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  1. UND dumped their EBS license ages ago. They could possibly have struck a deal with Polar? That's the only thing I can think of. When I drove by that site yesterday I was not getting band 41 speeds.
  2. As far as I know the roaming limits are the same.
  3. They have a plan. It's called AT&T roaming.
  4. Verizon isn't shutting down CDMA until 12/31/20 now.
  5. It looks like the site at 4th street and 9th ave in Grand Forks has received its triband upgrades. Saw three radios per antenna when I drove by today. Last time I checked Sprint still doesn't own or lease any band 41 licenses here. FCC ULS is down at the moment so I can't check it. Does anyone have any info for me?
  6. I could've clarified. Found on reddit. 5G coverage isn't the greatest in LA. Very spotty based off the coverage map.
  7. It is best without because opening ports unnecessarily is a network security issue. You've essentially opened up your network to hackers.
  8. So what happens to Sprint if SoftBank goes under? They don't actually invest in Sprint anyway so probably nothing?
  9. Saw that. Based on Sprint's performance in San Diego the last time I was there I can believe that. Detroit has always been trash and I'm heading out there at the end of the month. Wonder how much it's improved? I wonder how much of that score increase can be attributed to 25+41 aggregation finally being enabled? From the article:
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