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  1. I spoke to support today and they told me the S10 isn't supported yet. Hopefully they support it soon.
  2. Looks like Altice doesn't take unlocked S10's yet. My device wouldn't activate at all. Interestingly there are no VoLTE settings but there are WiFi Calling options in the dialer menu. I'm pretty sure that Altice Mobile is an LTE only MVNO.
  3. My Altice Mobile SIM card just got delivered in NY. Hopefully I'll get it to Boston by Wednesday.
  4. I just ordered a SIM for Altice Mobile but since I'm based in Boston right now, it's getting delivered to my home in New York and then I'm getting it mailed to me so I won't be able to test it until next week most likely. The deal was just too good to pass up. Unlimited everything and no deprioritization for $20/month + taxes and fees along with access to both Sprint and AT&T's network sounds too good to be true.
  5. I would switch to Altice Mobile right now if it weren't for the fact that they don't cover most of the destinations that I travel to regularly and I'd probably lose RCS. Otherwise I'd switch in a heartbeat for unlimited access to both Sprint and AT&T's networks for $20/month since I am an Optimum customer. I wonder if they'll add more international destinations soon. Another thing worth noting is that they claim that they're not deprioritized compared to regular postpaid Sprint or AT&T customers like most MVNOs are because of the agreements they signed with both carriers.
  6. Altice lunched their MVNO and pricing seems very competitive. It also runs off of both Sprint and AT&T's networks. https://alticemobile.com/
  7. https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-lights-up-true-mobile-5g-in-los-angeles-new-york-city-phoenix-and-washington-dc.htm?linkId=72702934
  8. Samsung received over 1.3 Million preorders for the Note 10 and Note 10+ which is twice as many as they received for the Note 9. http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20190820000614&ACE_SEARCH=1
  9. Sprint put a small cell about half of a block away from my house. It's a relay small cell with one carrier. Speeds are about 40-50Mbps and pings of about 70ms. It's in a spot where Band 41 would go down to about 1 or 2 bars without it.
  10. Despite the negativity surrounding the Note 10 on places like Reddit, it seems like a great upgrade for folks using the Note 8 or older. It has a better display in spite of the lower resolution, the same display size as the Note 8 in a smaller body, faster processor, better cameras, more base storage, more RAM, and a larger battery. The only thing I wish they kept was the headphone jack but the removal of it seemed kinda inevitable once the Galaxy Buds were released and actually became pretty popular. I also think it’s interesting that almost every reviewer on YouTube so far has said that they’re more interested in the smaller Note.
  11. July security patch is finally out for the US unlocked S10.
  12. The work with Altice has mainly been done in Long Island which needed it a lot more than NYC. There are parts of Long Island that had no signal at all that now have signal outdoors at the very least thanks to their collaboration with Sprint. I'm pretty sure that all this work was being done in anticipation of a launch of an MVNO from Altice so I'm just wondering when they plan on making that happen.
  13. I'm really excited from a network standpoint. All these bands combined will make for a monstrous network. From a pricing standpoint, I'm not as excited. I can already see my bill going up lol.
  14. They got the go ahead! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/26/business/media/sprint-tmobile-merger.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes
  15. Sprint says hackers accessed sensitive subscriber info through a Samsung website https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/16/20696979/sprint-hack-samsung-website-breach-sensitive-subscriber-info-leaked
  16. Really goes to show that despite all of the anecdotes, Sprint is pretty much on par with all of the other carriers in almost every metric besides upload speeds.
  17. I went to MIT to watch the fireworks and while there were a number of COWs there, I don't think any of them belonged to Sprint. Band 41 was heavily loaded but still fared well. I was getting 7Mbps and 1 up with it but on any other band, data was pretty much nonexistent. I had cycle airplane mode a lot to get pushed back onto Band 41 because the network kept trying to kick me off. A few block away from the waterfront, my phone stayed on Band 41 with speeds reaching nearly 200Mbps. It's crazy what a crowd can do.
  18. I can definitely echo this for my own experience in Boston's suburbs. At times I wonder if EVDO still exists since my phone drops from LTE straight to 1x. And it's not as if I'm dropping to a strong 1x signal either. More often than not, the signal on 1x is extremely weak, near the point of having no signal altogether. You can definitely tell that Sprint has been putting in a ton of effort to match their 1x footprint as close as possible in many markets. Most recently on the portion of I-84 near the CT/MA border that I used to complain about dropping to 1x in and even occasionally roaming, I can now hold onto (weak) LTE the entire way.
  19. I still haven't experienced any issues with my S10+. I'm hoping that the next round of Samsung devices, if they don't have the headphone jack, will at least come with wireless earbuds. Since I've purchased this phone, I haven't used wired earbuds with it once. The instant pairing with the Galaxy Buds is just too convenient and the sound quality isn't bad.
  20. T-Mobile’s 5G network can’t yet top Verizon’s speed, but it has promising coverage PCMag's article goes way more in depth with the network experience.
  21. Speaking just for NYC, Sprint will never get the citywide root score award because of a combination of slower upload speeds than other carriers and poorer performance in the suburbs. It doesn't matter if Sprint is the fastest carrier in the city if they're still in last place in the suburbs. That's not to say they're bad in there but their network is not up to the same standard as it is within the city. Sprint seems to recognize that now and is doing a lot of upgrades in Long Island with the help of Altice to improve density and speeds in the area. The good news is, Altice is currently building out a FTTH network across its entire footprint including pretty much all of the NYC suburbs so we'll probably see a backhaul increase at sites across the market and after Sprint brings Long Island up to par, they'll likely tackle northern New Jersey, Downstate NY, and much of western Connecticut next.
  22. T-Mobile is launching 5G in 6 cities on June 28th alongside the Galaxy S10 5G. The cities are NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta. If you’re in one of these cities, you’ll be able to purchase the phone, though T-Mobile makes it clear that its 5G coverage is currently extremely limited and will only reliably work outdoors. They even kinda have coverage maps. NYC has the largest deployment out of all of them and it's because their macro site density is insane here. The rest of the cities don't look too good.
  23. Sprint's 5G performance is similar to the 5G networks launching in Europe. The benefit of Sprint's 5G network is that at least you have contiguous coverage, both indoors and outdoors and even while driving around. With mmWave, if you aren't within direct line of sight of a cell site, your speeds will drop to below Sprint advertised average speeds. Also mmWave signal is pretty much non-existent if you have so much as a pane of glass in the way. Peak performance ≠ Average performance
  24. Dish could be a smaller carrier like a Freedom Mobile in Canada. Right now they have their own spectrum but not the customers or the network yet. They can be given a roam-like-home agreement on the New T-Mobile network while they build out their own.
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