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  1. So Sprint managed to pick up some band 41 licenses up here back in April. Conveniently around that time I noticed Nokia 64T64R panels popping up on T-Mobile racks.
  2. Looks like the tower closest to my moms house finally got it's 600MHz upgrade. It's about freaking time.
  3. Neighbors have actually reported improvements as of late. Spots where they would drop calls with Sprint are gone now. They did have to go get new SIM cards though because it seems like Sprint > T-Mobile roaming wasn't working.
  4. Got some pictures https://imgur.com/a/KpA4fZc It's definitely for AT&T since the empty boxes were inside their fence.
  5. Are there distinct antennas for band 14 deployment? There's a new rack going up with new kinds of antennas here in Grand Forks. The antennas are approximately the same size as T-Mobile's 600MHz antennas but it's not those.
  6. Never has for me either. Work VPN, CloudFlare VPN, neither have ever counted towards my hotspot usage ever.
  7. Please no. I experienced the T-Mobile network here. I don't want to go back to that trash unless integration is totally complete. How do I make this not happen until integration is done?
  8. So an interesting discovery. Talking from the OP of this post: His device is doing 12+41+41. This is confirmed in the field test mode screenshots and speed test results. Data is working. VoLTE is working. Status bar indicates "Sprint LTE". Speed test results and primary carrier CA status screen @RAvirani, any thoughts? Edit: I figured it out. Field test mode hasn't updated in over an hour. Never mind.
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