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  1. Does anyone do analysis of the PRLs like digiblur used to?
  2. I'm thinking about making the jump, I've been disappointed with my Pixel 4XL and my son cracked the screen a couple months ago. Going to wait for black friday to see what the deals are at that point.
  3. So after getting caught up on he TMobile/Sprint Network integration, I'm guessing that it is an offshoot of that work. Hopefully things stabilize in the near future.
  4. Has anyone started having issues with their MagicBox in the last few days? any device of mine that is connecting to the MB is terribly slow and very unstable network connections. We turn off the MB and we are somewhat stable on B26/weak B25/41 connections. I did a full factory reset on the MB and the issue still persists. Has anything changed with the B41 carriers that are being used for the backhaul of these devices?
  5. I get parked on B66 frequently at home, however, its very inconsistent in performance. I much prefer my MB and its performance.
  6. I had to disable VoLTE in west Michigan. When my phone was consistently connecting to the MB in my house, it was great. However, I haven't connected to it in three weeks that I've seen. I wish I could figure out why, other devices connect fine. The call quality was too choppy on the macro network or roaming on TMobile. Too many calls that had to be hung up and started over to get a flowing data session.
  7. At&t already owning directv, i couldnt' see that being approved. They'd have to spin dish network (tv) off into a standalone or 3rd party.
  8. THanks, I'll look through and make a decision. The HTC Hub is $600ish from Sprint, haven't done any aftermarket searching. Building my own would allow a direct output from the HotSpot to my home router, rather than having to bounce thru a repeater with coax output.
  9. So my Novatel hotspot has been running my home HSI for the last year plus and been very serviceable. However, it's getting long in the tooth and ready for replacement (needed reboots, stability not consistent). Any recommendations on a good Sprint hotspot I can buy, off contact to replace my existing device? I don't want a new line of service or contact, just replace the device. Ideally, I'd like something that supports CA and I can still get with a warranty of some sort.
  10. I have a Pixel 4 XL in a Samsung market and I haven't noticed this yet. We don't have a menu to select the CA combinations in the dialer menu, just CA on or off. I'll try to check the debug when I see B26 connections.
  11. I've been seeing the same thing on my PIxel 4XL since I got it. I park on T-Mobile LTE, but stay on Sprint for CDMA. It seems that the modem in Pixel 4 is able to segregate the connections vs. my Pixel 2XL that could not. Also VoLTE on the Pixel 4 is great (when data is stable for the VQ)
  12. Good catch, that fixed it. That was set previously, update just have whacked it
  13. I'm back to the old issues when the Q beta was brand new of SCP not reporting data, unless I'm in the app. Everything is dashes until the app has time to refresh Pixel 4 XL
  14. Previously on my pixel 2xl, anytime I was on TMobile, it showed a roaming indicator
  15. Are these SCP accurate on the pixel 4 xl? Showing TMobile as native, not roaming https://photos.app.goo.gl/iQJwtsZmch7bURx7A Can this be moved to the SCP thread?
  16. Pixel 4xl in West Michigan, TMobile connections are not showing as roaming
  17. jefbal99

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Black 128GB, black case, and a pixelbook go 8gb/128gb Merry Christmas to me
  18. Just this past weekend, I noticed a lot of at&t roaming in West Michigan where I'd previously been on Verizon
  19. jefbal99

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Just put in my preorder What SIM is this going to need?
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