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  1. I had a friend bring my S10 Plus to the UK for me. Obviously I can't activate it here but thought since I got the Sprint version from Samsung it might be unlocked until it turned on. I thought it would lock if I turned it on and it sense the Sprint sim card so I took it out before turning it on. To my surprise it was already locked. I guess I'll have to wait until I get home to really use it.
  2. My GS10+ is suppose to be delivered today but I wasn't going to be back home until Monday. Just found out I have to stay in London for work until the 16th. The wait is going to kill me.
  3. Anyone able to figure out where this site is located? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. Terminal 1 at JFK. Upload is good if you have a phone that has the latest tech for Sprint. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. So I reserved the phone before the preorders went live. I then preordered the phone just from the Samsung website but realized I wasn't getting the $50 accessory credit and it wouldn't ship until March 8th. ( both of these were guaranteed when I first reserved). finally figured out I needed to preorder with the link they e-mailed me. So I went to cancel the order and it asked for a reason (i forget which i used, might have been "delivery would take to long" or something like that) after i hit submit it offed me a % off max of $100. I really wanted the accessory credit so I went through with the cancellation in hopes that I could also get the $100 off if I went to cancel again. I reordered the correct way and went to cancel again and it offered me the $100 off so I accepted. At this point you will end up getting the phone much later and not getting your headphones. I also used Samsung financing so it might be different if you use your Sprint account to get the device. But I did order a Sprint Model. edit: I am also hoping this doesn't effect my order. I just checked and I still have the option to cancel the order and don't have any tracking. I know some orders have tracking and can't be canceled anymore.
  6. I went to cancel my a right after i placed the order because I didn't use the reserve link from my email. Samsung then offered me $100 off to keep my order. I canceled anyway. After placing the order correctly I went to cancel it and got the $100 off offer again but accepted it this time.
  7. http://coverageort.sprint.com/compare_data_speeds_popup.html This page shows the expected speeds for each type of coverage. Unfortunately is shows the same speeds for 5G as 4G
  8. i know they have been using M-MIMO equipment outside of launch market in some cases. I noticed that Peekskill NY shows 5G coverage. Technically its with in the NYC market but 5G launches have mostly been by city not the entire market. I have a feeling this site shows coverage for all M-MIMO equipment for when they push 5G software. If you look at Dallas and Dc there are also a few blotches of 5G coverage far from the city
  9. All the other carriers have the 512 and 1tb Ceramic models in black and white. At least on the Samsung Website.
  10. Wish i could get the Black Ceramic version in the 512GB variant. Annoying i have to spend $250 more just for the color I want the extra ram and rom seems like over kill.
  11. I've noticed in NYC and Long island that the PCC and SCC switch off between the B25 carriers.
  12. So not LI related but I've been testing ATT in Queens and Manhattan. I've been using an essential phone. Either is isn't a lot of B30 or it just has bad range. B41 is way more common on Sprint. Also speeds in general are a fraction of what Sprint reaches in the same areas. Although the Essential Phone doesn't have 4x4 MIMO and only has 3XCA. Pretty sure AT&T uses 4 or 5 xCA now. Also not sure about 256QAM on the Essential Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. I've been using the SpeedSmart app to test network speeds around NYC and LI. It shows the national average for Sprint and then my average speed. It's crazy how different they are. The network here is solid. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. Upgrades are going well on LI. Noticed more Small Cells and B41 upgrades. Also got this in Freeport NY Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  15. The deprioritization level is also 50GB now, so that shouldn't matter at all.
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