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  1. I remember seeing it but apparently I can't remember where.
  2. I can't find it. It was on a post on r/tmobile if I remember correctly.
  3. So apparently there are rumors that Sprint and T-Mobile got absolutely slaughtered today. Don't know if those rumors are true or not.
  4. PRL 33046 is older I believe so it probably won't roam in "Extended" areas.
  5. If anything at all it should help with the addition of T-Mobile roaming.
  6. That seems to be how the coverage map has been adjusted most places. They just cut around areas where there is native Sprint service. Why do we think they did this?
  7. If they refarmed UMTS/HSPA they would screw T-Mobile since T-Mo roams on ATT HSPA.
  8. So what happens when NY and CA don't drop? Won't the long legal battle essentially kill the merger at that point? Not the actual outcome of the case?
  9. Nevada drops out of state AG group suing to block Sprint, T-Mobile merger Attorney General Ford Negotiates Settlement for T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Prioritizing Nevada Jobs
  10. I don't want my 3G trimmed down. I get 2.5Mbps over it! Granted it only works if you have a good signal.
  11. So I went and tested. My iPad would not drop to AT&T roaming. It was hanging on to b26 for dear life. I went all around the building and it wouldn't drop. Before it would happily drop to AT&T roaming.
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