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  1. I wonder if the CPUC will make their ruling before then. Does it usually take this long for the California Commission to do a ruling?
  2. I believe you are right. The sprint version uses 855 while the Tmobile uses 855+. Therefore the McLaren version is better. That means I'll have to pay more monthly on a new Tmobile plan instead of adding it to my existing Sprint Unlimited Freedom line account.
  3. I was debating whether to get the OnePlus 7T Pro as a secondary phone, but I couldn't decided between the Sprint OnePlus 7 Pro 5G or the T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren version. Upon researching them, it's a shame that the Sprint version has less ram, an older processor and slight less battery but whats worse is that its not as future proof as the T-Mobile version since it has less bands. (Understandable since the McLaren version just came out recently and the Sprint version came out last May). The Sprint version doesn't have NR 5G band 71 / 600 MHz that T-Mobile uses for their 5G. So if the merger gets approved, the T-Mobile version can use both Sprint and T-Mobiles 5G. The Sprint one only uses the Band 41. Bummer.🤬 Band Compare The kicker is that according to numerous youtube videos of both phones on their networks, the Sprint version seems to be able to deliver better speeds. Decisions, decisions. TS
  4. Hmmm, for some reason my Hotspot is not working. Says I'm not subscribed to data tethering yet I only used 1.2 GB out of 50 GB.
  5. ummm isn't that advertising without admin consent? a BAN is in order, ... Oh wait.... 😁 ok back to topic. Navigator Concept.
  6. Welcome RAvirani. Coffee and cake in the lounge.
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