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  1. Yeah that's what I thought. So Sprint either got screwed or got a deal they couldn't pass up. I wonder which.
  2. Apple and Qualcomm have settled their legal cases and have signed a multiyear contract. Shortly after this, Intel declared that it was exiting the mobile 5G modem business. This means we should be seeing all Qualcomm modems in future iPhones. We should be seeing unthrottled Qualcomm modems with performance that's on par with other Android flagships. I doubt we'll see a 5G iPhone this year but we should see some new iPhones with much better LTE performance. What are your thoughts?
  3. Mine will completely disconnect and drop to "Searching..." for a couple of seconds and then come back. It's annoying but my nearest Apple store is five hours away.
  4. Does anyone still have issues with their cellular randomly disconnecting? Mine still does it and I don't know what else to do.
  5. I think the investor reports would be more accurate since they can't lie to investors unless they want to end up like AT&T with a lawsuit.
  6. They obviously need to upgrade their backhaul to use 56K modems.
  7. Yeah I suppose. What I was getting at was we're seeing a lot of places where average speeds have doubled or even tripled over the past couple months. If they put in the effort into improving coverage like they have been with the speeds then coverage should start improving fairly quickly.
  8. Sprint is improving. Data from RootMetrics shows that from 2H 2019 to 1H 2019: Median download speeds in Ann Arbor, MI increased from 17.6Mbps to 33.2Mbps. Median download speeds in Bakersfield, CA increased from 16.7Mbps 30.7Mbps. Median download speeds in Baton Rouge, LA increased from 9.7Mbps to 17.6Mbps. Median download speeds in Boston, MA increased from 21.1Mbps to 30.2Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 49.9Mbps during the outdoor walk tests in the "dense urban core of Boston". Median download speeds in Buffalo, NY increased from 10.9Mbps to 29.3Mbps. Median download speeds in Detroit, MI increased from 18.1Mbps to 30.3Mbps. Median download speeds in El Paso, TX increased from 17.9Mbps to 28.5Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 28.5Mbps. Median download speeds in Flint, MI increased from 9.4Mbps to 33.4Mbps. Median download speeds in Fresno, CA increased from 5.6Mbps to 15.8Mbps. Median download speeds in Las Vegas, NV increased from 32.4Mbps to 45.7Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 45.7Mbps. Median download speeds in Milwaukee, WI increased from 14.7Mbps to 21.8Mbps. Median download speeds in Ogden, UT increased from 18.3Mbps to 36.5Mbps. Median download speeds in Philadelphia, PA from 19.5Mbps to 28.2Mbps. Median download speeds in Provo, UT increased from 19Mbps to 37.8Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 37.8Mbps. Median download speeds in Rockford, IL increased from 19.8Mbps to 30.2Mbps. Median download speeds in Sacramento, CA increased from 19.5Mbps to 35.5Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 35.5Mbps. Median download speeds in Salt Lake City, UT increased from 20Mbps to 30.8Mbps. Median download speeds in San Jose, CA increased from 28.6Mbps to 37.4Mbps. Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 37.4Mbps. Median download speeds in Spokane, WA increased from 21.2Mbps to 29.6Mbps. Median download speeds in Syracuse, NY increased from 28.3Mbps to 38.9Mbps. Median download speeds in Tucson, AZ increased from 12.9Mbps to 28.4Mbps. Median download speeds in Youngstown, OH increased from 19.1Mbps to 36.2Mbps. Not all cities have had 1H 2019 data gathered yet.
  9. I'm pretty sure they're making it sound doom and gloom to get the merger approved. We're seeing the opposite in the investor reports in which it would be illegal to lie to investors (AT&T is finding this out the hard way). I mean we've got 5G deploying in the 4 of the first 9 cities next month with the rest to follow in June. We're also already seeing them deploying these new Massive MIMO units elsewhere. If they're able to do that then they must be doing well enough.
  10. I do feel like a deal with Dish would be better than a deal with T-Mobile. Yeah the network probably won't be as good but at least then we'll still have 4 major carriers.
  11. This is true. They do have some 600MHz and 700MHz that would go good with 2.5GHz. Not to mention their AWS-4 and the little bit of AWS-3 they have.
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