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  1. Found this part very interesting/telling: "Data provided by research and analysis firm BayStreet Research shows that in the 11 months from June 2019 through April 2020, Sprint sold slightly over 75,000 of the now incompatible 5G phones. That includes around 15,000 Galaxy S10 5Gs, 35,000 LV V50 ThinQ and roughly 25,000 One Plus 7 Pro 5G. Comparatively, Sprint users bought many more Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra devices.Through April 2020 cumulative volume totals for the devices were 90,000; 55,000; and 75,000, respectively, according to BayStreet data. That’s only two months of S20 volumes, BayStreet founder Cliff Maldonado noted, including part of March and April. Through June 2020 that increased to 200,000 for the S20; 115,000 for S20+; and 150,000 for S20 Ultra." While in one sense it may show the appeal of the S20 line, I'd also take it to at least in part be a commentary on the percentage of users that have any interest in being early adopters too. Even that said though, its almost odd that for those early adopters, the Samsung phones were the least purchased of the 3 options. Without having seen the numbers otherwise, I'd have assumed they'd still command the lead there. Unfortunately the article didn't mention numbers differential to other 2nd gen+ 5G alternatives (to whatever extent they exist).
  2. DISH enters retail wireless market with close of Boost Mobile, advances build of the nation's first standalone 5G network: https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-enters-retail-wireless-market-close-boost-mobile-advances
  3. Road Blasters (this game was a guilty pleasure/obsession my Sr. year in high school)
  4. This showed up in my email this morning (I'm a Dish subscriber): https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-advances-o-ran-network-selects-fujitsu-5g-radio-units-and
  5. Crater Lake (alternative: Bluer Lake)
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