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  1. Nothing different in ND on this update. On the January update a few sites went from being LTE+3G to 3G only.
  2. So CPUC is mad because T-Mo and Sprint didn't wait for the official vote before closing the merger. CPUC already said they were gonna vote yes so I don't know why they're being whiners. http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/PublishedDocs/Efile/G000/M331/K082/331082151.PDF
  3. Sadly Apple has declared that there is no fun allowed and there's no field test mode on the iPad.
  4. They might not even have it in there. They don't have APN in there any more so I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't find TAC.
  5. So I had a thought. Does the AT&T roaming not work on my iPad because it has no SIM card?
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