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  1. I took my phone off of the charger Friday night right at midnight, 1 day and 9 hours later, as I'm typing this, I'm at 52%. All this includes lots of phone calls and emails, over an hour of youtube, about 30 minutes of 4k 60fps video and lots of web browsing.
  2. Well other than that, the only other thing I can think of that would for sure kill battery like that would be if you are in are bad area and your phone is working overtime looking for or keeping a signal.
  3. Random question though, did you basically restore a full back up from your previous device or did you set up your s10 from scratch? Usually restoring a full backup can cause all sorts of random issues that don't play nice with your new device which could cause terrible battery drain.
  4. LOL I assumed you had the s10+, so nevermind then.
  5. Well phone usage won't really affect the battery much but gaming will because that generates heat and we all know heat is bad. In any case if its just a few minutes here or there and nothing substantial then charging your phone 4 times a day is definitely not normal. Over the weekend, I played pubg mobile for about an hour, shot about 20 minutes of 4k 60fps video, phone calls, maybe 30 minutes worth of youtube and I still had more than enough juice left at the end of day, didn't have to recharge once.
  6. Well gaming will kill the battery for sure, how much actual time have you spent gaming?
  7. Well I don't know what you are doing with your phone but thats definitely not normal.
  8. Battery life has been fantastic for me thus far, no issues at all. Much better than my out going s9+ and much better than my current note 9. I have yet to have the battery die on me during the day no matter how i'm using it.
  9. Lots of people are complaining about the fingerprint scanner. But I think the real problem is that the scanner itself is positioned maybe a quarter inch or so too high on the screen, so many users are actually aiming slightly low so that basically half of their finger is on it and the other half is below it.
  10. It was pretty consistent for me on the s8, n8, s9, and n9.
  11. For me it worked flawlessly with my glasses or even if I'm wearing polarized sunglasses. The only time it didn't work well was in direct sunlight, thats the only time I would actually use the fingerprint scanner.
  12. Yeah, I also really miss the iris scanner, I really wish they would have kept that.
  13. It took forever for me to get use to having the fingerprint scanner on the back. Now every time I pick up this damn s10+ I'm feeling for the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.
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