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  1. The only thing I've noticed in NYC is that T-Mobile seems to deploy 5G in clusters which is something they've been doing since their initial LTE deployment. Taking a look at Cellmapper in my area, the sites where T-Mobile has deployed n71 appear to be grouped together for the most part.
  2. Because just like any other network, they can't guarantee coverage everywhere.
  3. One thing that I've learned over the weekend is that T-Mobile devices in will roam on Verizon LTE when they leave native coverage. It's a really interesting choice given that Sprint chose to roam on AT&T LTE as opposed to Verizon. Part of me thinks that the reason why they chose Verizon over AT&T is that the coverage gap between AT&T and T-Mobile is a lot smaller than the coverage gap between Verizon and T-Mobile.
  4. It depends. I think it's probably the most complete package out of any Android phone released this year however I would never recommend it to anyone at full price. I'd only suggest purchasing it if you can get it at a steep discount. Overall I think the S20+ is better value for its price.
  5. I understand however, now T-Mobile is in control of everything and they're likely pushing automatic updates in the background to unify user experience regardless of what brand the user is currently using.
  6. On T-Mobile's there is no VoLTE icon because it's turned on by default. T-Mobile must be making this change on all compatible devices regardless of network. On my S20 Ultra, there isn't even an option to turn VoLTE on or off on T-Mobile. The only way I can use 3G or 2G for calls is by turning off LTE altogether.
  7. I'm really curious as to what T-Mobile got rid of to make n41 go from 40MHz to 60MHz.
  8. I'm not sure what they cannibalized to do this. I think we have about 120MHz here so either Band 41 LTE shrank or small cells are no more. He's also squeezing 900Mbps out of the NR layer which is insane.
  9. That makes a lot more sense. We know that T-Mobile started activating higher order MIMO across Sprint's LTE network when they took over. 15x15 with 256/64QAM is absolutely capable of those speeds that they're seeing.
  10. Can't get those speeds with 5x5 Band 25 even with 4x4MIMO and 256QAM. You're definitely connected to more than just that.
  11. Nope. I've been through a good number of the areas where T-Mobile said that they've deployed n41 and found nothing. n71 coverage is also still super thin.
  12. I drove from SoHo to Red Hook today and there was no n41 to be found. Separately, I think T-Mobile made the right choice by taking advantage of their dense macro footprint to deploy mmWave because I find myself connected to mmWave quite often when I'm in Manhattan. It's not contiguous coverage by any means but it's far better than what Verizon has deployed in NYC. I also don't see mmWave being a Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn only deal for much longer. Taking a look at Verizon's 5G coverage map, while coverage is super bad, they are pretty much deploying anywhere they can get a permit to do so. Apparently there's a Verizon mmWave small cell a few blocks from my home. I can definitely see T-Mobile pushing mmWave into the outer boroughs pretty soon to try to outdo Verizon.
  13. That sucks. I wonder how long it'll be before T-Mobile starts thinning Band 41 LTE for 5G use. The way I see it, the 20MHz that's currently reserved for small cells are either going to be first to go or last to go. They definitely help augment Sprint's LTE coverage very well so it might be necessary to keep them for a while until they can replace them with 5G small cells.
  14. It's partially a limitation of NSA 5G and partially T-Mobile misleading everyone. T-Mobile uses Band 4/66 and Band 2 as the anchor bands for their 5G network and they basically turned on ENDC network-wide to prepare for the deployment of n71. As a result the 5G icon is on if a site is basically "ready for 5G". On the other hand Sprint used Band 41 as the anchor band and only had ENDC active on the sites where they also had 5G deployed. That combined with the Sprint 5G and anchor band footprint pretty much overlapping each other meant that the icon only appeared when you were connected to 5G. Verizon's implementation is just as weird as T-Mobile but it more a case of undepromising compared to T-Mobile's overpromising of coverage. Verizon doesn't show the 5G icon unless an active 5G data session is occurring which means that you could be within 5G coverage or connected to 5G and still only see LTE in the status bar.
  15. I went up to the Bronx yesterday and experienced a weird issue where my phone wouldn't get more than 2Mbps down. It definitely seemed out of the ordinary given that the network screens showed that I had pretty much a perfect signal. After I restarted my phone, speeds went up to 71 Mbps down and 27 Mbps up. Maybe I'm lucky but for me T-Mobile has been consistently in the 40-80Mbps range. It's slower than my average Sprint speeds in the same areas but T-Mobile has had better indoor LTE coverage in the places I frequent. My only complaint is that they really need to densify their 5G footprint. It's a shame that T-Mobile can get away with saying they cover NYC in 5G when 9 times out of 10, I'm on LTE while outdoors. The 5G experience on Sprint is way superior to T-Mobile.
  16. Looks like T-Mobile slowed down 5G deployment significantly in the past few months because of the merger. Only 1,600 sites upgraded in all of Q1 but they managed to do 62.5% of that amount in a single month post-merger.
  17. No, speeds are great in my house however, in NYC T-Mobile isn't exactly consistent about deployment of spectrum and new technologies across their network. My local site doesn't have Band 71 LTE or n71 at all. T-Mobile n41 is barely deployed in the city, it's just opened up for commercial use. I likely won't have time to drive to Downtown Brooklyn or the parts of Manhattan where T-Mobile has n41 deployed until this weekend.
  18. I probably won't have time to drive around and test until this weekend. It's super limited availability. T-Mobile barely has any n71 in my neighborhood so I'm not expecting to see n41 me anytime soon.
  19. Until we get some new T-Mobile maps on this site, Cellmapper is going to be my source for tracking T-Mobile sites. It reminds me of Sprint's early days when I used to run Sensorly 24/7. The confirmed sites on the map are spot on here.
  20. Looks like I'm gonna have to do some driving this weekend!
  21. I've done quite a bit of mapping of T-Mobile's network on Cellmapper in the past week. You can see that a lot of the sites I hit are actually missing bands.
  22. It's a hidden menu that's in the dialer/Call app. The Samsing Band Selector app is pretty much just a shortcut to that hidden menu.It would be super useful to have in the SCP app.
  23. One of the things that I've noticed about T-Mobile's network is the inconsistency in which bands are available at their sites. I can't speak for the other boroughs because I spend most of my time in Brooklyn and Manhattan but in Brooklyn, Sprint tri-banded every single one of their legacy sites and pretty much every legacy Clear site had at least been upgraded to 8T8R Band 41 antennas. On T-Mobile it's largely a toss up on what bands you'll encounter at each site. The only guarantee is Band 4/66. I've come across sites that are B66/B2 only, B66/B2/B12, B66/B12/B71, B2/B12/B66/B71 and everything in between.
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