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  1. Sprint says hackers accessed sensitive subscriber info through a Samsung website https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/16/20696979/sprint-hack-samsung-website-breach-sensitive-subscriber-info-leaked
  2. Really goes to show that despite all of the anecdotes, Sprint is pretty much on par with all of the other carriers in almost every metric besides upload speeds.
  3. I went to MIT to watch the fireworks and while there were a number of COWs there, I don't think any of them belonged to Sprint. Band 41 was heavily loaded but still fared well. I was getting 7Mbps and 1 up with it but on any other band, data was pretty much nonexistent. I had cycle airplane mode a lot to get pushed back onto Band 41 because the network kept trying to kick me off. A few block away from the waterfront, my phone stayed on Band 41 with speeds reaching nearly 200Mbps. It's crazy what a crowd can do.
  4. I can definitely echo this for my own experience in Boston's suburbs. At times I wonder if EVDO still exists since my phone drops from LTE straight to 1x. And it's not as if I'm dropping to a strong 1x signal either. More often than not, the signal on 1x is extremely weak, near the point of having no signal altogether. You can definitely tell that Sprint has been putting in a ton of effort to match their 1x footprint as close as possible in many markets. Most recently on the portion of I-84 near the CT/MA border that I used to complain about dropping to 1x in and even occasionally roaming, I can now hold onto (weak) LTE the entire way.
  5. I still haven't experienced any issues with my S10+. I'm hoping that the next round of Samsung devices, if they don't have the headphone jack, will at least come with wireless earbuds. Since I've purchased this phone, I haven't used wired earbuds with it once. The instant pairing with the Galaxy Buds is just too convenient and the sound quality isn't bad.
  6. T-Mobile’s 5G network can’t yet top Verizon’s speed, but it has promising coverage PCMag's article goes way more in depth with the network experience.
  7. Speaking just for NYC, Sprint will never get the citywide root score award because of a combination of slower upload speeds than other carriers and poorer performance in the suburbs. It doesn't matter if Sprint is the fastest carrier in the city if they're still in last place in the suburbs. That's not to say they're bad in there but their network is not up to the same standard as it is within the city. Sprint seems to recognize that now and is doing a lot of upgrades in Long Island with the help of Altice to improve density and speeds in the area. The good news is, Altice is currently building out a FTTH network across its entire footprint including pretty much all of the NYC suburbs so we'll probably see a backhaul increase at sites across the market and after Sprint brings Long Island up to par, they'll likely tackle northern New Jersey, Downstate NY, and much of western Connecticut next.
  8. T-Mobile is launching 5G in 6 cities on June 28th alongside the Galaxy S10 5G. The cities are NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta. If you’re in one of these cities, you’ll be able to purchase the phone, though T-Mobile makes it clear that its 5G coverage is currently extremely limited and will only reliably work outdoors. They even kinda have coverage maps. NYC has the largest deployment out of all of them and it's because their macro site density is insane here. The rest of the cities don't look too good.
  9. Sprint's 5G performance is similar to the 5G networks launching in Europe. The benefit of Sprint's 5G network is that at least you have contiguous coverage, both indoors and outdoors and even while driving around. With mmWave, if you aren't within direct line of sight of a cell site, your speeds will drop to below Sprint advertised average speeds. Also mmWave signal is pretty much non-existent if you have so much as a pane of glass in the way. Peak performance ≠ Average performance
  10. Dish could be a smaller carrier like a Freedom Mobile in Canada. Right now they have their own spectrum but not the customers or the network yet. They can be given a roam-like-home agreement on the New T-Mobile network while they build out their own.
  11. Two potential reasons that I can think of for Dish to be against this. 1. If Sprint and T-Mobile merge, then that's one less carrier that's gonna need Dish's spectrum down the line. Instead of it being T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T who will need mid-band spectrum, it'll only be Verizon and AT&T. 2. Dish is probably hoping that they can swoop in and pick up Sprint for a decent price if the deal gets shut down so that they can acquire the customers and spectrum and work from there. But I think they'd be facing stiff competition from Cable Co's with deep pockets like Comcast and Charter.
  12. If there's a Sprint site on top of the parking lot, then that's a brand new site. I don't recall there ever being one there.
  13. Do you know which site you were picking up? Was it the monopole nearest to Kings Plaza or the Massive MIMO site that you found a while back on top of a building? If it's the monopole that would be funny because it's one of the first sites in NYC where we found live LTE.
  14. That's what people are hoping for. I'm thinking the same thing.
  15. T-Mobile already said they plan on carrying the S10 5G and that it'll work on their mmWave network.
  16. If you want to maintain thinness and the ability to show off your phone while keeping it protected I'd suggest a CrashGuard bumper from RhinoShield and one of their tempered glass screen protectors and back protectors. The screen protectors a 9 on Mohs hardness scale so they don't scratch easily and they're very shatter resistant.
  17. PCMag got to test T-Mobile's 5G network in NYC unofficially by using a T-Mobile SIM in an Verizon S10 5G. T-Mobile's midtown macro site spacing is good enough for pretty much seamless outdoor coverage. They mention it's 100MHz of spectrum which has a max speed of 650Mbps but they were only able to hit up to 500Mbps. Then (they believe) that T-Mobile caught on and started capping their speeds. https://www.pcmag.com/news/368728/t-mobiles-pre-launch-5g-network-results-are-encouraging
  18. More positive press about Sprint's 5G network. https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/3/18647432/sprint-5g-network-impressions-speed-tests-t-mobile-merger-verizon#comments
  19. This should be helpful. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/marek-s-take-dynamic-spectrum-sharing-may-change-5g-deployment-game
  20. Saw said that once DSS becomes available they'll be able to use 100MHz of spectrum for 5G and 60MHz for LTE simultaneously.
  21. @Terrell352 You weren't completely wrong. It appears Sprint is using either 40 or 60MHz of spectrum depending on the market according to FierceWireless.
  22. PCMag said it's 60MHz of spectrum. https://www.pcmag.com/news/368681/sprint-launches-first-broad-5g-coverage-in-4-cities Also when Sprint was in Barcelona at MWC they said they would devote 60MHz to LTE and 60MHz to 5G. The only time they used 40MHz for 5G was in their demo at Google IO.
  23. ENDC only allows for seamless handoffs between the 5G and LTE network right now so I'm confused by your comment. Sprint would still need to move half of their spectrum over to 5G from LTE. If Sprint could use all 120MHz for 5G and still have people able to use LTE on that same 120MHz at the same time, don't you think they'd be doing that right now? Instead they're using 60MHz for 5G and 60MHz for LTE until they get enough people on 5G for them to move the rest from LTE or implement DSS.
  24. This is the type of good press that I was expecting to see and I'm glad that Saw is setting the right expectations for their network.
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