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  1. Lucky, I pay $74.99 for 200/10 from Spectrum in Astoria Queens. My street doesn’t have Fios and I think RCN is only available across the street. Spectrum wants 94.99 a month for 400/20. 1Gbps x 35 is 134.99 but I’m not even sure it’s available in my area. I‘ve been hoping 5G home internet will be available at my address soon. My 5G is always faster then my wifi no matter the time of day.
  2. I didnt go into the store so thats why the signal is weak. Didn't know that the signal was coming from inside. Goes to show that MMwave really isn't good at penetrating walls and even glass no matter what verizon claims
  3. I just went to the store to see if I could connect and test the site. Didn't know it was a DAS in the store until I came here to post. I was able to connect and run a speed test. Wasn't able to get faster then ~400Mbps
  4. I haven't connected to any Band 48 yet. I think the Galaxy S20 Ultra only has B48 LTE not sure about N48 5G. Can these antennas be used for LAA/Band 46 or maybe the N41 antennas can? I am always connected to 3x20mhz of B46 inside my office which I didn't think had that much range and power to make it inside I normally connect to PC B2 20mhz SC1 B66 20mhz SC2 B46 20mhz SC3 B46 20mhz SC4 B46 20mhz NR N41 80mhz
  5. A while back this T-Mobile site got the full upgrade. It the site covering the NYC T-Mobile Corporate office so it's always getting upgraded. It has LAA and got N260 when T-Mobile originally launched 5G. Later on they added N71. It also received N41 pretty fast once the merger was official. The first picture is once it received N41 and I think it received new antennas for the other bands at the same time. The 2nd and 3rd picture are from today and I noticed the additional antenna above the N41 antennas and I've never seen this setup before. Was hoping someone could explain what they are for.
  6. Not sure if it's still in use but there was B41 used in a few major stations like Grand Central 42nd Street. It was only 40mhz even though Sprint had 60 MHz deployed at the time.
  7. This went live in Astoria yesterday. Just had it pop up in midtown today. Seems like it's work in progress. 5G has been on and off all day on the site that covers my office.
  8. These look like the oDAS sites from metro. Sprint had one of these sites that was still 3G only 3 years ago. Not sure status of it now.
  9. I just transferred at jamaica station and I think there might be a 5G DAS with N41.
  10. Connected to a lot of 5G SA on my way to New Haven CT. Also noticed N41 is 80mhz in New Haven. Hope they expand to 80 soon in NYC
  11. Loving the 60mhz of N41. Never seen triple digit upload before.
  12. i've noticed this too. mmWave speeds are never over 200Mbps, as i walk away from the site an connect to NR41 I almost always get faster speeds. I really wish they used more mmWave spectrum and also put it on every site including outside of manhattan. Would love to see mmWave and NR41 in all the small cell towers in NYC. Had a similar situation near the mall yesterday. I was at Microcenter in Westbury. Couldn't do anything on 5G even send a iMessage. Had to turn off 5G on my iPhone 12 Mini to get anything done and speeds were about 30Mbps. Speed test wouldn't even load on 5G. I have a Mint Mobile sim in my Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G which also would load anything on 5G. I put that phone on 3G only and it was able to load everything. Since the anchor bands are the same I'm wondering if there was just something wrong with that site since LTE alone was working.
  13. I was on LI yesterday and was surprised to see that N71 is still only 5x5 but B71 is now 10x10. Interesting that they went with the opposite deployment they went with in NYC.
  14. Was able to get the fastest 5G speedtest yet on one of the site near me. Turns out the 2 closest site to me received N41 upgrades but from inside I don't connect to either, I connect to the 3rd closest which only has N71. The 2nd screenshot is a N71 speed test, I've gotten faster download but that upload really stood out. Talk about congestion [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Also just noticed my phone is now doing 3x CA with B2/66/71 + N71 5G. It would never do more then 2x CA + N71 before and the LTE bands were always B2/66 and sometime B12. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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