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  1. I was going to post up meat beater and show an image of a meat tenderizer, but the images that kept coming up for meat beater were not so forum friendly. lol Anyway, back on topic...
  2. Happy Birthday to Robertus of Borg. In Valens' name, may you Live Long and Prosper. TS out
  3. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1200/1*I5w3_Y1vlDAukUp4Bl9JPA.jpeg Morning Wood
  4. You both need to stop it and stop it now. Any further arguments between the both of you will result in a time off on the forum. TS out
  5. Well I can honestly say that there are some areas here in the urban jungle of NYC that I find myself going back to pre-2008 signal levels and I'v come to the realization that it either has to be the lack of cells or NIMBY residents not wanting cells near them. Which is weird, cause if one goes by the maps, almost every inch of NYC should be fine and covered. As for it being all Sprints' fault for sitting out on the auctions, I'm not sure that is 100% correct. They may have had not choice or lack of money to participate. TS out
  6. Saw the post this morning and installed it. So far loving it except that I lost my direct link to the Data Mobile Networks on/off toggle that I created with Intent. (Which I use to enable the hotspot). Have to go through the regular menus to get to it for the time being until I re-create it. Other than that, no issues installing it. I do love me some pie. TS out
  7. Folks, please stop posting political stuff. I've removed the posts that are political.
  8. Omg I lost it when I read the vampire slay part. Lol. Who knows maybe they will do something. Just glad it wasnt a explosion while he was holding it, even though he still got burned a bit.
  9. Downloaded and installed, then got a message saying profile could not be updated. I got it updated manually. Btw, my external monitor finally came in and (shes a beauty), I've been using the Note 9 w/ DeX with it and its flawless. No hiccups whatsoever. When I used the Note 8, it would black out, freeze etc. Now DeX just works. Also, what's with the octopus in the hidden Oreo? It doesn't do anything like in previous easter eggs. (Go to Settings, About Phone, Software Information, hit Android version 3 or more times and the Oreo cookie appears, if you press and hold the Oreo, the octopus comes out.) TS out
  10. Same here, picked up the Note 9 (two of them) on Friday. I like it. Especially the DeX. Already ordered my portable monitor to really enjoy DeX. TS out
  11. I noticed yesterday getting gas within the Indian reservation in Mastic that I had a strong signal. First time ever. usually it is next to almost nothing. Nice surprise. TS out
  12. Try as I may, I can't seem to mirror the Note8 to my laptop using Smart View on the phone and Windows Connect. It looks like it will connect but doesn't. Anyone figured a way to do this either with those two apps or any other way to mirror the Note8 wirelessly?
  13. Neverending Jingle (Shoot me now, please)
  14. Interesting analysis over in Seeking Alpha. Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: The 12 points from the FCC Filing that signal merger approval and potential appreciation. TS
  15. Sprint is ending its $15 unlimited plan promo this week So it seems that Sprint is ending this promotion this week and according to them its because of high demand. Say what? Can someone explain to me this reasoning? If the purpose was to bring in new customers to the network and the promo is successfully doing that due to its high demand, why kill it? Things that make you go hmmmm. TS out
  16. You have failed my young Padawan. You didn't excel in some of the points in being a S4GRU Enthusiast. ?
  17. To add to the "what pisses me off" bandwagon, I really do not like that there isn't any break up fee from what I've seen. If the regulators from the FCC or Dept of Justice kill the merger Sprint gets nothing. Granted, Sprint will get $600 million if T-Mobile decides to not do the merger, but seriously, that's pennies compared to the $4 Billion breakup fee T-Mobile got from AT&T. And no matter what anyone tries to convince me otherwise, that $4 billion T-Mobile got from AT&T helped them quite a bit.
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