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  1. Latency isn't bad though. Not like HughesNet or Viasat or any of that trash.
  2. Finally something is happening. What do we think will happen given they have to comply with current concessions or go to court.
  3. Just some subsets. It does seem to be doing lookups using our DNS server. I can’t find a setting to lower the MTU using Cisco AnyConnect.
  4. But RDP works fine on Verizon and my home internet. Do you still think it could be a firewall issue?
  5. Visiting my mom because her DSL box got struck by lightning and exploded. Her neighborhood is the cell edge for everyone. However I have noticed that Sprint’s 5x5 b26 is performing better than Verizon’s 10x10 b5. My phone doesn’t seem to want to connect to band 13 though. Edit: It is actually bouncing between 5 and 13. Sprint still performs better though.
  6. I don’t. I have to connect to a VPN. I have two different machines in two different states on two different VPNs that both don’t work. They work fine on Verizon but I don’t know why they don’t work on Sprint unless I connect to hotspot.
  7. It doesn’t work across two different VPN’s. One in ND, another in CA. Works fine on Verizon. I don’t think it’s me but it could be.
  8. Hmm. Mine flat out doesn’t work. Now if I have my phone on LTE and I connect my iPad to it through hotspot, then it works. Other wise if I try from my phone or from my iPad on their own it doesn’t work.
  9. Does anyone know why Sprint blocks Remote Desktop connection? Works fine over Airport Wi-Fi, home Wi-Fi and Verizon LTE. It’s very quickly getting on my nerves.
  10. Correct. That was probably me. Just checked and I still don't have it. Switching to dad's VZW plan today so it won't be an issue for long. iPad will stay on Sprint though.
  11. Didn't they say they would have 5G in 30 cities by the end of 2018 or some BS like that?
  12. I worry that they're going to lose all the good PR that they've been getting. It'll now become "Sprint said they would have nine cities up and running with 5G by the end of 1H 2019 and they've failed to do that".
  13. They've been saying "Sprint is executing its award-winning 5G strategy with 2.5 GHz spectrum and Massive MIMO technology to launch its blazing-fast service beginning in nine top cities in the first half of 2019." for ages. First half of 2019 is just about over.
  14. VoLTE rollout has really picked up recently. They were also supposed to have 5G rolled out to their first 9 5G launch cities by tomorrow and it doesn't look like that's going to be the case.
  15. So I’ve noticed something odd. In the building I’m currently in, I’m roaming on AT&T band 66 but the status bar indicator says “Sprint LTE”. It’s obviously speed restricted and deprioritized as I can’t break 2.5Mbps down and my ping sits at around 200ms. Has anyone else noticed this? This is the second time I’ve seen this happen.
  16. It would. There isn't anything that supports uplink 3CA though. 25+41 uplink CA should really help, especially in places where they have 15x15 band 25.
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