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  1. RT @carlo_spinola: Ha ocurrido en la Tercera división rusa.. https://t.co/4Ix1zGEo3V

  2. RT @Emperor_RM: This journalist posted on Mundo Deportivo saying that it was a penalty on Vasquez. 1 hour later they made him remake the po…

  3. Snapchat is hella dead

  4. What a boring fighting #JoshuaParker

  5. @avbal_ https://t.co/aH666ql6Mj

  6. Walton should test Ingram at SG and Kuzma at SF. That way we can get an idea of how this team can be if we don't get PG13

  7. @mayraaa_ Cochina smh

  8. Walton gotta blame himself for putting him in. Played so much better down the stretch with him on the bench. IT loo… https://t.co/O1smCA4GVd

  9. @goldlakerss Lakers would have to go 13-3 at worst to make it. Next year.

  10. @realnumberjuan Essien was a monster in his prime.

  11. RT @boxingscene: Canelo Tests Positive For Clenbuterol Ahead of Golovkin Fight https://t.co/AUyDj3n7BO #boxing https://t.co/WWcreIqf9N

  12. @BIkMamba It depends of what direction magic wants to do. 2 max contract guys or 1 max contract+ Randle. I'd be hap… https://t.co/77D7xx32b1

  13. @realnumberjuan Woah ?

  14. @HBOboxing @Canelo @GGGBoxing Shocked

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