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Verizon 5G Discussion


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The Verge is immediately critical. They say it's really fast but it barely exists.


 Verizon’s 5G data speeds are quite fast compared to what your smartphone can handle right now. I’m hitting between 400 and 600 Mbps on downloads. I can also tell you that, at least in Chicago, this feels like a premature launch, and 5G can be awfully hard to come by. When you do find it, you've basically got to stay where you are to see what it's capable of.


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I figured since Verizon's 5G-NR network officially launched it would make sense for there to be a thread for it.
VZW 5G vs TMobile LTE1310aa041f87b3218c3c11f0c6a4d603.jpgbc53627cd31fca757f1c9723faa2e62c.jpg

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That thing is hideous.


In the rare speckled spotted defense of 5Ge, I get like pings, on a 4x4 mimo cat-18 LTE embedded card connected to an ugly cousin of that small cell in my garage, on band 2 with signal at -110 dBm. To a server hundreds of miles away. This test was performed over 2.4GHz WiFi at that. 

Lol this Five Gee is going to be a trip. They have already trashed the aesthetic. Gen 1 is just a bigger pipe that takes up a bigger chunk of pixels with a bigger screen indicator connected to a bigger octopus of networking gear. This test should have deployed and been conducted in T E X A S.

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Doesn't seem like something you'd want to deploy all over cities.  Hell, imagine all those stations everywhere from multiple carriers.  Hopefully they can package those up nicer and cities don't allow that nasty all over their cities.

Seems like a good thing though to have in your arsenal.  Just putting one up where major events happen. Times were you normally bring in a COW, just drop a couple of these suckers. Im hoping that Sprint will at least get a little mmWave.  

Beyond mmWave, it will be interesting to see what ATT/VZW 5G strategy ends up being.  

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