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  1. DISH and AT&T Sign Strategic Network Services Agreement https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-and-att-sign-strategic-network-services-agreement
  2. My wife has been on the A32 5G for a little over a month now, with no reported issues, at least thus far. Not discounting Jeff's experience in any way, just offering a different perspective, and at least saying that, its possible you can get a lemon even with the best of brands. Just ask anyone who's had a bad Honda for example. End of the day, everything manufactured in some way/on some level still comes back to human error, and we're all capable of it. Here's hoping Jeff's replacement ends up being a different story. 🤞
  3. Yep, caught it here earlier today as well.
  4. Same here, just tried checking again. Saw an article last night (think it was SamMobile but can't remember 100% for sure) that said they'd finally pushed the June update to the USA though, so hopefully some of us at least will start seeing it in the next few days. Supposed to patch the overheating issue for one thing in addition to the security patching (which, I ran into that the hard way over the weekend trying to capture some video while another file was uploading to Google Drive).
  5. Edit: Disregard, on further review what I'm seeing isn't close to what Trip was initially querying as I initially thought. Note to self: don't read posts while you're still working.
  6. Dish network chief talks 5G service-based architecture https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/dish-network-chief-talks-5g-service-based-architecture
  7. @mikejeep - Curious to hear your thoughts on this device after using it for a bit, whenever you get the chance to chime in. Both just general impressions of the device as well as whatever distinction you perhaps can provide in terms of RF performance against others better known devices, both 4G & 5G alike.
  8. Same here, was originally at order time slated to be 2-3 weeks out before even available (and mine's a 256gb version), next thing I know a shipment notification came in email later that night and it was on my doorstep the next day.
  9. Huh....yeah I just tried with my wife's LG G7 line and it didn't say anything about it or auto-equate out the ~$11+ monthly. Particularly interested in doing this for her though because the charge port has gone bad and we've had to resort to wireless charging only until we can get her something else...I'd been kind of looking until this deal came up. @mikejeep Definitely post and give us your impressions with it after you've used it a few days, that will be helpful for everyone considering it too of course. 👍
  10. Just remembered tonight to go back and check on this online via Sprint....still not offering the Trade-up deal there, so still guessing this may need to be a physical store trade-in scenario.
  11. DISH and AWS Form Strategic Collaboration to Reinvent 5G Connectivity and Innovation https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-and-aws-form-strategic-collaboration-reinvent-5g
  12. T-Mo Unboxing video: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Unboxing | T-Mobile - YouTube Also a few more review articles: Samsung Galaxy A32 Review: Samsung Galaxy A32 Review & Rating - Gadgets Now Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review - PhoneArena
  13. Given the highest level device is an LG G7 (my wife's), and its not on the acceptable list, I don't think we'd be able to do it....but I suppose I could find and call a store and ask to be sure.
  14. Actually going back to my original post it was definitely a different promo. The text came in Tuesday after Easter about it and it does explicitly say 50% off with eligible trade in. And it was probably just targeted at my specific line too, my wife didn't get that text.
  15. Possibly....or maybe they just really only gave half credit for the G8X (keep in mind this is the base phone I have and not the dual screen btw, though the regular G8 didn't have a dual option anyway). Without it being officially on the list of acceptable phones for the 'free' deal though its hard to complain I guess.
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