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  1. For the record, the 2nd SIM I got for the LG G7 mentioned above worked - which was SIMOLW506TQ / Activation Kit C.
  2. I'm no moderator here officially, but I've served as one on many other sites, both private and commercial/for profit, and just want to underscore for you guys continuing this: both Robert and other mods have warned you, and yet you're continuing the political-based discussion. Just to interject a friendly alternative suggestion before one of them comes in here and acts on that timeout threat - you could just as easily continue these back-and-forth arguments directly via private messaging, which the site supports. It's your choice whether or not to do that, but you can continue as you are, or have that choice forced on you the hard way.
  3. Would wait for lilotimz to chime in here for anything definitivie - have read/heard no news that AirRave 4's have been cancelled unless I missed a post somewhere. Also, Magic Boxes won't work just anywhere like AirRaves would (those of us in Shentel territory for example, unless something has finally changed, can't use them). Edit: disregard, when I made this reply I didn't know there was an additional page of posts beyond this one Still, my point about areas where Magic Boxes simply wouldn't work would probably still be apropos.
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