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  1. Hopefully they get more Sprint users in T-Mobile since they are reducing B25 for Sprint to 2 5x5 blocks and I've also notice B41 LTE disappearing in LI. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Do we know where this additional 5Mhz of B2 is coming from? Did they get rid of the last of 1900mhz HSPA? Or take spectrum from Sprint? If they are using original T-Mobile spectrum I think that just leaves 5 mhz AWS for HSPA Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  3. I am not enjoying this t-mobile 5G in Astoria Queens or even LTE for that matter. Here is comparison between the 2 today at Astoria park. This area had even faster speeds before Sprint 5G was shut down. T-Mobile really needs to expand the N41 coverage outside of Manhattan asap. Some how Sprint really delayed it fast. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  4. One of the sites wasn't visible at all on the roof. The other site was a standard poll. the Sprint 5G M-MIMO antenna was still on the Sprint rack. On the t-mobile rack it looked like there might have been a M-MIMO antenna from another vendor but I'm not sure. I know the Sprint antenna is Nokia, but the T-Mobile one looked like it could be Ericsson.
  5. Its strange it B71 went from 10x10 to 20x20 and N71 stayed at 5x5. Then N71 went down to 15x15 and B71 went to 10x10. Now B71 is still at 15x15 and N71 is back down to 5x5. Really doesn't make any sense unless the FCC waiver they got to use the spectrum they down own ran out. N71 performance is really bad, They really need to expand N41 since density here in NYC is good enough that you will stay on it most of the time, even indoors.
  6. I noticed today that N71 is down from 10x10mhz to 5x5mhz. I also found 2 cell sites in LI that had N41 from Sprint and have already be switch over to N41 on T-mobile. Probably helps that the sites had both Sprint and T-mobile on them.
  7. I biked around midtown east and Murray Hill today. Noticed a lot more N261 then N41. Also N261 was way slower then when I connected to N41. N41 also wasn't stand alone in the few sites I connected. Here is my fasted speed test with N41. My fasted N261 test was 330Mbps but it also would sometimes only pull ~10Mbps Download and then 50Mbps upload. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  8. I finally got the update on my unlocked S20 on Monday. I plan on going into Manhattan on Tuesday find some N261 and N41 will report back if I find anything interesting
  9. It seems like Tmobile has turned off N41 on all the Sprint sites outside of the coverage map they have provided. I believe this because I can no longer connect to N41 when I used the Samsung Band Selector app on my S20. For a week or 2 I could still connect to N41+B41, now my phone will only connect to B41
  10. I've been on LI for the past week and where I am staying my S20 says 5G, so I thought it was the same case as before. But after a little digging the local cell tower doesn't even have B71, so I would assume there is no NR71. Why would the site then tell my phone to display the 5G logo. Is T-Mobile displaying the 5G logo if enough towers in the area have 5G active?
  11. If you download the samsung band selector app you'll notice that all the T-Mobile 5G NR bands still aren't available. I'm hoping they don't forget about us.
  12. Unlocked S20s don't have NR71 enabled yet. I have the same issue. You'll noticed Speedtest app still says LTE. When I had NR41 It would say 5G.
  13. I have the unlocked model and it seems like thats the reason, Deff not a regional thing since I am in NYC. Do you know if i can flash my phone to the Sprint build some how?
  14. Unfortunately I am still not connecting to N71 or any of the Millimeter wave. This is confirmed by checking *#0011#. I checked the band selection app and none of the t-mobile 5G bands show up to select. I used to be able to check ##DATA# and see what LTE bands were enabled but that screen doesn't work anymore. Hopefully they don't forget to enable the bands for us Unlocked users. It annoying only have t-mobile Fake 5G / LTE when Sprint LTE and 5G were both faster
  15. New update for unlocked S20 5G Ultra. Hopefully enables T-Mobiles 5G bands
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