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  1. "Sprint users will be able to tap into T-Mobile's 4G LTE network today without having to do anything on their phone, with Sievert noting that the company is using roaming for LTE to "immediately add both coverage and capacity" for Sprint customers. " How is that different than what's already been in place?
  2. Q: Do Sprint customers need to do anything? A: For now, all customers will stay with the same Sprint and T-Mobile network, stores, and service they’ve been using. Q: Will customers need to switch devices today? A: ...For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile. Not seeing any Day 0 network sharing outside of the roaming agreement
  3. I started using Cellmapper a few months ago. I found and confirmed a ton of towers and added a lot of polygons. Then the OTA update came down after SprinT-Mobile won their court case and all of our phones switched from MCC-MNC 310-120 to 312-530. Now I'm having to start all over again 😠. Then we have April 1 rapidly approaching.
  4. Band 41 penetration into the terminals is essentially nonexistent and Band 25 performance is poor as the signal is weak. Wi-Fi is pretty good but that doesn't help much when you're boarded and waiting to take off. I haven't been at DTW in the last month or so thus I can't say how the DAS system performs but I hope it covers all 3 terminals.
  5. I was pretty sure carrier aggregation was never indicated by SCP at all and you have to go into engineering screens to determine that. The superscript in SCP only indicates carrier number and nothing whatsoever about C/A.
  6. I don't disagree but this time SCP pulled a CGI and provider before losing signal entirely. I will note that I no longer see VZW CDMA roaming in this area anymore (no man's land between Fenton, Holly and Highland).
  7. This popped up in the middle of nowhere between Fenton and Howell as I was in and out of Band 26. Very brief encounter.
  8. I've found Band 26 in Hartland, rural Fenton, Commerce Twp, Walled Lake area, Novi/Farmington Hills area, White Lake area. I don't have all of the sites identified yet. Haven't seen any B26 in Holly, Highland, Brighton, Howell, Frankenmuth, Birch Run areas. Not saying it isn't active, just haven't seen it yet. 800MHz is starting to spread like wildfire the last handful of weeks.
  9. Yep, on the backside of the outlets. In the shadow of sparsely placed Sprint sites in Howell and quite a way out from the Fowlerville site. I dropped the Band 4 roaming as soon as I snapped that screen shot. I did a little research after I posted earlier and found that Sprint has at least some minimal LTE roaming with AT&T (which I am not up to speed on at the least). Maybe that's who I was roaming on?
  10. I was traveling some tonight and I've been using SCP more lately to see how prevalent Band 26 is becoming in SE Mich. There is a slight LTE dead spot on I-96 just west of M-59 in Howell. I don't have many details on the following screen shot other than I looked down briefly, noticed the SCP screen, said "what the hell?" and snapped a screen shot. Who was I roaming on?
  11. Seeing Band 26/1X 800 from White Lake Twp, Hartland, and rural Fenton towers within the past week.
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