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  1. The verdict is that you are not the father. Oh wait, wrong topic. All joking aside. I love it. To be perfectly honest, I was happy with the Note 9, but with my travels and my dangerous need for having the latest stuff, I wanted the Note 10 just for the ability of a simplified DeX connection. But once I got the Note 10, I have been really amazed that even from the Note 9, it's a big improvement. Not only for what it offers but the signal is way better in areas I frequent. The camera is really neat. I can keep the s-pen in its slot and still use any other wacom pen I have laying around with it. VOLTE, fingerprint scanner actually works even through a screen protector. The included USB-C Headphones sound nice. The device has way too many things to point out.
  2. Too bad Sprint only has the black one in 516GB. I would have loved the blue in that size. Anyway, ordered two Note 10 Plus phones a few days ago, one in black with 516 GB and the other in Aura with 256gb. Black one arrived two days ago and the aura one yesterday. I've been updating and transferring apps from the Note 9 to the 10+ and I swear they need to make this process easier. Smart Switch wasn't that much of a help. Took me all morning to get all the apps I had into the Note 10. Anyway, really nice phone, from the outside one could mistake it for the Note 9. But I like that it is VOLTE capable and some of those camera features are like, wow just wow. TS out
  3. Darn it. Was looking around to upgrade my note 9 and really liked the ones but they didnt make a cdma sprint version so I ordered the note 10 and now this pop up. Oh well. Guess I may add another line. Lol
  4. Speaking of airports, does anyone know the steps one has to take to use the Note 9 overseas, specifically in Spain. I thought it was something simple but I'm not too sure. The Sprint website is not consistent with the answers.
  5. I would assume with unlocked phones it is better. But I'm curious. Is the update cycle better with T Mobile, or for that matter Verizon, At&t?
  6. Its Sprint and many others, according to the article its only AT&T for now. Says so in the first paragraph.
  7. ^ That's my plan as well. TS out
  8. I was going to post up meat beater and show an image of a meat tenderizer, but the images that kept coming up for meat beater were not so forum friendly. lol Anyway, back on topic...
  9. Happy Birthday to Robertus of Borg. In Valens' name, may you Live Long and Prosper. TS out
  10. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1200/1*I5w3_Y1vlDAukUp4Bl9JPA.jpeg Morning Wood
  11. You both need to stop it and stop it now. Any further arguments between the both of you will result in a time off on the forum. TS out
  12. Well I can honestly say that there are some areas here in the urban jungle of NYC that I find myself going back to pre-2008 signal levels and I'v come to the realization that it either has to be the lack of cells or NIMBY residents not wanting cells near them. Which is weird, cause if one goes by the maps, almost every inch of NYC should be fine and covered. As for it being all Sprints' fault for sitting out on the auctions, I'm not sure that is 100% correct. They may have had not choice or lack of money to participate. TS out
  13. Saw the post this morning and installed it. So far loving it except that I lost my direct link to the Data Mobile Networks on/off toggle that I created with Intent. (Which I use to enable the hotspot). Have to go through the regular menus to get to it for the time being until I re-create it. Other than that, no issues installing it. I do love me some pie. TS out
  14. Folks, please stop posting political stuff. I've removed the posts that are political.
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