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  1. In any merger or buy-out it is usually office staff that lose their jobs. The workers who physically keep everything running are the ones most likely to move over to T-Mobile. The sales people, office managers, help desk, HR, finance, etc. are the ones that if Shentel does not have a landing spot for them, they will be out of a job as T-Mobile already has people for these roles.
  2. Any new 5G device purchased is automatically moved over to T-Mobile if possible as the primary mechanism. Next would be modern devices that support all bands in good T-Mobile coverage areas that get assigned ROAMAHOME over the air. Third would be those devices that get a new sim card.
  3. That is tracking quite nicely with my estimate that at least 2% of customers will be moved from Sprint's network to T-Mobile's network each month.
  4. T-Mobile is not about to put the newest Apple flagship 5G devices on a network that does not have 5G. No way they allow these to use the Sprint network as their home network where they would be stuck on LTE and almost never see a 5G icon.
  5. Network roaming was their first step but roaming is not particularly useful in that it requires a user to lose their home network connection before the roaming connection gets established. In weak signal areas and overloaded network areas, users stay on the poorly performing network. Their second step was moving 5G from Sprint to T-Mobile. This was for bragging rights but lost them some customers when 5G Sprint customers were forcibly moved from the Sprint network to the T-Mobile network in areas where the T-Mobile network did not work well for them and users with certain 5G devices los
  6. Big assumptions here but these numbers look possible. The Apple September 10th announcement is expected to include the release date for the 5G iPhone 12 and possibly an iPad 5G and Apple Watch 5G. The release date is currently expected to be sometime in October. T-Mobile is not allowing new 5G devices to be activated on the Sprint network and requires a migration of that line to T-Mobile's network when activating a new 5G device. If we assume that more than 2% of Sprint legacy customers purchase a new device each month and that Sprint has ~50 million legacy customers still on its networ
  7. I am going to go with DSS to allow T-Mobile LTE and 5G to be shared with each other.
  8. And that was also the problem with Sprint. They spent loads of money upgrading everything in certain markets so they could get bragging rights even when some of the upgrades in those markets were not needed. At the same time they all but ignored other markets since they did not have the money to perform the needed upgrades everywhere. Sprint also could not properly manage where to direct their limited funds based on system load as T-Mobile claims they do. I would much rather work with a company that uses data to determine where to do their upgrades rather than a company that is just throwi
  9. Unloaded 5G and overloaded 4G is unlikely to be in place for long since most customers replace their mobile phones every couple years. As new phones come out that support 5G and the phone makers stop making phones that do not support 5G, customers will naturally purchase new 5G enabled phones thus moving themselves to 5G. I would expect greater than 2% of customers will move to 5G each month over the next couple years as new phones are purchased by customers. This mass migration to 5G may not start until this fall when all the flagship models will support 5G but when it does, it will be uns
  10. I seem to remember that T-Mobile has a complex automated monitoring system that generates regular capacity reports for each of their sites. The network people use those reports to decide how to boost capacity at or near sites that are already overloaded or getting close to being overloaded along with how to fill coverage gaps. It then takes time to order the equipment and schedule the work that is required to fix the overload problem or fill the gap. They do not just throw all their bandwidth up on every site as they properly manage their money.
  11. They call you from 2 lines a fraction of a second apart in time. The later call will immediately go to your voicemail since the first call is trying to connect to your phone to ring it. Even with call waiting, 2 calls cannot ring your phone at the same time. As soon as the voicemail answers one of the calls, they hang up the other call that is connecting to your phone. This usually occurs before the call ever causes your phone to ring or shows up in your missed calls log. This also prevents most spam blockers from blocking the call since they usually operate when call is connected to your
  12. Failure is not an option. It would be best to limit change to only those areas where there is very little risk at this time. If New T-Mobile messes up the network integration (looking at you Sprint Network Vision) in the middle of this virus crisis, there will be hell to pay. Large numbers of people are dependent on their mobile phones, hot spots, and internet data connections right now for work, school, news, shopping, entertainment and just to keep contact with work, friends and family while they are stuck in their homes. If connectivity breaks, they can no longer communicate
  13. https://hackaday.com/2017/07/10/horns-across-america-the-att-long-lines-network/
  14. I received a Sprint Business email over the weekend. Closing could be as early as April 1, 2020.
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