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  1. It's probably a handoff issue with the tower or how your phone handles handoffs. You're probably on 4G or 3G and it needs to handoff to 1xRRT for voice calls. And when you're roaming, you're already on 1xRRt so that would explain why it's so quick.
  2. Almost everyone around me has Verizon or AT&T. I have Sprint and get weird looks when I ask them about their cell phone or something. It's almost like if you don't have Verizon or AT&T you're an outcast but it is what it is haha. Funny thing is, is that everyone asks me if I have unlimited data and I smile and say, "Yes I do!" knowing that they are stuck with 2Gb plan or whatever. But seriously, I CANNOT WAIT for the 800 MHz to roll out in my area because I'm stuck with 1 bar of 3G , while Verizon and AT&T have at least 3 bars of LTE (iPhone).
  3. So a Nexus 7 that i can use as a phone.
  4. Is that Nextel tower decommissioning website from Sprint still exist? It's the one where you can see every individual Nextel tower that is being decommissioned. I need 800 MHz voice in my area with trees and hills everywhere. Verizon is top dog in my area because of the low frequency they use.
  5. 4G on the Westford, MA and Littleton, MA border. I'm guessing the LTE tower is farther away from the one I'm connected to for 3G and Voice because the signal strength I'm getting right now is about 110+ dBm for LTE and 81 dBm for eHRPD.
  6. At 5pm I got a 4G signal in Nashua, NH. I was at the mall in front of Dicks Sporting Goods. Ran a few tests and got above 10 Mbps download and about 6.50 Mbps upload. I have screenshots but I don't know how to post them. Under status in the settings menu were LTE: 14, Signal Strength -88dBm. Kicked me off to 3G for a moment but connected again the next minute.
  7. 3G speeds should improve by people moving to 4G LTE and reliving the strain on 3G network. Just another way on improving the 3G network besides installing fiber to replace T1 lines.
  8. For the Monty Python fans out there.
  9. Oh that's probably where all the Evos were when they were held up at customs.
  10. Pretty sick commercial. and Go Celtics!
  11. Might as well join in with the Mass peeps From Westford by the way. In rural areas of Westford, you would be lucky to get a decent signal from Sprint because of trees and stuff but where the four corners (Boston Road) are, I get excellent signal. Can't wait for LTE to be switched on!
  12. "It's 1969 Jerry Mcguire won't even come out for another 30 years, nobody knows what your talking about....Ass!"
  13. Also has anyone got an Evo from radioshack?
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