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  1. To educate myself in areas that I have little to no knowledge in. I Should have structured the question differently.. What would be the fall back of said merger?
  2. The wireless market is price driven, and now more than ever rural coverage driven! I'm fearful that Sprint better do something soon to become even more competitive since unlimited data is bountiful among other carriers that have a much larger native footprint. Hopefully this want be the nail in the coffin.
  3. These potential speeds are great and all, but what about more rural coverage that includes lte? Hell lte speeds at 2 or 3 mbps is okay. The complaints i here from past customers of sprint is "voice coverage was ok, but data is 3g or unusable when you you leave the city".
  4. Sprint really needs to add sites in rural areas, areas that foke like myself mark with the Sprint Zone app. that are lacking usable data. Not wanting to be negative but b26 helped but not nearly enough. Many of these areas are products of urban sprawling which moves quickly and sprint has gotten years behind. Sprint needs to figure out how to be ahead of urban sprawling! Fiber lines are some of the first utilities to come in new areas, look at the data thats publicly available! Stay ahead of the curve make friends with the permit offices way by either "sales pitching them" with the amounts of
  5. I just asked the business rep thats in my area and got it. He said its not easy but it can be done.
  6. New, but i do have a business account with 10 lines.
  7. so far so good. The RF performance is similar to my Note 5, and you are correct no 3g fall back. I need to read up on CA don't know much about the differences, I do need to post a screen shot of signal check of a site near me that speeds increased dramatically from 8mbps to 20mbps on average now.
  8. Has anyone owned one of these yet.... Franklin r850 hotspot. I just pick two of them up with unlimited plan for both. I have a business account
  9. did this update include anything else? Such as the S5 video to image snapshot frame by frame? I have a root will this mess anything up?
  10. Zedge is a great app. I missed my Samsung bird whistle for messages. Zedge even had it, along with some really loud tones for people that need them.
  11. Does anyone know how to take images from video? On my s5 I could go frame by frame, can't find this option on my note 5
  12. House of cards is a great show. I also liked Narcos, can't wait until season 2 but I'm interested to see where it goes. This isn't a Netflix only show, but I started watching American Horror Stories which is on FX I tthink? This show really is different than your average horror show, especially from season to season.
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