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  1. It would. There isn't anything that supports uplink 3CA though. 25+41 uplink CA should really help, especially in places where they have 15x15 band 25.
  2. They were second for average download speeds. The problem is their piss poor uploads, latency, reliability, and consistency. They won in Portland because they were consistent and they tied in SLC. Everywhere else was a loss. I wouldn't say that they did excellent. I would say they did ok at best.
  3. Making them give up any band 41 spectrum just completely defeats the purpose of the merger.
  4. They just want to hoard more spectrum. They should make an unrelated concession that Dish must give up all spectrum assets if the merger falls through.
  5. Sprint Communications Announces Successful Consent Solicitation with Respect to its 7.000% Guaranteed Notes due 2020 https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-communications-announces-successful-consent-solicitation-with-respect-to-its-7000-guaranteed-notes-due-2020.htm
  6. So Sprint still doesn't own any band 41 licenses here yet. So much for the band 41 upgrades that were supposed to be coming this summer...
  7. Some moron contractor cut through our fiber today. LTE download speeds were 25-35Mbps as usual even with the increased traffic.
  8. Still no VoLTE in Grand Forks. I anxiously await it's return.
  9. So T-Mobile wants Sprint's 2.5GHz. Let's say the merger falls through. What would the odds be of a 5G only network sharing agreement between Sprint and T-Mobile (like Bell and Telus in Canada but only for 5G)?
  10. coverageort coverage map or the normal one?
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