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  1. Activated my n20 ultra on sprint, great to see things moving on island. I am able to connect to band 66 just about every where on island with pretty decent and consistent speeds.
  2. At this moment I don't know a single person with a tmobile line.😪
  3. The only tmobile perk I care about is the free gogo inflight wifi tmobile customers get. I wonder how long it will take for sprint customers to get that.
  4. Yeah, sprint done lost their damn minds, their trade in deal is a joke. The trade in credit is spread out over 2 years and if you pay the phone off early you lose whatever credit is remaining and of course they already have your trade in device. I'll probably never by a phone directly from sprint ever again, better off just dealing with Samsung directly. You get a higher trade in amount, you get an extra $50 for reserving, and your promo items get shipped with the phone and you still can chose if you want a sprint phone or unlocked. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  5. Looks like if you have a 5g phone you can connect to t-mobile b66/b71 on st Thomas. A friend of mines came in from Miami with an S20 ultra and had 5g around most of the island. My S20 is on att and my note 10 on sprint isn't the 5g model.
  6. My buddies and I were at the gun range in newnan several months ago and the speeds were pretty good around that area.
  7. Fastest I've ever pulled anywhere around atlanta was around 250 to 260 or so on my note 10+ , don't have a 5g sprint phone as yet. My s20u is on at&t. Pretty impressive though
  8. Update available for the unlocked version, 415.5mb in size
  9. March security update is out for the note 10
  10. Just got an alert for the march security update.
  11. I got the unlocked one and just used the sim from my note 9. Currently I'm not in a 5g market so I have no idea if I will connect to 5g or not. I guess I'll hit up at&t later on today.
  12. Did you have to get a new at&t sim to connect to 5g?
  13. The 45w charger is where its at, especially if your battery is almost dead, it charges insanely fast. Buds plus are great, sound quality when it comes to music sounds the same to me but huge improvements with phone calls.
  14. What color did you get? Edit: I ordered the gray one and it still says "in process"
  15. Did you get your samsung leather case?
  16. Yeah, its about finding the sweet spot and with the sensor being relatively small I would say the main issue is simply not getting it lined up right.
  17. Done, all three are exactly the same from what I can tell, which is basically an instant unlock( I can record and post later if you like, LOL). The only issue I can think of is finding the exact spot when the screen is totally off. This was the reason why I started using the always on display so that it shows the correct spot when AOD is active. When the screen is off, just being off by a little could cause a delay or it not work at all. Even running my test just now, just by coincidence I had a slight issue with the note 10 and the s20 and had to do it a second time because I didn't quite had it lined up right while AOD is off.
  18. I did it from the always on display screen.
  19. As I sit here at my desk I have an s10+, note 10+ and s20 ultra in front of me and I can't see any difference in how fast any of them unlocks using the fingerprint scanner. All three are very responsive. But also keep in mind that the performance of the fp sensor is directly related to the moisture level of your finger tip. So that may be why we all get different performance results. If your fingertip is super dry, you'll have problems.
  20. Buds+ are a huge improvement over the original buds, for music both sound about the same to me which I would say is average but where you can tell the difference is phone call quality, the difference is like night and day. The OG buds picked up way too much background noise and overall voice quality wasn't that great.
  21. At 100x, you definitely need a tripod or at least rest your phone against something for stability. Quality is definitely not the best but it's actually really amazing to see how good this is on for a smartphone.
  22. Same here, unlocked s20 ultra on at&t
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