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  1. I don't think there are any devices that can do more than 5 CA DL just yet anyway.
  2. Sorry. 66 for downlink. 66 for uplink.
  3. So looking into it, combined Sprint T-Mobile will only have 66MHz of spectrum in my area. Grandparents area is even worse at 50MHz combined. Congestion is definitely going to get worse.
  4. So in my travels I've been gathering data. I have my iPhone on Verizon and my iPad on Sprint. I haven't collected enough data to post a full report yet but this is what I've got so far out of 26 tests: Sprint Average Download: 32.22Mbps Verizon Average Download: 49.59Mbps Sprint Average Upload: 4.21Mbps Verizon Average Upload: 15.55Mbps There have been areas where Verizon kicked butt. There were other areas where Sprint took the win. There were actually a couple of places in central Wisconsin where I had no service with Verizon and had US Cellular roaming with Sprint. Once I get more locations in this report then I'll probably post it. I really want to compare them in San Diego. Edit: Should add locations tested so far. Grand Forks, ND Minneapolis Airport Central Wisconsin Appleton, WI Detroit Airport Atlanta Airport Savannah Airport Beaufort, SC
  5. I'm connected to 15x15 band 66 with 10MHz band 13 downlink CA and I'm barely able to hit 5Mbps. This is even with all of the small cells and mini macros that Verizon has deployed. I think Sprint could win the speed game if they wanted to here.
  6. Really? Interesting. Good to know. Although I don't know what else Verizon could really do to help the congestion issues here.
  7. I don't see why Sprint doesn't capitalize on markets where it's the Verizon and AT&T show. My area is very much the Verizon and AT&T show. T-Mobile is hot garbage and Sprint is meh. Verizon congestion is pretty bad here so I don't see why they don't capitalize on that. I get 10 - 15Mbps around town and this is while all of the college students are gone. I can only imagine how much worse it is during the school year. I get 5Mbps max at home and at work. I get 10 - 20Mbps at home and 20 - 30Mbps at work with Sprint.
  8. Oh no it's complete BS just like their coverage map. They say most of North Dakota is covered which is completely false.
  9. I just want reliable and speedy data service. Verizon is reliable for the most part. Data speeds are another story.
  10. I don't think they'll win. The "it reduces competition argument" doesn't really work since Dish is taking the place of the 4th carrier.
  11. So some of the states have a lawsuit to stop the merger. I found this quote from a Wall Street Journal article: Does this mean the states have to prove that Dish won't actually do anything? If that's the case then that should be easy since Dish has done nothing with their spectrum for years.
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