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Chinese web site that sells phones safesaler.com


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Very suspicious when they are offering last years 13" Retina MacBook Pro for $282.


But one thing that gets me is they are Paypal Verified.


PaypalVerify.gif Of course, they could just put that up on there for sh*ts and giggles.



It's a scam! They won't accept Paypal according to their 'How to pay' page, and want you to send money thru Moneygram or Western Union, or a wire transfer to the Bank of China.

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A Macbook Pro for $240... Hmmm...



Maybe it is a P-P-P-PowerBook!





I finally had a chance to read that sitting in front of a hospital waiting for a friend to be discharged, and I've got to say: That's totally hilarious! The scammer deserved it!



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