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  1. Its Sprint and many others, according to the article its only AT&T for now. Says so in the first paragraph.
  2. ^ That's my plan as well. TS out
  3. I was going to post up meat beater and show an image of a meat tenderizer, but the images that kept coming up for meat beater were not so forum friendly. lol Anyway, back on topic...
  4. Happy Birthday to Robertus of Borg. In Valens' name, may you Live Long and Prosper. TS out
  5. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1200/1*I5w3_Y1vlDAukUp4Bl9JPA.jpeg Morning Wood
  6. You both need to stop it and stop it now. Any further arguments between the both of you will result in a time off on the forum. TS out
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