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  1. I did that already before I made that post. It's just a couple old ass accounting apps I been using for a years. The developer went under years ago so it will never get updated. There are alternatives but I really prefer the simplicity of the ones that I use, saves me quite a bit of time.
  2. Some older apps that I really on aren't workng correctly. This gonna be an issue for me.
  3. Yep, after what happened on the s8 beta a few years ago, I'm done beta testing. I am more than willing to wait as long was it takes.
  4. Got update prompts for both n10 & s10, november update. Can't get any timelier than that, LOL.
  5. November update is out on 11/1, got to be some sort of new record.
  6. Just got prompted to download the October security patch.
  7. No issues with my wireless fast charging stand since the update.
  8. Not me, thats for sure. After the beta issues with the s8+ a few years ago, I refuse to do that every again.
  9. Just got prompted for a new update, September security patch.
  10. Looks like sprint is continuing the upgrade train here on st thomas. Yesterday I made my first volte call on the island. Didn't last long though.
  11. In my opinion they both feel exactly the same and for me its fast and works flawlessly(that includes leaving the stock screen protector on both devices). The only thing is that the fp scanner is higher up on the screen compared to the s10. Not sure why they did it that way.
  12. Delivered about 2 hours ago and so far impressed.
  13. Mine is currently out for delivery, upgrading from a note 8 on my business line.
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