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  1. While hiring that company is nice, it should have never gotten to this point in the first place. What is this, like the 3rd time T-Mobile has been hacked. There was no need to keep customer info on their servers like that. Its bad practice as per the NSA general counsel mentioned a while back. While my account wasn't affected, whos to say the next time (and there will be a next time) that it won't be. But as usual, all they get is a slap on the wrists and the customer has to deal with changing passwords, pins, locking credit cards etc.
  2. Personally, in this day and age, I would make sure that there is good wireless service in the area that I'm thinking of moving into. Otherwise its a deal breaker. Good Find.
  3. Figures, I check every day to see if the LG V60 has an update and the one day I didn't an update is issued. Lol Thanks, updating now. Will check signalcheckpro to see if any info is missing on my end.
  4. It's okay, but the one thing that I really miss from Sprint is the online chat feature (especially online). No matter what issue, it was always resolved online thru chat, hardly ever needed to call or go to a store. But T-Mobile only has chat on mobile and having to write out long issues on a tiny keyboard sucks.
  5. While some don't like Star Wars and some do, the music of John Williams really make them shine. Love the Imperial March. Oh and Crown Pizza
  6. I agree as well for the most part. In the last month, I have noticed it getting a tiny bit better but still feel Sprint was better in a lot of the areas I go to. One thing for certain, I am surely going to miss the chat feature on Sprint. Rarely ever need to go to the store or call for an issue. Always resolved via chat. T-Mobile forces you to go to the store or call.
  7. T-Mobile Dual version, phone only version,, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular
  8. Seems that Sprint customers will be included in T-Mobile's Giveaway Tuesday. I never really paid attention to their Tuesday Giveaways, I guess i will now. lol
  9. I am really having a headache reading all the posts on the slickdeals forum dealing with the new Unlimited Line On Us promotional offer being offered to existing customers.
  10. If they do the Sprint versions of the Oneplus 8 and LV60 like they did with the Samsung S20, then yes it would be great for Sprint users. Currently the T-Mobile versions still haven't gotten the switch turned on to use Sprints 5G. I would just close my T-Mobile account and get the Sprint version of the V60, but $899 is stopping me. Edit: The one Plus 8 5G is nice at $699.99 but I already had the OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren and it didn't impress me as much as the V60.
  11. Haven't seen anything mentioned yesterday. But I'm curious about one thing though. If every device goes through the FCC, wouldn't there be a FCC document for the Sprint version. I checked and didn't see one. Unless you don't need to go through the FCC if it is just a T-Mobile V60 version with just a Sprint boot up screen logo. I guess we'll find out June 12th. TS out
  12. I forgot to post this this morning. Seems that Sprint will offer the V60. My buddy at Sprint HQ says more will be said Monday. Lets see if this pans out. TS out
  13. Originally Sexy Robert set up an auto-correct script that would preface his name with "Daddy", but for some reason it never worked correctly and kept adding other words instead. This time it was Father. lol
  14. I checked with Google and it's only a CDMA thing, but again, if a (GSM) phone has the radios to access CDMA frequencies, I thought it would have a setting for PRL. Apparently they don't. Oh well, I learn something new today.
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