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  1. RSRP was -88dBm. Are a SINR and RSRQ that low even possible?
  2. Brad The Beast

    Does Sprint Still Use Cisco MWR2941's in Their Tower Racks?

    I figured they would've upgraded them by now but I wasn't sure if they did or what they upgraded them to.
  3. I know they used to use Cisco MWR2941's but they were EoL'd in 2013. Does Sprint still use them or have they since been upgraded?
  4. Brad The Beast

    Clear Site Triband Conversions

    Very informative and interesting read! It'll probably be a while before our NV 1.0 equipment get's upgraded here since Sprint doesn't own any band 41 licenses here.
  5. According to https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-noroam-34l there is no band 71 deployed in that area yet.
  6. Brad The Beast

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    Holy wow! Where was that?
  7. Brad The Beast

    PCS Refarming Question

    That explains why T-Mobile is so bad here.
  8. Brad The Beast

    PCS Refarming Question

    Yeah I get 10x5 band 25 sometimes thanks to downlink CA. Sprint doesn't own any band 41 licenses in this area currently so I don't think they'll be able to deploy it by the end of Spring. That's why I'm waiting for 10x10 LTE on block A. Then I can get 15x10 band 25 which should be pretty nice. The 10x5 band 25 caps out at 50Mbps.
  9. Brad The Beast

    PCS Refarming Question

    Is that something that gets done whenever they get to it or are they actively working to refarm? It would be nice to have speedy band 25 since we won't be seeing band 41 for a while.
  10. Brad The Beast

    PCS Refarming Question

    Grand Forks.
  11. Brad The Beast

    PCS Refarming Question

    In my area Sprint owns PCS Blocks A & G. They use the G block for LTE and 5MHz of the A block for LTE. Are they using the remaining 10MHz of the A block for CDMA or only part of it? If they are using all of the remaining 10MHz, when are they going to refarm to dedicate more of the A block to LTE?
  12. I'm working with ZeroAssassin on the Sprint subreddit it's just he's been busy. My band 25 RSRP is usually between -80 and -90. Band 26 is about the same. I should also note that my phone isn't jumping on the closest tower either.
  13. So why haven't they deployed 10x10 band 25 then? I could be getting 15x10 with downlink CA. That would be the bomb!
  14. I would say it's site density. Just did a speed test and got 290Kbps down. I will say there are quite a few RF issues in my area though. Ex: Even though band 25 RSRP is very good my phone wants to jump on band 26. If you want the whole story lmk. It's super weird.