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  1. jefbal99

    Pixel 4/4XL

    It's gone now, but I thought the BestBuy listing only showed LTE connectivity, not a 5g modem
  2. jefbal99

    Pixel 4/4XL

    From the specs I've been following for a few months, no 5G in this one.
  3. jefbal99

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I plan on being on the front lines for this one
  4. Turns out it was at&t backhaul, they got it fixed sometime on Saturday, the Sprint connectivity is still flakey, but its getting better.
  5. Does anyone know who Sprint uses for backhaul in West Michigan? Is it a master contract for the area, is it based on the tower leasing company, or is each tower a separate entity? Portland starting having massive telco issues yesterday afternoon that still persist. It's impacting almost all wired and wireless providers, so my gut is that its backhaul. So bad that the school and city government have put out notices their phones aren't working, with internet access being very spotty. I'm trying to figure out who the backhaul providers in the area how, but I'm coming up short on my Internet sluething. I thought at&t and merit had fiber running through town, but I'm not able to confirm that via the online maps.
  6. I've never had bandwidth show up on my Pixel 2 XL
  7. Updated to Q beta 3 and I have consistent data in SCP
  8. No change, plugged in or on battery Q beta 2 Pixel 2XL, I enabled the Bandwidth setting, but nothing is displayed. I sent in a diagnostic
  9. It varies, sometimes it goes blank immediately, others it will keep updating for a few minutes. The same is true for going back in, sometimes it populates immediately, other times it takes 15-30 seconds. I don't ever clear SCP from recent apps Doesn't matter home button vs back button. My gut is that it's Qs new security features, not providing data when the app is in the background.
  10. Q beta 2, still getting the no data when in background. Sending another diagnostics
  11. Yes, the second diagnostic I sent I tried to get with no data before it refreshed I added a video to the album of it happening
  12. My gut is that this is due to Android Q
  13. New oddity, when SCP is in the background, it seems to lose its data from the OS. The status bar changes to LTE -- even though there is an active connection. Once you open the app, then it refreshes the data and all is good. Screenshots at https://photos.app.goo.gl/VCf9nE3s6XRjPfPy7
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