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    'Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most fools do.'---Dale Carnegie
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    First, my username reflects Monty Python fandom, not the programming language, just to avoid potential confusion. Aside from that, a myriad of geek-related things as I'm sure most people around here have in one form or another, roller coasters, and Alabama football---Roll Tide!

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  1. PythonFanPA

    LG G8X Thin Q

    Same here Robert regarding the G7, on all fronts. My only nitpick is that we never got the Pie update on the Sprint version, but even without it I'm still happy with the performance no question.
  2. If its that stupid Housewives/Cat meme - *ABSOLUTELY* the latter, I'm sick to death of that one and was about 2 days in from the first time I started seeing those. 🤮
  3. Between Yosemite & Shoshone ironically that's 2 of the spots we'll be visiting on our ~2.5 week West US trip next year (though sadly Yosemite Falls will likely be mostly if not completely dried out by the time we're there). We'll re-visit Multnomah Falls again as well on our loop back around to SLC on the last leg of the trip before Twin Falls/SRC/Shoshone.
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