "helper" word, like: a, the, an, etc. BUT the next post CANNOT use that "helper" word as the one they keep for the next post.
  • You can however use the same "keep" word as the previous poster if you want to.
  • Otherwise just have fun with it and let's see where it goes? If things get stalled out just start a new line of thought by making a new 2 word saying.

I will kick off the game below...

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    • Ah thanks! The iPhone 13 should definitely support NR CA, if it is live. I don't know if Apple has the feature unavailable for use until a carrier(s) want it active though. I may need to switch from the TMB to XAA CSC sooner than later to bring back the n41 SA option then...
    • Mike, I sent you diagnostics today from my Moto One 5G Ace, which is on Tello service so I could do 5G-NR with it.  It suddenly started picking up 5G stand-alone, but it appears the API is not providing any detailed information. Since sending it this morning, I've concluded the problem is likely that this device is still stuck on Android 10, and that Android 11 is needed for full information.  If so, I'm at Motorola's mercy, waiting for them to release an update.  Does that sound right to you? - Trip
    • I don't think NR CA is available on the iPhone 13 just yet but I did connect to SA n41 in Brooklyn as recently as Tuesday. I spotted this in my basement with my phone flipping between n41 and n71.
    • All 5 are being kept, plus eNB 5882, which I didn't expect to be kept. This is going to be an extremely hyper dense macro network. Also to add to the keep list: 5826 and 15941. Album of screenshots past and present here. 253934 has been wiped clean, and eNB 5900 is the one that has been fully converted. Not what I expected at all as eNB 127922 has n41 installed. I wanted a pic from the north (127922 in focus, former 5900 in the background), but did the south instead. You can see a pixelated 127922 if you look very closely, and here are both circled if you can't. I'm not sure what happened with the Cellmapper data here, but I think other towers were picked up instead, as nothing has updated the way I expected it to, plus its height means I was probably wasn't connected to it when I thought I was. I couldn't flip through band locking, nor was the time of the day helpful for taking a spin around it. It's T-Mobile shifting locations. PC Mag has a new T-Mobile 5G article here, and I would love to check if n41 SA is live across NYC, as it being live means NR CA is probably also live, but they removed the n41 SA option from my A71. @thisischuck01 have you seen any NR CA since you last saw it, as I have heard the S21 is one of the few, if not the only T-Mobile branded Samsung device that still has the n41 SA option.
    • Found another keep site in Crown Heights. Sprint eNB 837970. What's unique about this site compared to the others I've encountered is that my phone roams onto it automatically. It'll drop T-Mobile coverage completely and pick this site up if I get close enough to it. I've noticed it happen a bunch of time while driving on Atlantic Avenue.
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