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  1. Google responded on reddit, looks like it will be addressed
  2. Its on reddit now, please comment and upvote https://www.reddit.com/r/android_beta/comments/b2n6z5/connection_data_not_being_reported_from_q/
  3. It's on reddit now. Please comment and upvote https://www.reddit.com/r/android_beta/comments/b2n6z5/connection_data_not_being_reported_from_q/
  4. I sent one in last night, let me know if you need another
  5. Hoping for a new beta soon, just updated to the Android Q beta and SCP isn't displaying any data
  6. Not sure what to do, my Pixel 2 XL has decided that it no longer likes my MB. It just won't see the MB. I'm bouncing between t-mobile roaming that screws up my clock, to over subscribed B26, to weak B41 that barely works, to occasionally B25 that works. However, B25 gets handed off very quickly to one of the other bands. Randomly on Monday my phone latched on to the MB and stayed there until I ran into town, when I got home, it wouldn't see it. It seems that the longer I stay in the house, eventually my phone will see the MB, but it's very inconsistent. I worked with Customer Care, however, they told me to take my phone to a Sprint store for diagnostics. My MB appears to be fine as my HotSpot connects to it just fine and never leaves. My neighbors and family Sprint devices hook to it just fine. I've done all the standard system updates, PRL, Profile, etc. Used to be that as soon as I got into my garage I was on the MB and my phone never went to the Macro until I was driving away. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas?
  7. Yes, I'm seeing the GMT timezone issue as well when roaming on TMobile in West Michigan too
  8. My biggest issue currently is that when I roam on the local t-mobile site, it changes my system time to GMT and screws up all kinds of shit
  9. I haven't seen anything, but I also haven't been actively looking either. I've got a few spots out by Portland that should be covered by T-Mobile Roaming, but I still just lose service.
  10. So weird, I did the same searches and ended up in different places. Thanks for the assist and I now have the Oct update
  11. so going to android.com/beta takes me to https://developer.android.com/about/versions/pie/ and for the life of me I can't find an opt out option.
  12. I thought opting out of the beta would require a device reset? Is that not true any longer?
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